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Expect the Unexpected – Part I


Fresh off the Facebook presses, Aaryn has been dropped by Zephyr Talent, and it seems Aaryn is no longer their part-time model.

“Any future comments or questions regarding Aaryn Elizabeth should be sent directly to her Facebook page. Comments or questions regarding Big Brother 15 should be directed to CBS.”

This is straight from the company website at Zephyr Talent (full statement at the end of this blog).

Well, Aaryn’s Facebook page seems pretty quiet and so does CBS. The latest showmance between TMZ and Brenchel have them teamed up against racism, and it seems lots of people know all about what this Big Brother 15 season has been delivering so far. Expect the unexpected has never been more apropos, and I remember when my season ended how the producers said they “didn’t expect some of us to turn out the way we did” on the show. I can’t imagine anyone at CBS expected Aaryn to “turn out” the way she did.

Yet there are still the things we can expect like:

– Someone crying in the diary room about being the first to be put on the block (e.g. Candice).

– Butchering of the English language . Like, David’s response to being nominated at the POV Ceremony, “I’m the most likeliable guy in the house.” Or when he referred to “m” and “p” as words, which made me wonder what he thought letters were. Actually we could probably dedicate a whole blog to David.

– Showmance bullshit (e.g., Aaryn / David but not Amanda Hugnkiss McCrae or Twilight Jeremy and Kaitlin action) when we all know JeJo and Brenchel and the Briones’ will have always been first.

– Irony, every once in a while that doesn’t come in the form of Pandora’s Box or other bullshit. Like, McCrae winning POV by spelling “delivery”. Or the one person I’m truly rooting for, Helen, forming a bond with the one person I thought I’d never root for…Elissa.

Now with some of Aaryn’s dirty laundry thrown all over the world wide web, I do wonder if Julie Chen will say something tonight. I hope she will. And I hope it doesn’t come off a cue card.

UPDATE: Fresh of TMZ presses…GinaMarie Zimmerman has been fired from the pageant company she was employed with prior to entering the Big Brother 15 house.

UPDATE: Spencer’s current employer, Union Pacific, issued a statement as well. To clarify, an unpaid leave of absence means nothing else than…and unpaid leave of absence. It does not mean your job will be there when you get back, and it does not mean you have to go back once the leave is over. Spencer is part of a union, and so it’s a bit more complicated than Aaryn’s or GinaMarie’s situations.

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P.S. Zephyr’s website and Union Pacific’s statement:

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 8.46.03 PMUP

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