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Will versus Dan

In the international reality television sporting world, Big Brother, is a veryheavyweight among heavyweights. Two of the skinniest winners ever are Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling, yet they’re the heavyweights of Big Brother USA. Who is the best winner of the two?


As a winner myself, I don’t jump in on this BB sausage sword fight and would rather blog smug about it anyway. It wouldn’t be me if I put personal feelings aside the whole time so this should be fun…

I said in my Part One of my Big Brother Winners blog: “Will Kirby, is the Godfather of BB Villains because he did it FIRST for all of America to watch and then came back and gave a good show. Having met and spent hours with him I can tell you he loves himself IMMENSELY as much as he seems like he does on television.”

And in Part Two: “Dan Gheesling, former reality television groupie turned winner and coach and Christian, husband and author, and BB guru and consultant, and candle scent. Yes, he has a misty candle out there you can buy…and deservedly so since he’s NEVER had one eviction vote cast upon him in the two seasons he’s played.”

This summer I’m ranking Big Brother 15 HGs on certain criteria week-to-week, and if applied to Will and Dan:

Working the house (“WTH”) is something both Will and Dan can do on their own in very different ways.

Working America (“WA”) is something both Will and Dan can do and CBS loves them both for it.

Working the potential jury (“WJ”) is something Will is better at than Dan not just in Big Brother but in real life. Period. Period! The Newsroom anyone?

Basics: Just like everything else just my self-inflated opinion so no death threats please…

They both won their first seasons and impressively (W,D).

There would be no Dan if there had been no Will (W).

Everything Will did in his first season surpasses what Dan did in his first (W).

They both went on to the next phase of their real lives after their first seasons (W,D).

They both lost their second seasons.

Will’s got a family and Dan’s married and both decent citizens on the surface (W,D).

Dan made it further than Will did the second time he lost, cashing in second place (D).

Will is an All-Star and Dan was a coach with immunity for a month (W).

Dan hasn’t had any work done to his face compared to Will therefore making it easier on the fans (D).

Will is naturally funnier than Dan (W).

You can see Will coming but you can smell Dan coming (W).

Dan will use the bible conveniently (W).

Will is obsessed with money and Dan is obsessed with fame.

Will can mind-fuck you without a bible or a funeral (W).

Dan wakes up to Big Brother before coffee which is unforgivable yet point-worthy (D).

Will is patronizing while Dan is high on his own mist (W).

They each live with incredibly beautiful women under nice roofs (W,D).

Will’s greatest fear is skin cancer and Dan’s greatest fear is being forgotten (W).

Will’s a legend and Dan needs to be a legend (W).

Having met Will and emailed with Dan I’d go up against both in the Big Brother house given the chance, just to see them eye each other up and play along (W,D).



We don’t have to count up the Ws or the Ds because I’m overwhelmingly Will. There’s such a thing as history and playing on Big Brother sacred grounds. Dan has things Will doesn’t have, but Will has more things that Dan never had. Sorry to the die-hard Dan fans, but if we’re talking legends then Will was the first. Dan is always second. Dan does bust his ass though, maintaining his Big Brother presence.

You can add if you want, but I tried keeping this just under a novel.

Always dishing,


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  • Maureen on July 16, 2013 at 9:33 pm said:


    great dish! I simply love them both. If I had to choose – I suppose I’d go with the original but I do love me some DAN

  • I think it would be awesome if the runner up of every season came back to play! Or a season with all the winners….it would be the ultimate AllStars game!

  • Anonymous on July 16, 2013 at 10:31 pm said:


    Dan won with a UNANIMOUS jury vote in BB10.

    However, that trip he took Michelle on didn’t hurt him.

  • The final difference is I don’t think Will would ever do BB again and I think Dan would to try to be the first 2 time winner.

  • Dr. Will – the first born evil child of BB…I had this love/hate “relationship” with him and ultimately could not resist and rooted for this self-centered, diabolical yet lovable man! There’s only two others who have evoked such strong emotions in me – not Dan… Jun & Evel. Was so invested in their seasons. Will, Jun & E.D. The Best Ever Players!

