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New Faces of Big Brother

I don’t know even know what do to with all these new faces.


New Faces! CBS has given us the new faces so many fans have been asking for, but of course that’s never enough. CBS will never make us happy and that’s the beauty of it all. This cast is new but “too white” and “too young” and too this and that, and Rachel Reilly’s sister is indeed a part of the cast. If you can’t pick her out from the faces above, then shame on you.

Based on CBS bios, photos and interviews by We Love Big Brother this is my assessment in alphabetical order keeping in mind it’s impossible to cover EVERYTHING in one blog:


Aaryn is a snorefest and will be licking her veneers all summer judging from the three minutes I watched of her, and has the least potential of all the HGs. Amanda is Long Island like Rachel Reilly is Las Vegas, and will probably go through nicotine withdrawal early on in the house and hopefully provided endless entertainment as a result. Andy and his overall redness make me nervous, as does his promise to be different than past gay men on Big Brother. Candice seems to be a little bit of everything including a former pageant girl and plans to change up her strategy according to what’s going on, which is actually the best strategy. David is a modern-day Peter Pan who surfs and may never actually grow up or move out of his mom’s house, and will need someone to cook for him in the BB house in her absence. Elissa talks like Rachel and laughs like Rachel but married richer than Rachel, and wants to form the first all-girl alliance to make it to the end. GinaMarie is Staten Island like Amanda is Long Island, and has the most potential to either fight or become BFFs and swap hair extensions with Elissa. Helen is one of the more intelligent woman in the house and will have to dumb herself down a bit, but she touches her hair A LOT when she’s nervous which is a bad tell (ahem, I had the same one my season). Howard calls his faith his “everything” like Keith from BB13 did, and Keith went on to sent naked pictures of himself around in the end so we’ll see how this goes. Jeremy is the proverbial narcissistic neanderthal alpha male who uses phrases like “I like ’em…” when describing his ideal woman, and he makes up words like “spontanuity”. Jessie considers her ass her best feature and she can hold her breath for a really long time like I can, so I like her already but the fact that she has so much riding on this summer makes me think she definitely won’t win. Judd’s “type” is JoJo from last season and comes from a “Two red light/Two gas station town” which I gather to mean he’s just a sweet harmless country boy with bad taste in women. Kaitlin wants to manipulate the men in the house while keeping her dignity, but she says this because she’s never actually watched the show before now. McCrae plans to use his unattractiveness as a ploy to mind-fuck the rest of the HGs, and was delivering pizza up until yesterday as it seems he’s a last-minute replacement for the HG-that-never-was-Gabe. Nick is always “on” like a nauseating neon light and will probably implode without the use of his hands while talking, so hopefully someone ties his arms down at some point this summer. Spencer seems most self-aware of all the men, and seems to know the ins-and-outs of the game pretty well.

With all that said, and so much left unsaid:



I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time…

Always dishing,



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  • Agree about Jeremy and David…David is one of those guys who will never mature and Jeremy is stuck on himself. And good luck with Elissa trying to hide the fact that she’s Rachel’s sister…that should be fairly obvious to anyone who’s watched both of Rachel’s seasons

  • Have to agree with a lot of your assessments – and like you, will probably change my mind as the season progresses. I immediately thought ‘what is spontanuity’ LOL

    My person, based on nothing but what we have so far – Helen. I hope she doesn’t disappoint. I don’t tolerate airheads very well, and tend to like people with a brain. But she doesn’t seem annoying (so far) so I have high hopes for her.

  • Elizabeth on June 21, 2013 at 4:36 pm said:


    Jun am am rooting for 4 out of the 5 people you are rooting for. I am rooting for Helen, Spencer, Jessie, Andy and Candice. Great minds thing alike. LOL

  • You have my top 3 in there! I’ll be rooting for Helen, Spencer and Andy based on the We Love Big Brother interviews. I’m praying Helen has a mute button because if not, she’s in trouble.

