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Big Brother 15 – What a Kickoff

We’re just hours away from the second episode of Big Brother 15 where we’ll learn about Have-Nots and Nominations and MVP, etc. All things we can find out on our own through the world wide web, really. Unless you’re avoiding spoilers all-together or you only watch the televised episodes, then Sunday nights watching Big Brother is just filler for winding down.

To fans who follow the live feeds, Sunday nights mean diary room session and parts of what is missed when CBS chooses or schedules to go “to fishes”. Fishes…the freaking fishes and BB trivia questions that are the equivalent to elevator music. This is why I’m waiting for Jeremy (McGuire) to go all Jerry Maguire on us when he’s inevitably evicted and shouting, “Who’s coming with me?!” and taking the fishes with him. But that’s just how my mind words.


Seriously, Jeremy is bigger-than-douche than I originally thought he was in pre-season footage and has been swapping bodily fluids with Kaitlin while referring to her as a bitch when he goes neanderthal, which is often. It seems Jessie had her kegels set on Jeremy but lost him to Kaitlin, and also lost safety this week as McCrae put her up on the block after he won HOH. I, too, like many of you can’t believe McCrae won the endurance HOH. But little did you and I or McCrae know that his HOH win would also make him prison bitch to Amanda. I, too, like many of you can’t believe Amanda and McCrae have been sloppily sexually active already. Or ever. I mean, McCrae did say he’d use his “unattractiveness as a ploy to mind-fuck the rest of the HGs” so clearly it’s working on Amanda’s vagina.

Then there’s some other fatal attraction action going on between David and Aaryn. David, who forgets about the cameras and shows us his surfer testicles often on the feeds…and Aaryn. Ohhhhhhhh Aaryn. 

Having just now watched the premiere of the season, and followed live feeds updates and various Twitter timelines, I feel like I pretty much know everything I need to. Plus, the fact that I actually spent an entire summer in the Big Brother house once and won, despite having shared the house with racists and bullies and misogynists and mean girls. Wahhhhh. Why should we be expecting more?

We all hide behind the little white “guilty pleasure” excuse when we describe our addiction to Big Brother but really, all reality television jokes aside…

Big Brother is in many ways a pluck of real people from the greater population of America, and we should not be surprised to see and hear people like Aaryn and GinaMarie and Spencer and Jeremy and the rest…being racists and bullies and misogynists and mean girls. BB15 isn’t the most accurate representation of the U.S., but it is some kind of representation. I make no excuses for anyone but myself, and when you are in that Big Brother house and your “real” side comes out everybody gets to see it.

The words “fag” and “queer” and “fruit” in reference to Andy, and references to Helen and “rice” and “Kim Jong Un” are just another pinch of salt on their old and often re-opened woulds. They just haven’t felt the sting yet because they’re still in the house. I say lots of things day to day that I wouldn’t say in a public venue, but these BB15 Houseguests seem to be letting veiled hate fly from their mouths without much thought. I’m really more interested in the life story of Candice and her adoption and reunions, and not whether or not she said “asked” or “axed.” But such is life.

But with only the live feeds audience aware of such happenings will anything be done?

I’m not sure anything should be “done”. Sure, we had CBS communicate something post-Dumbledore, etc…and maybe this week we’ll have something addressed generically. But these Houseguests signed away their souls for the summer and if they catch some STD or ruin their reputations and family names, then so be it. They will each deal with post-BB life their own way, and with their own rewards or consequences both mental and physical.

Am I personally disgusted by Aaryn’s and GinaMarie’s remarks about Helen having to go make them some rice? Yes, but as a rice-lover I am enjoying all the attention rice is getting. And I’m embarrassed for Aaryn and GinaMarie but also happy that their obviously ugly sides are out for everyone to see. At least Aaryn knows what rice is. Circa 2003, my season, Nathan had NEVER had rice in his life before I made it in the BB house. So we’ve made some forward progress on the rice frontier.

But progress clearly has not been made when it comes to the spelling of my name, as Elissa so proudly showcased.

