MissWizz and Peequality

I’m picking up where I left off in Belgium Has, where I cry out for PEE EQUALITY. Peequality…

There are these free pee stands for men all over the city of Ghent, which is great for guys but what about the ladies?


More often than not you have to pay to use a bathroom in Belgium, and large parts of Europe. It’s about 50 cents so it’s not a lot but as an American expat I’m always shaking my head here while paying to use the bathroom at a department store I’m shopping in, or at the movie theater I’ve paid for a ticket to get into. This would never happen in the states because Walmart shoppers would tear the building down if they had to pay to use the Walmart bathroom.

During festivals, like the Festival of Ghent going on right now here, there are portable pee stands for men strewn all over the city. This is me, standing in one, back in 2010:

PeepeemeThese portable pee stands were new to me then and nothing like port-o-potties back in the states, but I was so frustrated there was no free peeing for women! Fast forward to 2013, I returned to the Festival of Ghent this past weekend to find there was finally a pee stand for me!



So after posing for a picture, I enter MissWizz. There are 11 of these in the city of Ghent, and petitions to install more. I couldn’t wait to join the movement and actually pee in a MissWizz. The movement was started by one “Ellen Lejeune” as a MSc graduation project, and she fights still for peequality. I shook her hand before I peed and thanked her for this blogging opportunity, and then I stepped inside MissWizz with my own tissue paper ready to squat.



I was met with this pink contraption reminiscent of some dungeon contraption I’d seen in an S&M room once or last week, and my expectations of pretty pink walls and feathers were crushed at first sight. I was a little scared I’d end up cutting my leg or something equally and usually clumsy, and it felt a little awkward straddling a chunk of pink metal. But I did my business and discarded my tissue in a garbage pail provided, and I popped my MissWizz cherry.

Was it everything I expected it to be? No.

Was it smelly? No.

Would I do it again? Sure.

Always dishing,


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  1. Jeff

    I agree with you, kiyomunee. I’m not a dog. I wouldn’t use one of those public urinals. It’s bad enough having women janitors in the “men’s” room. I wouldn’t use a urinal set up out in the open for everyone to watch me taking care of my business and so that some idiot like this blogger could take a photo of me.

  2. Why men peeing can be seen at public but not 4 women?
    Why women free to see men peeing at public but its taboo if situation reverse?
    This is not Equal :””(((
    Either both must covered or both can be seen at least upper part of the body (for ladies) that’s equality
    This is contrast >:(

  3. Anonymous

    Jun. My shower in the magnificent Sequester House in Mexico was outside my bedroom, with one side open to the beach. A bit drafty, but I got used to it, as did Jee, my eventual roommate. People walking by on the beach held up cards rating what they saw in the shower, with 10 the highest. I got some low numbers. Just Jack

  4. Awesome. Just as an FYI you used to have to pay for the toilets at dept stores in the States. I remember there being locks that took change, on the doors of the stalls, back in the early 70’s.

  5. Shannon Drew

    Now that’s too cool! I wasn’t reading your blog yet when that first entry was done & it’s cool to go back & read older ones! Is there a main page with the years listed/blog entries? Thanks!

  6. OkieChris

    Wow, that looks dangerous. I’m glad to know it didn’t stink. How fun to experience new things & to meet the women who fought to get them. I love your life! Hahaha I love my life too. We are lucky lucky ladies!



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