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By Guest Blogger: Cathryn Shannon, lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three children. She went to the West Hartford Academy of Performing Arts and enjoys Community Theater with Valley Repertory Theater in Connecticut. Her latest work with the arts was her role in the short horror film The Earth Rejects Him.


I noticed my son Evan’s voice is changing, he is 12 and about as tall as me. Aidan is right around the corner bringing along a following. He is 11 and a hit with the girls and quite the comedian. Kiera is just beautiful inside and out. She has the kindest heart I have ever known and a good day for her is when everyone is happy.

I am going through something that is so beyond weird as a mother. I don’t want them to grow up but I am loving each new year. If I see someone post a picture or video of their cute baby taking over walking for the first time or climbing stairs I get all emotional because I remember what a huge deal that was. Then I remember the baby gates and fear and boo boo’s..I go back to loving that my children can make breakfast now with out my assistance.

Still, when my 8 year old daughter asked me today if she could have a cell phone I just about lost it. No. NO! I love that they all still hug, cuddle and ask to spend time alone with me. I love bike riding with them and cooking with them and any activity the will include me in because I have heard someday very soon…they will find me embarressing and annoying and not want to even hug me anymore. HUGE SAD FACE.

But as Evan pulls a Peter Brady Voice at the dinner table I also imagine him as the young man he is growing into and I like what I see. Aidan is hilarious and I imagine him to be the hardest one to tame but also the closest one to mom by his choice. My beautiful daughter who has already at 8 had to deal with bullies and is the sweetest soul you will ever meet will sadly have to learn to grow tougher skin. People are jealous and can be cruel. And you don’t need a phone to fit in. Not with those girls anyway.

It is truely an amazing thing to be a parent. I remember being told by other parents when I was pregnant with Evan that I would never know such love after this. It is more than what you feel for your family, husband, wife, partner..this is without thought lay down and die for you love.

Those other parents forgot to mention the ever lasting fear that comes with that love. Your own imagination can be your worst enemy. The news is now something you turn off.

It’s very hard for a child to grow up into an adult as we can all remember. I was just never prepared to see it from my parents’ eyes. It sure is the same as we will tell them, but it’s also very differant as they will try to tell us. No one is lying.


  1. Shannon

    This was wonderful! Very well written! My sons are 7 &13..I get the same emotional feeling seeing babies but then again live how independent both are now. I cherish every day though because I know in a few years they will be gone-time flies! But we all should remember no matter how d they are they will always need their mama!

  2. Jun Song

    I can’t even imagine Noah at 12 or 11 or 8 or even 7 and 13. Honestly I don’t even have the time to because I’m so wrapped up in what he’s doing at 15 months 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  3. Helena Dragar

    Great blog and written so beautifully! As the mother of 3 adult sons, I remember fondly each phase of their lives and treasure it. Just remember every moment brings a new joy & adventure. My heart warms as I have seen two get married and the third son fall in love. I am now blessed with three “daughters” and am so grateful to see the joy they bring and now I look forward to the grandmother phase of my life. It’s all good!

  4. Marty Mayes

    I am having a very “I don’t want them to grow up” summer. My 15 yr old is on a 10 week mission trip. Yes, he’s only 15 and he’s away from me for 10 weeks. This is the beginning of week 4 and yesterday I cried off and on all day. The thing they don’t tell you, is after you have a child you have to learn to live with your heart outside your body.

    Cathryn, thank you for sharing your love for your kids with us!!!

  5. kcsmum

    Beautiful! Save this as one day, when your babies have babies of their own, they will cherish your words. And it will reinforce what a great mom they have!

  6. purrwing

    I am in no way trying to rush your life along, but girl (!!!) wait until you feel the love you’ll have for your grandchildren. It is truly a goo-goo eyed over the moon and back, kind of love. I really enjoyed your blog. Keep enjoying those kiddos!!

  7. Anonymous

    A huge thank you to Jun for the opportunity! I loved her idea of guest blogs and was so excited she liked mine. Thanks to all who read my blog and your positive feed back. I am looking forward to reading the other guest bloggers. I want to add that I am also looking forward to being a grandmother. I think I was born for that role. Enjoy your vacation Jun. Thanks again.

  8. Connie

    I have met your children and I can honestly say I love the little sweeties. They are awesome kids Cat and I am glad for the day we met. You are an awesome mom and I’m sure the kids would agree with me.

  9. Ha! How awesome…I watched my oldest daughter walk into the kitchen with her beautiful 16 year old frame and I imagined her falling over her feet when she was just learning to walk. They grow so fast. In STARK contrast my 7 year old is stealing my bras and jacking up my makeup on the sly!!!! What a difference. Thanks Cathy for allowing me to remember that I will always remember & they will always be my babies! <3

  10. Velicia Johnson

    Great job and felt like I was right there hearing you say all these things and felt the emotions great job!!! love hearing about family. So many people these days forget the very core of what it is to have a strong foundation and it starts with FAMILY!


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