Guest Blogging Opportunity


I’d like to open the door to some of you who would like to take a stab at guest blogging here at the end of the month. I have up to 5 openings for guest bloggers from the week of June 22nd – June 29th. Whether you’re a:

– Seasoned writer

– “Maybe just thinking about starting a blog” and you’d like to test the waters

– Regular guy/girl who has a message needing to be heard

Please don’t hesitate to use the Contact Jun page to get in touch with me!

I hope to hear from many of you!

Always dishing,



  1. RichardD

    I have always wanted to write. But whenever there is any kind of pressure, such a deadline, I tend to freeze up. Can’t think of anything to write about, stare at the blank piece of paper (old school) or blank screen and freak out. Haha!


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