More Top 10 Search Engine Terms


I did one of these lists back in April, and we all got a kick out of it so…

Let’s take look a look at which search engine terms led new visitors to my site today (so far):


1. “big brother 15 rumors” – Ah, yes, we’re dangerously close to getting down to single digits in the days left before the new season of Big Brother begins. Rumors are flying!

2. “jun song big brother spoiler” – I’m hoping this is like “big brother 15 rumors” above, and doesn’t literally mean that I spoiled the Big Brother experience for some people.

3. “chai yok” – Wow, someone really googled this and it led them to my blog about Steamed Korean Vagina…which is a loose translation of “chai yok”.

4. “milf big tits” – I’m not sure how this search led new visitors, because I don’t actually have a blog that covers that particular subject matter. Should I?

5. “hayden moss survivor” – Yes, although there are folks at #TeamHayden denying the rumors of Hayden’s involvement in the next episode of Survivor, there are just as many who are curious about the possibility!

6. “cbs reality alum on big brother” – This is most likely a “Will there be returning players this BB15 season?” question, but not worded that way. Fascinating stuff, really. Or not.

7. “jun dishes” – Yes! I’ll take the #7 spot on this list.

8. “perfevt things about anal sex” – I know what you’re thinking…is “perfevt” a misspelling of “perfect” or “pervert”? Does “pervert” even make grammatical sense then? Does Google care? No. But it did lead this visitor to my blog about my mother’s lesson on the dangers of anal sex, so my apologies to said visitor. I’m sorry you were misled here.

9. “reasons i’m single big dick” – I can’t tell if this person was merely letting Google that he has a big dick…or they were looking to remedy their big dick problem that is keeping them single. Either way, I wish him all the best.

10. “other” – Care to take a guess as to what might have fallen under “other”? So many one-off search terms…but guess…guess one…

Always dishing,



  1. Anonymous

    Top 10 “other” guesses …

    #10 “eating dead flies”

    #9 “gynecologist love”

    #8 “pussy balls”

    #7 “num num num”

    #6 “baby formula smuggling rings”

    #5 “edible udder”

    #4 “butt holes at church”

    #3 “freakishly huge bunnies”

    #2 “poopy pampers”

    #1 “saranghaeyo, appa”


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