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Big Brother Vagina Wars

I can’t speak for any other vagina but my own so I’ll speak for my vagina today. I never refer to my own vagina as a cunt, and I never have because the word cunt is only reserved for really bad vaginas. Occasionally, a very angry person will call me a cunt. I’ve highlighted said word in a comment I received here on my site in response to my Big Brother Diary Room FAQs blog:


I moved said comment to “Trash” because as much as I love extra traffic to my site, I won’t lower my bar on cunts. If you can’t come back at someone without using such a word, then like “Freak_Show”, you too probably have so many alias accounts that you never go outside. I let Freak_Show know that the comment was deleted and why, and actually I’d have left the comment up had I not been called a cunt. Of course there was denial.


Hey…I refer to people, male or female, as cunts on occasion when the spite levels are high and so I’m not trying to banish it from existence. If you put yourself out there for people to see, then you’re going to get called a cunt on occasion. I’d just never go to someone’s website and start an argument leading to my calling the owner of the website a cunt. It’s just not going to happen here, neither to me nor you, and especially not over a blog about the Big Brother diary room.

It has happened, however, quite often in the Big Brother house. It’s usually the men referring to the women as “cunts” and such, but only because women are much more creative in tearing down fellow women. Men can’t really touch us in that arena. Freak_Show is a pesky fly compared to what other women can do to me.


Thanks Murtaza for the segue. I don’t believe men make it farther in the BB game per se, especially not in final two standings and especially not this season. But I think I’m going to take a guess on where you’re going with this question. If anyone’s got the numbers on men versus women please share, but I’m going to take a female winner’s standpoint of Big Brother and run with this.

We’ve seen already this Big Brother 15 season a large male alliance sprout up then go limp and dead, early on. Although what was once The Moving Company was right to stir things up amongst the women, because it did work, it wasn’t good enough to stop three men in a row from being evicted. Spencer relishes in referring to female HGs as cunts, and his overall unappealing physique and face only add to his already ugly disposition and tongue.

Elissa, who came into the game claiming she wanted to head-up an all-girl alliance has done anything but, although she’s played a hand in all three of the evictions. An all-girl alliance. That’s an oxymoron in the BB house. Why? Because historically it’s rarely happened, and the opposite’s happened more often than not.

Men are just as guilty of shit-talking about other men and women in the BB house, but women take other women’s weak spots and stab them until they bleed BB tears. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, and if anything I’d rather everyone be more open and honest about it. We all have a mean streak in us. I keep mine on a leash most of the time and only released upon my command. With people I keep my guard up with, like you often do in the BB house, when you let your mean streak go then it’s because you want it to go. We’re all adults by hormonal standards.

So lame is the excuse that “HGs’ behaviors are a result of the duress they’re under in the house.” Stop making excuses for people who already make too may excuses for themselves. Everyone is in there for $500,000 and sometimes fame, and what you see is what you get when that HG doesn’t get their way. It’s not far from how the HG would react outside the house, just on 24-hour blast for the masses to watch. When we see cattiness and personal attacks behind people’s back and sometimes to their faces on Big Brother, our eyes bug out and we tweet out 140 characters of shock at a time…as we should. We’ve all seen some mean shit this season, and mostly by the women. It’s a shame there’s never been a dominant all-girl alliance with a cool name.



My alliance with Ali and Erika got us to the final four, and although I personally disliked both (as they did me) it worked. The name of our alliance still haunts me, but I liked how our stresses were taken out in the diary room more than they were by drinking wine and flipping beds and protesting one-piece bathing suits. If you want to truly work together with other women you do not badger them on their insecurities for the rest of the house to see or talk like racist pieces of trash to one another. Referring to Candice as ugly and fat behind her back, as a woman, is intentional and defensive as well as offensive. It’s more fun to sew together lettuce and cherry tomato bikinis for the girls like I did my season in between catty diary rooms, isn’t it?

For every tiring person who tells me my season was 10 years ago so who cares? Maybe we should care. Look around you.

