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Big Brother Winners – Part One

We are always supposed to “Expect the Unexpected” and by “we” I mean Big Brother fans and future Houseguests. Yet, there are so many things now about Big Brother that are to be expected, down to the exact day. We’re down to single digits now, 9 days, before the start of the Big Brother 15 season. We know to expect “sneak peeks” at the BB house first and then the “Meet the Houseguests” type stuff a few days after, but a recent tweet by Robyn Kass makes it sound like house photos and cast reveals will both happen at the end of this week?!

During the season, so many competitions now rely solely on BB trivia, and HGs can now anticipate what type of competitions are coming up based solely on when they happened in previous seasons. This is good and bad. It’s good because it lends favor to superfans like Ian Terry. It’s bad because those “regular people” we all say we want cast are at a disadvantage.

It’s probably why all the winners of Big Brother have all won differently, on a grand scale, and why they’ve all been so different.


Season 1 – Eddie McGee, yes the guy with one leg, won by a public vote but he’s still in the Big Brother Winner’s Circle. I watched some short horror film he was in last year, randomly, and I kinda liked it.

Season 2 – Will Kirby, is the Godfather of BB Villains because he did it FIRST for all of America to watch and then came back and gave a good show. Having met and spent hours with him I can tell you he loves himself IMMENSELY as much as he seems like he does on television.

Season 3 – Lisa Donahue, won in the final two against Danielle Reyes and many whisper in dark BB corners that Danielle should have won…because it came down to the fact that the jury got to see all the diary room footage from both Lisa and Danielle. Having met Lisa I can say she’s a very lovely and graceful woman and Danielle couldn’t have lost to a better person that summer.

Season 4 – Jun Song, me, and I was told going in that my diary room footage would not be shown. When producers told me that I remember a ringing in my ears because I knew that meant I could say WHATEVER I wanted all summer, and so could all the other HGs. I was excited. So I sliced and diced in the kitchen never mincing my words as I let things marinate so I could roast people one by one.

Season 5 – Drew Daniel, won and deserved more than 4 out of the 7 votes in my opinion but he won nonetheless. He was very plain vanilla, yet now he’ll most be remembered for getting arrested by taser.

Season 6 – Maggie Ausburn, won by doing what she had to do, with what she was given, in that crazy fanfreakingtastic house that summer. True BB fans recognize her gameplay and with all the cat lady hate she received I’m not surprised she wants nothing to do with BB anymore.

Season 7 – Mike “Boogie” Malin, won the All-Stars season whether anyone likes it or not. Whether or not he would or wouldn’t have even been invited back without Will Kirby is fun to argue, but the fact of the matter is he still won in the end and by a landslide. I’ve met him too, and I might as well have been invisible or offering him some ginseng tea in a kimono.

Season 8 – Evel Dick Donato…

I’ll pick this up in Part Two…

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  • Maggie is one of the worst winners of all time. What was her strategy? Ride “the friendship” alliance all the way to the end? It would have been Janelle and Ivette in the final two if Janelle had won part three of the final HOH. Your season was the best. I loved your DRs. Danielle Reyes definitely deserved to win season 3. Will and Boogie are douchebags. Those ridiculous phone calls in the DR made me want to vomit.

    • How is Maggie one of the worst winners when you’ve had some who practically had the win handed to them? It’s not Maggies fault the Sov. 6 were idiots and never went after her or Ivette until it was too late. It’s not Maggies’s fault Ivette was trying to one up Janelle by voting her out instead of throwing the final HOH so Janelle could win and vote Maggie out.

      The truth is Maggie lead a successful all female alliance and got them to the end, and got everyone in her cult to take the shots for her, and the craziness of that house worked in her favor. She used that to get her alliance hyped up which kept the heat on the sov. 6. Maggie is one of the better winners of BB. She did not get there by sheer luck, and there were not twists put in to get her there. And she didn’t have to win a million competitions which is great for a season that was a split house. That’s impressive. Usually to make it that far you need to win a handful of comps. She didn’t have to do this. She actually had strategy. Pick a big alliance, and hide behind them, and keep them at odds with the other side.

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