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Sex Break

Screw spring breaks and smoke breaks. My husband Davy and I took a sex break last night, and I’ll explain to you now what a sex break is since I made the term up myself for the purposes of this blog. A sex break is when a couple takes a break to focus on sex whether it’s having sex or talking about it or watching it, really anything as long as it pertains to sex. I’m not omitting single people, because you certainly don’t need to be in a marriage or relationship to take a sex break.

The sky is blue and I am the probably the last person who needs any more time devoted to things sexual in nature, but sex is important to me as a woman and a wife and a mother. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean your sex life should die, and as a wife your sex life is in your hands 50-50. As a woman your sexual satisfaction is in your hands 100%.

Sex breaks require spontaneity. Depending how big your real or imaginary balls are they can manifest themselves in dirty little quickies at home or taking in a burlesque performance, or experiencing Wasteland with 4,000 other naked people . So with my Noah tucked away for the weekend at grandpa’s, Davy and I could have gone to the movies or poker night or a number of other non-sex break venues. We chose to pack a bag of check out Acanthus, a private erotic club less than an hour away from our home. With no expectations, and happy we could do this kind of thing together in the name of research and pleasure,  Davy and I were ready to cough up roughly $150 for our entrance…


I’ve never been to a sex club before, though I came close once in New York, and I certainly didn’t expect the entrance to a sex club to be right off a main road with a billboard and lights. It felt strange sitting in the car waiting to get into the parking lot of a sex club but when in Europe…

Davy and I arrived at Acanthus right before dinner service when it was still light and warm out, and we sat in one of the many swings around the perimeter of the well-kept grounds. We watched all the couples arrive to Acanthus just like those who’d arrived before us had watched us. Everyone was dressed casually, with the occasional street-walking outfit among the crowd, and after dinner and drinks and dancing we’d all be changing into lingerie upon midnight’s toll…

We sat having a drink and laughing and making up stories about everyone who was there, just like we would have if we were sitting at McDonalds except instead of a convenient drive-thru there are a dozen different rooms to treat as your play-place. There was even a “cinema” at Acanthus, where you could watch porn on the big screen on a mattress of your choosing.

CinemaDavy and I saw people of all ages and stages of gravity, and ultimately walked away grateful for each other and our sexual compatibility and security. If you’re not comfortable communicating on sex, then it’s certainly inconceivable that you’ll ever end up in a sex club with your partner. Everyone we met at the club was there for different reasons but respected each other’s reasons and discretion, and were mothers and fathers and sisters and everyday people.

I’m not recommending a night at Acanthus for everyone, but I stand by my belief that sex breaks are among life’s necessities. Returning to your life after the sex break is the key, and after a very eye-opening night last night i’m back to making baby food for Noah and hosting coffee and cake for my in-laws on this beautiful Sunday.

If you’ve made it this far in the blog then consider yourself having taken your sex break for the day, and by all means take another if you so choose. There’s enough bad news to go around that you deserve a break.

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