ElissaJuneI can’t believe Elissa is turning out to be one of the more “normal” females to be cast this season, although “normal” is not really a a word in the BB world. But so is Nick, for that matter because he seems to have toned down his spastic behavior he exhibited during interviews, and gets that Helen is a threat. Because Helen is a threat.  Nor is it normal that I’d be rooting for someone like Judd either, but I am, and also for Howard who seems to have found a healthy balance between The Bible and the diary room.

FavsWeekOneFor a first week of Big Brother season, things have been a bigger trainwreck than usual. I love it, and hate it, but love that it’s bringing a few things to light.

Always dishing,


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  • So glad to see you back! And, excellent analysis, as always! I’m definitely feeling you on Helen, Howard, and Judd. Although, McCrae, Candice, and GinaMarie are growing on me. But, we are only a few days in, so who knows!! You’re still my personal number 1 fave, of course!

    • Jun Song on June 30, 2013 at 11:07 pm said:


      I like McCrae and Candice. I almost put McCrae in my “favs” list but after all that yuckiness with Amanda…ewwwww! Ha!

  • I’m barely tolerating a few but really like Helen. On the fence about Howard, Candice, Elissa, Jessie and McCrae. Currently can’t stand the rest. Never thought I would dislike so many so early on but their words and borish behavior have proven lethal to any fan reaction from me.

    • Jun Song on June 30, 2013 at 11:08 pm said:


      I had so many doubts about Howard but he’s been pretty cool so far :)

      The cast is really polarizing this summer…

  • I love this post and I always look forward to your commentary! Just catching up with the Aaryn stuff and it’s pretty pathetic. In terms of who’s doing well this week, I think Howard is doing an excellent job of laying low.

    • Jun Song on June 30, 2013 at 11:09 pm said:


      I think with the crazies in there it’s not the hardest thing to lay low, but I agree. Howard’s playing a pretty good game right now :)

  • Anonymous on June 30, 2013 at 10:44 pm said:


    Hard to say if I like anyone yet … Still too many voices …but don’t like GM or. Jess or Aaryn or David ….

  • I only watched the premiere today too… I can’t believe they’re all humping & shit already!!!! haha…

    I went into this season all ready to hate Elissa just based on her family connections haha, but you’re totally right… After what’s been going on so far she may actually end up on my ‘like’ list just because everyone else will put themselves on my ‘dislike’ list!! haha

  • Where did Nathan grow up that he had never had rice before? Rice is a staple here in New Orleans. No Dirty Rice, Jambalaya, red beans and rice, shrimp creole, etc. etc. etc. And not to mention the ever popular Rice-A-Roni? It’s downright barbaric.

  • I’m not trusting Elissa….me thinks she was going home till production intervened – I think they want a sister/sister win and have Rachel there at some point. I hope I’m wrong and it’s not going to be staged like that. And, she may know that – there’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way.

  • I really don’t know what to think, Jun. When I first saw the cast I was beyond amazed. ALL young, white people with a few tokens thrown in. I actually thought that BB was spoofing us and that was the reason for not releasing the cast on their traditional schedule. I kept waiting for the satire story to break. But it didn’t. And now I am very convinced that this must be some kind of a test or experiment to see how much the public will absorb in the name of fanatical BB viewers. This cannot possibly be real. I feel bad for calling humans, like Helen, Candice, Howard and Andy “tokens.” But to me, BB looked for obvious minorities so there would be no mistake. I’m rambling – I know. But something is very wrong here. I get that the attention to rice could be a good thing. But wondering if Ginamarie & Aaryn can “fix” Helen’s eyes is not. At least I can’t reconcile it.

  • Elissa, McCrae, and Helen are my three favorites. I’ve been disgusted by some of the things I’ve seen and heard on the feeds. Amanda is growing on me too. She makes me laugh sometimes. She calls Kaitlin, Jeremy, David, Jessie, and Aaryn the Bieber fever alliance. Hahaha. McCrae is sitting in a really good spot right now. I’ve seen many of the HGs on both sides of the house confiding in him. I want Jeremy and Nick out because they have both mentioned targeting Helen!

