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In the U.S., last night’s episode of Big Brother 15 started out with a disclaimer in white bold font against black background:

“Big Brother is a reality show about a group of people who have no privacy 24/7. At times, the Houseguests may reveal prejudices and other beliefs that CBS does not condone. Views or opinions expressed by a Houseguest are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Viewer discretion is advised.”

We’ve seen it before for Dumbledore, but let’s dissect.

~ Big Brother is a reality show about a group of people who have no privacy 24/7. This is true. You could possibly squeeze into a corner under a bed or cram yourself inside a kitchen cupboard, to avoid a camera, but then you’d just look insanely creepy. There is no privacy 24/7. None, not while sitting on the toilet praying for poop or washing your ass-crack in the shower or having sex dreams in the middle of the night. Not everything is televised, but it is recorded 24 hours a mofo day.

~ At times, the Houseguests may reveal prejudices and other beliefs that CBS does not condone. The first half of this sentence is true and we’ve seen prejudices revealed in  so many Houseguests, but the second half is debatable because of that word “condone”. You can’t wipe someone’s hat across your swampy ass, but you can flip someone’s mattress and bait them into a race war. Condone.



 transitive verb \kən-ˈdōn\ : to regard or treat as acceptable, forgivable, or harmless
~   ~   ~

condone (kənˈdəʊn Pronunciation for condone )


  1. to overlook or forgive (an offence)



Merriam-Webster and Collins English dictionaries can’t really help us or CBS very much in this larger-than-reality-television-topic of racism. It’s because the word condone has a lot of baggage, and with baggage there comes times of reckoning. More often than not we expect some consequences delivered when we’re told we’ve done something that’s not condoned.



For me, it’s enough that certain HGs like GinaMarie won’t have jobs when they leave the house. They’ll leave the world of reality into the harsh reality of get the fuck out of the house and back to your life again. I believe CBS is doing all they can to appease the public and BB fan base in showing the live feeds footage of the racial bullying going on, because not showing it would be the worst thing. Not showing it would imply condoning it.

I hope CBS is doing all they can to help those inside the house most affected by all this through the diary room, and I believe they are. When things get out of control, you can “escape” to the diary room and vent or in extreme cases, speak to Dr. Z. There is nobody in the diary room by the way, because many have been asking, but just a cutout in the wall in front of you where the camera is filming you behind the glass.

~ Views or opinions expressed by a Houseguest are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Just because it’s racism this summer doesn’t make it any bigger or better than gay bashing or anti-semitism, and it doesn’t mean CBS is one big racist homophobic neo-nazi conglomerate. Like I said in my blog about my finals casting experience…CBS isn’t the bad guy here because it’s still early in what feels like the longest season ever. There’s time to teach  people inside and outside the Big Brother 15 house some lessons yet.

~ Viewer discretion is advised. Basically, we’re getting dared not to watch, but we watch and I blog.

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  • As always, great blog! Got me thinking about my feelings for GM and A for sure…I will never like them, but to hate them is making me more like them than I want to be. I think I will take your approach and be happy with them being fired from their jobs.

    Thanks, Jun! You’ve opened my eyes yet again!

  • Hi Jun! I love you, btw :) The disclaimer was covering their asses, plain and simple. They don’t care if we’re warned or not…..they just want viewers.

  • I don’t know but maybe booting Aaryn this week would go a long way but the HGs are more concerned about a chance at the money. Put her out or stop complaining.

  • I would love for you to elaborate on these DR people “behind the glass”. Who the heck are they? Is it consistently one person or many during the course of the season, What might their backgrounds be? Do I presume they are BB aficionados? Do they always talk in a stilted manner during interview or should I say interrogation? Do they ever laugh back or get angry? Do you get attached to them on an emotional level?Do you ever meet them after the show? What’s their status within the organizational hierarchy of BB? Do they have professional counselling designations?

    Always loving your commentary with your true love of the English language.

  • Aaryn was called to DR right after the bed flipping. They also said stop that over the speaker, but she shook her head no, and then was called to DR, so it basically did get the same treatment as the asshat…I also believe she was told to apologize, but as with anything with Aaryn, we saw the results on last night’s show, and it was barely an apology.

  • I, too, am horrified at Aaryn’s racism….but CBS (supposedly) puts people in the house that are a cross-section of the good ole USA. Though I think someone should punch a bitch (which I know they can’t—yet), I understand why CBS hasn’t DQ’d anyone. It’s life in that house and we can take it or leave it. I, of course, take it then become VERY vocal during the episodes. I also have the live feeds and go to several sites for updates, and I’ve decided that this year I’m much louder than years past!

    • Jun Song on July 15, 2013 at 9:12 pm said:


      I think lots of us are vocal, and being heard only sometimes. But those sometimes still mean something :)

  • I am a blogger too and have been going on about this at great length. What it boils down to is that Paula Deen lost everything because of the “n” word and CBS is making a fortune on the live feeds because of it. (I am posting a link to your blog on my page. Let me know if it is okay for me to do the same on yours.)

    Aaryn and GM lost their jobs on the outside, but not inside the BB house. You can’t claim that BB is a reality show. It isn’t. It is a manufactured and manipulated reality. People lose their jobs in the real world for such behavior. In fact, Aaryn, GM, Jeremey etal are being rewarded for their bad behavior. They are television personalities. Their images are being seen all over the world.

    What worries me the most is that by constantly witnessing racist, homophobic and misogynistic behavior, people will be anesthetized to it.

