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Kaitlin’s Twitter Apology

In post-season social media behavior, the evicted BB15 HGs so far have been proving themselves true to who and what they were in the house and out. David’s just as nonsensical in his tweets as he was in pre-season interviews and the diary room, and Nick is all about making it big jumping off his Big Brother “fame” rubbing elbows with the likes of Boogie and Brenchel and even Liza. Jeremy is back to being wholly unaware of his faults and living his “cute” self-inflated ego life, and Kaitlin…

Kaitlin’s just left the house and in less than 48 hours she’s tweeted an apology:


I saw it through a RT and I thought good for her for just putting that out there right away. I clicked to her Twitter timeline and saw she’d RTed lots of people telling her she doesn’t need to apologize, as a means to deflect guilt onto others. I’m assuming she hasn’t watched the footage, or if she has she still believes she’s just a victim of circumstance and bad company.


I consider myself a BB fan, like all of you, in addition to being a former player and winner and self-proclaimed knower of a little bit of everything and still learning. According to Wikipedia, fandom is a “term used to refer to a subculture (see my blog about the Big Brother subculture) composed of fans characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.” We could technically swap out “a common interest” with “almost nothing” and it would mean the same thing as far BB fans are concerned. Fans don’t always help the situation, because whether we like it or not all BB alum have fans and some fans are blinded by their personal or perverted feelings for their HGs. It’s the fans that make Big Brother but we don’t all agree on who’s actually fan-worthy.

So this isn’t an anti-fan blog, but a pro-fan blog where I dramatically ask you to neither threaten Kaitlin nor encourage her bullshit. Right now Kaitlin’s apology looks insincere at best, and I focus most on her post-eviction activities because she’s a woman like I’m a woman. Kaitlin’s gorgeous but there should be more for us to cling to than that, and her participation in Big Brother Vagina Wars has now boiled down to wasted apology.

It would be like the very heavy guest I had in my home this weekend who sat in and broke the rocking chair in the corner of Noah’s bedroom… ChairThe chair didn’t fall through immediately when the person sat in it, but I’m never going to bring it up to them because it won’t bring the chair back and I’ll only hurt someone’s feelings. But let’s say I did broach the subject with said heavy person and the person apologized about it, then told everyone  it was the chair’s fault and the fault of other heavier people who’d sat in it? That would be Kaitlin, loosely analogized.

Kaitlin, if you’re reading…

I’m not “picking on you” but I’m focusing more on you than the other three evicted before you, because you had a chance to redeem yourself and instead you’re taking the lame way out. You should either delete the apology so your timeline makes more sense, or stop RTing fans who’ll say anything to get a RT. At the end of the day one apology to the fans means less than your realizing you can just stop at “I’m sorry.”

If you can’t, then don’t apologize in the first place. Why would you apologize for anything if you truly feel you did nothing wrong?

Always dishing,


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  • Jun are you just doing this so Kaitlin apologizes to you for her wasted apology? Because that will allow me to tweet her saying that she doesn’t have to apologize to you and I might get a reweet : )

  • OMG Jun…This one truly represents why I respect you so damn much. I have been so disappointing with all the BB15 ‘evictees’ thus far. Their tweets show an appalling lack of insight/self awareness.They are shamelessly blinded to the fact that they have been a part of one of the most disgraceful BB casts ever seen. They can obfuscate and revel with their fan base for so long but then they either have to grow up or further deteriorate into denial and delusion.I pity them.

    Thank you,Jun, for always being straight up with the stuff that matters.

  • Jennifer on July 27, 2013 at 5:09 pm said:


    I hope that she is sensible enough to take your advice. I always thought that, at heart, Kaitlin was not an ugly person like Aaryn has shown herself to be. She is simply immature and easily sucked in by the “cool crowd” and like any other immature person in that situation she sometimes participated in their poor behavior in the hopes that she would remain part of the group. I think she does feel regret for this. Now Aaryn on the other hand, has shown no remorse, when confronted about her behavior she goes straight to denial instead of having that realization, the “lightbulb” that should be lit above her. She has proven herself to be the vapid, entitled brat that we suspected in the beginning. Candace sized the situation up perfectly when she said, “Who raised her to behave this way? They did a bad job.” (I’m paraphrasing.) Something or someone has let her go through life thinking that this is acceptable.

  • The comments were examples of pure ignorance and while some may have been said with malicious intent and some were not, I think the lack of self-awareness and the absence of any opposing response from the household is most disheartening. While the comments themselves are troubling, the fact that such blatant social ignorance was greeted so passively by the others with silence or an awkward laugh is the very mechanism by which ignorance pervades social groups and prevents any real social progress. As long as slurs of any kind and stereotypes are allowed to perpetuate without correction, differences between the sexes, races, or religious beliefs serve as barriers rather than opportunities to understand each other. If the conversation to understand differences is taboo or expressed with ignorance, any real acceptance can never be achieved. The reaction needs to be a conversation that works to eliminate ignorance in an objective and teachable way instead of blind anger or withdrawal. If confronted, we can change the dialogue and replace ignorance with intellect.