I still wish for a bigger and better women’s alliance at some point in the Big Brother timeline. With showmances that turn out to be real life love, it’s no wonder we don’t see numbers in strength in women in the house. Purely from love’s standpoint I’m always happy for happily married couples. From game’s standpoint it’s horrible odds for vagina power and overall you get vagina wars plus a few edited saints.

Big Brother fever brings out the best and worst in HGs and fans alike. I thank all you best of fans. Freak_Show, I wish you peace.

Always dishing,


Photo Credit: If anyone knows where the above Big Brother’s Angels photo originated, then please do let me know! I had it in my BB archives from 10 years ago and I can’t remember the source.

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  • Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I HATE the word c— and I do agree about the women though even though I’m 55 and over the whole women against women thing – it’s really sad. I’ve watched BB1 and then not until 10 thru 15. I think I’ll go back & watch your season Jun (even though it’ll only be the TV version & not feeds) once this season is over.

  • People like Freak Show are just jealous of your wit and charm. Probably because they aren’t capable of creating a page to make it on Google ranks. They are equivalent to Elissa bashing Amanda’s one piece because Elissa wasn’t the center of attention. To bad FS’s 1 comment of fame is already over.

    Looking forward to your next dish!

  • Rose Gerstmar on July 25, 2013 at 10:48 pm said:


    So right on. It is sad to see women in BB, the work place and life behave like this to other women. Yeah it’s fun to pick and tease here and there but women are just evil!

  • I have never been able to tolerate the C word in any context.Your blog inspired me to Wikipedia the word for more mind-blowing information of its etymology and usage.Generally, I have a high tolerance for expletives and use them with some frequency but you’ll never ever hear me say that vulgar word let alone tolerate someone calling me that with impunity.Nowadays, women calling other women “c**ts” is just fucking beyond me!

  • MMathis on July 25, 2013 at 11:37 pm said:


    Great article. I’ll never understand why people follow people to attack them. I follow a lot of former HGs and see it all the time. Seems to get worse every year and makes me wonder why anyone would do this show anymore. But, obviously from this season there are indeed 16 people out there who either don’t know about the show enough, or don’t care enough to know what they are getting themselves in to.

    I couldn’t do it though. Money or no money, I would go off on half these people. I honestly wish Kaitlin would do and call a few people out before she leaves…but she won’t.

  • This current season really shows that misogyny is widely accepted in our culture. During the moving Company days, Spencer was so vile toward women I felt attacked personally; it was so hateful, shaming, and disgusting. There’s no strategy in that. You can’t make the things he said up without really feeling them.

  • I think you nailed it talking about female alliances…

    You, Aly and Erica all used the Diary Room to vent your frustrations about each other, yet the second you walked back into the house you were all 100% united in your aim to work together to get rid of the guys.

  • Anonymous on July 26, 2013 at 4:59 am said:


    Only men with tiny noodles use the C word. They dread full length mirrors and take showers with their eyes closed. Some of them are dumb enough to drop the potato inside the back of their jeans inside of the front. Speaking of men, I was voted out of the House because I was not smart enough to ask Jun for her vote. The best player won BB15. Just Jack.

  • Anonymous on July 26, 2013 at 5:03 pm said:


    Hi Jun, I just really love what you write in the blog. Love from Malaysia.

    P.S: Sure, you might be writing the Big Brother bulls eye next week. But I can’t wait to share my views right now about Big Brother 15. Personally, I think that this season have one of the most memorable first month in the Big Brother history. You got from bigotry comments, to job losses, to power shifts, to a “funeral”, to kudzu alliances, to a little too much showmances, to actually understandable paranoia, to a huge drama and to loads houseguests’ relatives expressing their views in various website.

    I kinda wish that the insanity would keep on going. For me, I rather want to see more crazy drama than strategic gameplay in the house. Jun, what do you prefer, a season full with drama, or a season full with gameplay? Share you opinion please.

    Thank you.

  • Shannon Drew on July 27, 2013 at 7:57 am said:


    This is so true. Women could go further in life & Big Brother if we didn’t hate on each other as much..& drop everything a man!

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