    • Jun Song on July 15, 2013 at 9:11 pm said:


      Sure, thanks for asking first. Feel free to link your blog here, I’m always up reading other voices.

      Can you specify which people you fear will become “anesthetized”?

      • Perhaps desensitized would be a better word. It is easy to shrug off bad behavior if you see it day in and day out. Anesthetized works in that people become numb to inappropriate behavior. It is easy to see how that could happen with the actions of this year’s HG’s. Aaryn is the worse perp. She’s a multicultural bigot. She hates everyone. So seeing her behave that way, day in and day out, it becomes easier to roll your eyes and say, “Oh, that’s just Aaryn,” rather than be appalled that any adult could spew the filth she does. As a member of BB’s cast, she has celebrity status. She is getting a lot of attention. It doesn’t matter that is is negative.

        I am older so perhaps I have a different perspective. I’ve see real horrors associated with bigotry. It really bothers me that CBS and BB are allowing this to play out. It’s all about the money rather than what is right. Bad behavior is being rewarded. What message does that send to younger people who are watching and impressionable? I mentioned the “Jersey Shore” kids in another posting. I live at the Jersey Shore. People here were embarrassed that some would assume that their behavior was acceptable here. It did matter; they got ratings. I saw first hand young people emulating them. They perceived a bunch of drunken, promiscuous 20 somethings as “cool.”

        People on Twitter, Facebook and the blogs are all complaining and yet CBS ignores them. This is what I find unfathomable. Am I just old fashioned?

        What do you think?

  • Thanks! Jun. My blog is: http://onewomansopin.blogspot.com/2013/07/big-brother-controversy.html

    I think a lot of young people are becoming anesthetized to it already. The “n” word in particular is in our face every day, you hear it on the radio and in movies. It has degenerated into a slang term. There has been a disconnect from the real horrors associated with it. Although Aayn lost her job, she is still being rewarded for her bad behavior. There are a lot of people who would still consider her and her buds as celebrities. They are on television three days a week, on the Internet 24/7. Bad publicity is still publicity. Look at the train wreck the “Jersey Shore” kids were, yet they still pulled in the ratings and made a lot of money for themselves and their network.

    I watched “The Talk” today. Julie Chen was still promoting the party line, that the show is letting us see this horrible person for what she really is. Umm….Julie…we get it…now get rid of her.

  • Just watched your podcast with Rob Cesternino and really enjoyed it. It was great to “hear” your voice as well as reading it. Jusy wondering if as your son starts talking will the word fuck flow as freely? Kids tend to spit out words we really don’t want them to say.

  • Shannon on July 16, 2013 at 3:53 am said:


    I’m wondering when you say nobody is in the DR..how are they asked questions? Over a speaker? But then sometimes they say what so & so looks like? Is that seeing them while in the house or before hand? I hope you don’t mind me asking!

  • Anonymous on July 16, 2013 at 4:07 pm said:


    Jun. Around the second week of BB4, I was asked in the DR how long you would be around. My reply: “As long as we eat.” You always had the look of a winner. Just Jack.

  • Stewiesmom on July 16, 2013 at 6:46 pm said:


    I think all this footage of Ginamarie being aired is going to definately be a good thing. Nick can use it when he goes to get a protection order against her stalking him. 😉

    • Good point! LOLOL What is with these girls? GM has told Nick what ring she wanted. One of the problems I am beginning to have with BB is that all these girls are coming in expecting a showmance….that it is cool to have one, rather that it is either an extended one night stand or prostituting yourself to win $500K.

  • Peg Rejent on July 17, 2013 at 4:17 am said:


    I don’t buy Amanda’s “innocence” in all this. She is looking like a real leader (per production of the show) helping someone (Aaryn) to think about what they are saying. However, I heard Amanda condone Katlyn’s N-word while they were putting their make up on in the bathroom. I’ll have to find it on the feeds. Katlyn said the N-word and stopped cold and said “oh!” and Amanda ask “What?” Katlyn whispered, “I just said the N-word” and Amanda very clearly and very matter-of-fact replied, “So what?”

    You’re busted, Amanda.

  • CBS has commercials that say “CBS Cares”. IF they did “care” they would shut those people down. The disclaimer is just a cya for them. I do applaud them for putting most everything on the show, but it’s not enough. They may have talked to all of the guests about their remarks, but it’s not stopping. Like I have said to you before, it’s heart breaking to know that racism is still going on in THIS generation. Will it ever end?
    It absolutely broke my heart to see Howard and Candice talk about the things they have gone through being African American…..and how they couldn’t do anything about it! I don’t care what your race is, I am no better than anyone, and no one is better than me. I couldn’t have backed off like Candice/Howard did….and Helen not really saying anything. I’m proud of them. I loved a tweet I saw of BB’s Libra’s as to what she will say when she meets Aaryn….”whatch ya gona do gurl”
    Thanks again for all of your blogs! You rock!

    • I wonder what is going to happen to Aaryn once she leaves the house. I hope someone takes her aside and goes over every single thing she said and did while on the show. She is one of those clueless people who should take the opportunity to learn and grow. I am hoping twenty years from now she looks back at her behavior with utter embarrassment.

      I agree with you about Howard and Candice. Their conversation was heart breaking. I hope Aaryn gets to see that, as well. I am so proud of Howard for dragging Candice out of that mess. He has shown such strength under pressure.

  • Lol… I have also wondered all of those DR questions myself….
    Also always wondered what the top Of the backyard set looks like….
    Love reading your views!!!

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