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Big Brother Winners – Part Two

Picking up from Part One


Season 8 – Evel Dick Donato, made it to the end with his estranged and angry daughter Daniele, and deservingly won by a vote of 5 to 2. One of the 5 votes was a public vote, which he still gets shit for and he also gets shit for all the dirty family laundry that got let out as a result of the show…and for leaving during the first week of his second time on the show. You can take him or leave him, he really doesn’t give a fuck because I’ve seen him not giving a fuck and also giving a fuck.

Season 9 – Adam Jasinski is the equivalent of the BB winner CBS wants to forget about, and probably the guy you want to forget you ever woke up next to. If he wanted to start a drug ring, he should have consulted a fellow BB winner who’d started a “Prostitution Whore!!!” ring with her winnings. Maybe then he wouldn’t have gone to jail. Just kidding. Ha. What?

Season 10 – Dan Gheesling, former reality television groupie turned winner and coach and Christian, husband and author, and BB guru and consultant, and candle scent. Yes, he has a misty candle out there you can buy…and deservedly so since he’s NEVER had one eviction vote cast upon him in the two seasons he’s played.

Season 11 – Jordan Lloyd won her season, and is loved and cherished by CBS and Jeff Schroeder and their fans across the world for free. She couldn’t tell time, but she managed to secure a public vote after Chima Simone’s meltdown and expulsion from the game that season. She had enough votes to win anyway, like Dick did.

Season 12 – Hayden Moss, country boy and jock extraordinaire, won lots of competitions and 4 out of the 7 votes in the end. All I really remember about him is his showmance with Kristen, and yes his really thin lips that I can’t get over. I’m sorry. I can’t.

Season 13 – Rachel Reilly, spent two consecutive summers in the BB house, crying foul a lot and sometimes in a bush but winning the thirteenth season with what looked like an unfair advantage given by the producers. It’s still debated and always will be, which is why there’s a Brenchel Army always around to protect her.

Season 14 – Ian Terry is so many things including a walking BB Wiki database, but in context he’s the youngest winner of Big Brother with quite possibly the highest IQ. His win, for me, reminded me again that very real people could be cast to win. He’s a huge fan of Jack Owen, and Jack’s a fan of Ian’s, and I am fans of both. But I’m definitely a Just Jack kinda girl at heart…

In my next BB post I’ll reveal you who you all voted as your #1 Big Brother winner…and I’ll dish my take on the “Will Kirby versus Dan Gheesling” debate…hope you’re all enjoying the photos of the new BB house out there on some of the world wide web!

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  • Thanks Jun for helping the pre-BB days go by a bit faster until we get the cast reveal to rip apart. :)

    And re: Dan “…since he’s NEVER had one eviction vote cast upon him in the two seasons he’s played.” …. WHOA, is that true?? I can’t believe I never ran across that bit of trivia or ever realized that on my own! That’s kinda huge.

    I will really miss your blogs this season!

  • As you know, I love Hayden in a thin-lips-don’t-matter kind of way. He loves his mom and his grandparents in the best kind of way. And since I’m practically old enough to fill either role, I appreciate him immensely. Oh, and I too love baseball. In other news, many winners, along with Adam, could have learned from the one who invested in lust and real estate. Case closed.

  • “Prostitution Whore!” Hahaha. You crack me up too, Jun. Wow, I wasn’t expecting my opinion yesterday to be so controversial. I’ll keep it short and sweet today. I might be biased because I interact with Rachel a lot on twitter but I think she’s one of the best winners. She definitely deserved to win season 13.

  • You’re reallllllllllllllllllly fixed on these thin lips of Hayden!! haha… Like you though I hardly remember anything about him that season!! He was a lot like Jillian in BBCanada actually… Started out strong, then faded into the background before winning their way to the end. Quite a good strategy if you can get away with it.

  • catrina56 on June 18, 2013 at 8:11 pm said:


    I just read ED’s blog about his REAL feelings for Daniele. He has publicly stated that she’s just as I thought—a spoiled, entitled, big ol beyatch! And, as usual, Dick doesn’t mince words.

  • i’ve enjoyed your flashback of Big Brother past winners. I don’t get whipped up into a fenzy over who actually wins. Other than you and Ian were the only two of my faves to bring it on home. Guess I’m no superfan, huh??

  • Ophelia on June 27, 2013 at 10:29 am said:


    I don’t know how people can compare Dan and Will. Ok he’s not Shane but he’s definitely not Will. Will is a genius. Dan just does everything to be praised and to be remembered. Like Dan’s funeral? Totally unnecessary. He could have achieved what he achieved with the funeral without it, but he wants a show. Don’t like him at all.

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