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Burning Bridges


When I decided to move from the U.S. and start a family and future here in Belgium, I deliberately burned bridges and lots of of them. More often than not you’re told not to burn your bridges. It’s not recommended in social and professional circles, although I believe it’s a necessary evil. I’m not calling for mass bridge-burning, but select bridges for your own good. Much like BB.


Burning bridges is equally difficult as maintaining them, in life, and being the one to have to do it gets brutal. I’m not talking about exes or old bosses, but people in your life you know to have wrong intents and superficial care for you. When those people want in on my life I stop them in their tracks early and surely, because life is too short to devote time to closeted haters. I’m dirty about it too, because I know my own worst enemies. I knew entering a new country-bumpkin country-town and social structure would depend on people’s first impressions of me. Much like BB.

I moved to Belgium with more support and love on the U.S. side than on the Belgian side. Davy was presumed “crazy stupid in love” to believe a Korean-American girl from New York City, who’d won Big Brother in the U.S., would move to the very rural suburbs of Belgium where the cows groaned loudly having sex once a week. Davy’s haters made racist fun of my Korean heritage and attempted to sabotage our whirlwind vacation romance-turned-engagement, and they still to this day wish they could rebuild bridges to try again. Davy’s exes lost their hot mess shits-for-brains as they plotted like North Korea against me still, while I thwarted and destroyed their flimsy bridges made of tampons and acrylic nails. Much like BB.

Back in the states, my true friends know that I’m right where I’ve always wanted to be and they pour out love and support in the way only true friends can. Most people in my life with ulterior motives have fallen away, and from all the way here in my little town of Evergem the U.S. looks massive like I’ve never appreciated it before. A Google search reveals that the act of burning bridges originated in military tactics, and it makes total sense if you want to stop the enemy from following you. If you have few enemies in life then you burn less bridges, and if you have many then you burn more. NOT like BB.



Everyone in the BB house is technically your “enemy” in the most dramatic reality television sense.

I agree with Clio on not burning bridges in BB, although I’ll add post-jury. Barring any twist that brings back evicted HGs, you can do what you want with the HGs pre-jury. I was too cold and calculating to care about the HGs in my season evicted pre-jury, but that’s just me. When you get down to jury numbers is where your diary room goodbye messages become important as you bid farewell to the sucker who just walked out the door. Your behavior towards your enemies should become more calculated as the numbers dwindle. Your bridges should remain intact but with heavy tolls to pass.

In a season of bridges all over the place, sometimes leading to HGs most erogenous zones, I do wonder who will reign supreme Master of Bridges. Although all these twists CBS is throwing at us is defeating many purposes.

Always dishing,


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      • Isaac Moody on July 22, 2013 at 4:02 am said:

        who in particular are you referring to as “superficial friends with ulterior motives? Also, this article is hits home for me because I burn bridges with family, friends and employers and I’m not proud about it.

  • HA! Burning bridges in my own world has been the most freeing and rejuvenating experience I’ve had since my first joint in 1974. None were ever as good as that very first one.

    I try not to be cruel about it but sometimes there is no other way to make your point. If you wait too long there is going to be a spontaneous combustion and those are never pretty. Burning bridges is like a great fireworks display. It’s carefully orchestrated with the precision of a brain surgeon. Just like brain surgery, you want as little blood as possible but you have to be aggressive to be sure it won’t come back (to haunt you.)

    I’m …ahem… years older, It took me longer to get there. You were lucky to be wise beyond your years and have the good fortune to know what had to be done.

    But that’s exactly what makes you Jun. And I ♥ ♥ ♥ that about you.

    • Jun Song on July 20, 2013 at 5:36 pm said:


      OMG I wasn’t even born in 1974! :)

      Oh GaYToR I know what you mean about the spontaneous combustions… I bet you were good at the game Operation :)

  • Jmantyger on July 20, 2013 at 5:48 pm said:


    Only thing better than burning bridges that require demolition is roasting marshmallows on the fire; and, then dancing on the ashes… :-)

  • karenrakay on July 20, 2013 at 9:35 pm said:


    I am a notorious bridge burner. But I always felt if I had to burn it.. then something was very wrong with it to begin with..do I regret it at?..no. I always feel its the right choice. ..but I understand about the goodbye messages. Some of them are just plain mean.

  • I’ve been reading your blogs out-loud to my hubby (a recent [read FORCED] BB-convert) and he’s finally convinced that when this wacka-doo season is over, BB4 N.E.E.D.S. to be viewed post-haste! YEAH – I get to watch it all over again, with an entirely new appreciation for ALL that is JUN. I’m s.o. excited. Oh, and a happy belated B-Day from one Cancer to another.

    I just loved the photo of Noah & you, too. Children are the best gift ever. Is it wrong to share that I want to (nicely) squeeze his beautiful face? Baby faces….. there isn’t anything sweeter on the planet. Thank you for sharing your journey over the web. My ‘baby’ just turned 29 (another Cancer baby), so I’m thoroughly enjoying the timeline. My daughter won’t let me squeeze her cheeks anymore. Sigh.

  • Anonymous on July 21, 2013 at 5:09 am said:


    Hi Jun. Instead of burning bridges behind themselves, the three evicted BB 15 buckaroos burned bridges ahead of themselves, so they could not go forward, especially Jeremy. Trapped in their own testosterone and drool, they oozed out of the door onto Julie’s couch. As we say in Alabama, “Pret near” the dumbest butts in the circus.

  • You sometimes must burn a bridge or the people you do not want to come over still have a way to come over. Sometimes you have to set traps in the water and on property lines because even though the bridge is gone, the will try and swim or hike it back. The “YOUR NOT WELCOME ANYMORE” sign does not always work.

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