  • So…just as an aside…you won’t ever bring up to your friend that they sat in your chair and broke it because that would “hurt someone’s feelings” (presumably the “very heavy” person who broke it) but you have no problem putting the story out there on the Internet, complete with pictures. Hopefully your fat friend doesn’t have Internet access.

  • Kaitlyn is nothing but a ___________. No personal integrity, values or morals. I would be proud of her if she actually stood up for Candice or Howard while in the house. Now, she is just covering her ass and blaming other people for her OWN WORDS AND ACTIONS
    Not buying it.

    • Jun Song on July 27, 2013 at 6:48 pm said:


      Victor I love your energy levels but I had to blank out your name-calling haha! I hope Kaitlin does learn from this.

  • Stampa! Yes..that’a stampa. Only emphasis I can think of.

    BB fans (including myself) are a weird breed.

  • Jun, love your humor. First off I accept Kat’s apology, she didn’t say that she sort of was sorry or deflect blame on others but the fans did. She point blank said she was sorry and I don’t require her to say it over and over then take a lie detector test to determine her sincerity.

    • Jun Song on July 27, 2013 at 10:23 pm said:


      I think it’s a lot for Kaitlin to take in post-eviction, but I don’t understand her logic. Unless her logic is to tell us she apologized because she felt she had to 😉

  • “You should either delete the apology so your timeline makes more sense, or stop RTing fans who’ll say anything to get a RT.” Yes, I agree with you. Her apology clearly wasn’t sincere because she retweeted people telling her she didn’t need to apologize. I think she has a lot of learning and growing up to do. The people who will say anything to get a RT, response, or favorite are ridiculous. I always give my honest opinion on twitter and in life. I hate people who tell people what they think they want to hear.

  • I have such mixed emotions about Kaitlyn. While I think in her normal life she is probably as she would call it Minnesota nice, I think the house messed with her mind and distorted what was acceptable and not. If I had just seen the apology and not any post interviews I might have been wow this girl realized what went on and is sorry. BUT in a 30 minute interview she claims she was nice to everyone and that she alligned with the wrong people. Yes true but at some point, like when someone is flipping a bed and mocking another girl you need to put on your big girl panties and say Aaryn chill out. Just because you aren’t saying the words or flipping the bed doesn’t mean that it is ok to sit in the background and cackle like a hyena as someone else is! I don’t hate her, but I think she needs to do some deeper self reflection and take a little responsibility for her passive aggressive role in tormenting some of the house guest

    Love reading your blog Jun! You are fair and trurthful without being hurtful. Keep up the good work

  • Anonymous on July 27, 2013 at 11:09 pm said:


    Kaitlin was incoherent during her post eviction chat with Julie. She must have been watching my reruns. Love your blogs Jun. Just Jack.

  • kathryn gironimi on July 28, 2013 at 4:32 am said:


    I actually feel sad for a lot of the young women in the house this season, they seem to be completely unaware of themselves as people. There’s a pervasive inability among them to recognize their faults and short-comings. We are all imperfect people- but watching the live feeds, especially, you can’t blame everything on “game” and who you aligned with- the ability to accept responsibility for your words and actions is an extremely important quality in life. Hopefully they learn and see that so they can have healthy relationships.

  • I’m glad you’ve blogged on this. I haven’t seen anything of Kaitlyn on Twitter, but this happens wayyyyyyyyyy too often!!

    Some people are desperate to have “RTed by…” next to their tweets that they’ll say any crap!!
    Half of the people telling Kaitlyn she doesn’t need to say sorry are probably some of the people who were tweeting how disgusted they were by her during her time in the house!!

  • Dawna Arndt on July 28, 2013 at 4:11 pm said:


    Well said! She was just as mean as Aaryn until Jeremy left. She may not have said the racial things but she laughed & condoned it.

  • belinda on July 29, 2013 at 10:20 pm said:


    Did David or Jeremy apologized for their racist slurs when they got out of the house? I agree that Kaitlin’s apology was insincere at best, but she is probably the first evicted HG who came out of the house and needed to apologize who actually did need to say it, so I guess an insincere apology is better? than none.

    Then again, it’s kind of strange knowing that so many HGs upon exiting the BB house should apologize for their respective slurs; it would be interesting to see which ones do, sincerely or insincerely, and which ones don’t.

  • I’m probably more impatient with Kaitlyn because she hooked up with Jeremy who seems to be an awful choice than that she fell in with the Mean Girlz.

    There is a lot of hate going at these BB people and I think it is going to be hard for the younger ones to handle as they get out.

    You are absolutely right that she should have apologized period. And if people continued to address it–simply apologize again–no excuses–it simply undoes any good the apology does.

    I wonder for the people going to the jury if they will be told of how much negative reaction there has been before they go to sequester.

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