  • Peg Rejent on July 17, 2013 at 4:04 am said:


    I like both Will and Dan but I think Dan was the better player because he was logistically prepared, had a plan and a goal, whereas I think Will just went day to day and lucked out because the game was so new to all the houseguests with no blueprint to follow. Like them both, though.

  • Shannon Drew on July 17, 2013 at 4:37 am said:


    Great entry!! So many great points! This one is hard for me because I love Dan. He’s my favorite male Big Brother HG & you are my favorite female Big Brother HG! I like Dan on BB & just in regular life/twitter/blog & same with you!!

    I LOVED Will on Big Brother! Chilltown & the whole deal.He’s soo funny,evil & I love him as much as I hate him! LOL! In real life I can’t say I’m a big fan but he’s also not as open as Dan (& you) so hard to know. He’s very funny when he does tweet!

    I always liked Dan better but had to say Will is the best based on gameplay but after seeing Dan last season,the funeral & how people KNEW about his mist,lying etc…& he still did the Jedi mind trick on most of them lol. Amazing. That made me think if he’s not better than Will he’s at least tied!

  • I agree Will is the best even though Dan is statistically better. However, Jun you are the best female winner ever, no question!

  • I really liked Dan better, but that’s just me. But I will say they ARE the top two BB players, people want to try to play like. I will say I pick you as number three. I would love to see you in All Stars! If I played….you would be my idol! ☺

  • Perfect. Big Wil fan, not sure if you can be a BBfan without that. Dan hhmmmm never been a great fan, but obviously played that game. I sometimes don’t remember the winner of BB, but I remember you, and now reading your blog and tweets, I want to remember all my good memories of bb…..You rock.

  • Anonymous on July 17, 2013 at 3:17 pm said:


    Jun you can’t ignore the fact Dam won the final vote 7-0 and in his season he had no eviction votes. That is a text book example of a perfect game.

  • Technically Will did co-win with Boogie in All-Stars, they agreed to split the money no matter which one won Boogie just got the title. Will is literally a reality show game changer. He in some ways saved the show from being canceled. Dan played the game like an assassin which while admirable isn’t game changing. Will is and will always be top dog in BB.

  • I wish they would get a bunch of BB All Stars together, trick them and then throw them into Survivor. That would be a fun season. Also could do vice versa.

  • Also I have to give it to Will because he doesn’t scream in his diary room sessions. LOOKING AT YOU DAN!

  • jezziebezzie on July 19, 2013 at 5:52 pm said:


    It was the “morality at the door” thing with Dan. I can’t respect the tactics of his second game at all. In fact, it repulsed me. Even now, when I hear contestants he ‘misted’ talk about how great he is personally out of the house, I just can’t abide him. Will told everyone o his face he was gonna mess with them. He didn’t hide behind anything. He was bad & funny & charming & awful…but all to your face with a smile. It made a difference & takes a much stronger personality to achieve what he did in game 1 vs. what Dan tried to emulate in his 2nd game.

    • I see your point, but I think what you’re failing to take into account is how much the game has evolved since season 2. Back then strategy did not have to be as involved as it is these days. There have been so many seasons since then and people are more aware of what it takes to get to the end if this game and how complicated and manipulative your strategy needs to be. I think both Will and Dan were excellent in their own times for their own reasons. What I would really love to see is Will and Dan team up during another All Stars season. It would be awesome to see!

  • Anonymous on June 6, 2014 at 5:52 pm said:


    You should thank Will Kirby for the extra 2000 hits this page is gonna receive because of his tweet. I thought your “an ego as big as mine” tweet was pretty weak and passive aggressive compared to his epic “It was probably a big deal for you to meet one of your heros, so you locked it into your gray matter. I put it in short term”

    And his tweets got more favourites and more retweets compared to you and he has 3x the followers you have.

  • You swayed me with one key comment: “There would be no Dan without Will.” That is so right. Ive been torn for so long, thank you for helping my decision.

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