  • James Baker on July 1, 2013 at 12:49 am said:


    Jun, I think your analysis is pretty spot on. Never has a cast of complete nobodies played so hard so fast. Howard has done himself and the rest of us a favor by not stepping on the gas so early, and for that he’s one of my favs. I would also like Helen except she’s hitched her wagon to the sinking ship that is Elissa. From a gameplay standpoint, I can’t make her a fav, although I do like her personally. McCrae has done what McCrea needed to do this week. Keep himself safe by winning HOH, Make a couple of good nominations. Though Jessie and Candice were good no rocky the boaty too early picks. He’s been active, while at the same time letting the game, and Amanda for some odd reason, come to him. He’s definitely a fav. I also like the way Andy, and Judd are playing to this point. I still don’t get Nick and maybe that’s by design, but hard to make a real call there this early. I thought I was really going to dislike GinaMarie’s personality before the game started but she’s really not as bad as she is being edited so far, but to hear and read about the little side comments with Aaryn really disappoints me. Hope everyone is healthy and happy on your end and look forward to many more blogs this season.

  • Shannon Drew on July 1, 2013 at 4:47 am said:


    Your faves & mine are the same except I like Andy too (from I’ve seen-no live feeds). I’m not an Amanda fan but she’s pretty funny & Elissa is pretty nice & not annoying or mean spirited. I do not like & would really hate to see GinaMarie,David,Jeremy, or Aryan win! Ugh. Macrae is much cuter with his hair in ponytail..when they started to put it up..shocked me.

  • David J on July 1, 2013 at 6:37 am said:


    Oh yeah, and you can’t forget Elissa’s spelling of names as well… Yours isn’t the only one she misspelled. Take the name for All-Stars for example…
    Boggie. Need I say more?

  • Jun, I agree completely!! Let the ignorant remain ignorant as they shall soon endure the consequences of their actions when they walk back into the real world…ehh.hmmm…Danielle murphree..

  • Madison on July 1, 2013 at 3:40 pm said:


    Judd “trying” to keep calm and row in an inner tube was probably the best moment of the entire season so far. Maybe you should appear in Pandora’s Box some time and mess with the house guests’ minds by showing them how to “make people trust you more” (cook gourmet food). In the entire Big Brother series, you are the best chef.

  • My sister and I vowed to watch BB together this year (feeds). I am in KC and she is in Houston. Something came up and she hasn’t been able to watch for the past week. She wanted a quick rundown of what’s transpired and I directed her to this blog. You’ve always kicked ass, Jun. Thanks for your insight. Not only is it humorous, it’s completely spot-on! @schmoggin

  • Jun, this is a very balanced and objective analysis. I appreciate you lack of vitriol to what is clearly a contentious topic. Alike you, I feel mostly embarassment than rage.seeing some of these bigots as a mother would her child and saying “Where the hell did I go wrong?” I’m embarassed for their mothers and love ones while they watch knowing their adult children are being publically humiliated and may face considerable future consequences (emotionally,financially etc) Mothers whose focus is less on systemic bigotry than on that wayward son or daughter that shamed themselves and their family while doing a realty tv show,

  • Hellon Wheels on July 2, 2013 at 3:06 pm said:


    I’m still on the fence about all of the houseguests this year. I like McCrae just because he did the dirty, dirty with Amanda and says he has no problem dropping her. I’m just biding my time, waiting to see how that good that vulcan death grip Amanda uses under the sheets actually is. My question, why all the animosity toward Candace? overt or subtle, both sides are guilty of it. (Am I missing something?) One side is just overtly ugly, calling her dirty? while the other side just dosent want to be “tainted” and they don’t want to be seen talking to her and they roast the girl privately. I hope this season could be the vehicle to restart a conversation between viewers that we all should be involved in and walked away from years ago due to frustration from all sides.

  • Can’t blame Elissa for spelling your name wrong. At least she remembered you were a winner since you are the forgotten winner of Big Brother.

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