    Considering the fact that even those new to the game have probably watched season 12 and 13 in sequester, there isn’t a bush big enough to hide the fact that Elissa is Rachel’s sister. You’d have to be blind AND deaf to miss that!

  • Jessie looks like Janelle, especially her smile. Andy reminds me of James from bb9 (just looking at his face, haven’t listened to him yet) so far I’m rooting for Jessie, Helen and Spencer.

  • Watch out BB fans!

    We have a lot of hand talkers this year. I am watching out for the Hand Talker Alliance of Helen, GinaMarie, and Nick. I’ve not seen all the interviews yet so there might be more but those 3 are hardcore hand talkers.

    Also watch out for Elissa and GinaMarie when they laugh. Elissa laughs exactly like Rachel and GinaMarie laughs the same way that a small bird screams.

    Overall, I like the cast. There seems to be a good chance for the women to run the house this year (assuming they can manage to get along!). All the women look really great! Sorry to the ladies, it looks like you are getting another summer with mediocre eye-candy.

  • I am in agreement with most of this. And surprise of all surprises, I agree with Michelle about a mute button for Helen. I am hoping it was just nerves causing her to ramble. Someone on Twitter pointed out that Andy = Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and I think David is either Spicoli or the new bb11 Braden. Hamsterwatch and Cat V. Have a previous Twitter relationship with McCrae so that will be interesting. Looking forward to the season.

  • i am really disappointed in the cast choice… 1st of all, this game was started by the notion of being a Social Experiment. Meaning – to see how different CULTURES and RACES and AGES can mesh together and win the game through socializing, competition, and intelligence. There is no CULTURE difference in the house… having 1 Asian, 1 Biracial, 1 Gay, 1 Black, and a bunch of college idiots…DOES NOT represent Culture differences… Where is the Hispanic, Grandma or pa, Native Indian, and Hipster??? RACES??? where are the differences??? the whole house is white, even one of the blacks is half… AGES??? come on, how pathetic…there is not any one over 35 in that house… This group will be kaddy and sarcastic… the girls will knock each other out, one at a time for jealousy… The guys will be dull and or obnoxious… After 14 years and 15 shows, this is the worse yet… At least the x-factor had more challenges than this bunch…. oh that is right!!! that was Jun’s season, DUH… she had to leave bad attitudes at the door and align with the least person she ever wanted to talk with… SEE THE CHALLENGE??? BIG BROTHER HAD BRAINS THEN…I have a gut feeling, that i will not see this season to the end finale… what a shame to disappoint so many BB fans………………..

  • I am rooting for Helen, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn, because they are my picks for my fantasy pick! I think Kassting did a bang up job on casting the females this season.

  • Hey Jun! love reading your blogs about Big Brother and your life! It would be awesome if you could check out my Big Brother 15 pre-season power rankings @ bb15powerrankings.blogspot.com and let me know what you think! Thanks!

  • James Marka on June 23, 2013 at 3:03 am said:


    Elissa actually seemed to have a much stronger understanding of the social aspect of the game and the importance of impressing the jury. I like her and amanda, none of the other girls are particularly interesting

  • Kary Davis on June 25, 2013 at 12:45 pm said:


    I don’t believe Big Brother was originally setup as a “social experiment”…. To me the game is a kind of spin on James Orwell’s Big Brother novel….where every aspect of society is ruled by an all seeing, totalitarian government. Hence the cameras covering every inch of house space and the controlling nature of the game.

    Race, age, religion equality isn’t a factor in this game. Big Brother is in charge and making all the decisions, including who gets to play. In a totalitarian society, it is the powers that be which decide what is equal and what is not.

    That being said, I’m looking forward to this season because of the rumors concerning new twists. (like possibly 3 nominees, America’s MPV, and possibly others). I’ve watched since season one (loved your season Jun!!) and I think the show is actually getting better each year.

    As an audience member, I’ve come to expect the unexpected…and every year, I am not disappointed!! :)

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