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Better Troll Patrol?

Apparently, there’s an online petition being signed in the TENS of thousands as a result of some Twitter trolls threatening to rape and otherwise abuse Caroline Criado-Perez.

Poppy Montgomery who?



You can read the full story about Caroline at CNN, but I’d describe Caroline as a newly famous feminist who’s calling for better troll patrol on Twitter and also planning to “take on the government” about it. She was getting loads of rape threats every hour and her newly found fame got the attention of police and such, and an arrest was made. They snagged some 21-year-old dude for the tweets. Yay. One troll down.

Down with the trolls says Caroline, essentially.

I’ve never had as many as 50 rape tweets directed at me an hour for hours on end, but I’ve received my share of threats and threats to my family through Twitter. It’s not pretty or fair, but it’s a reality. A reality of social media where there are services online where you can buy accounts, for the purposes of creating unlimited alias accounts with which to stalk and hate in “anonymity”. It’s not the only purpose, but Twitter trolls all have multiple accounts as a commonality.

I’ve also seen others attacked on Twitter, and I’ve often defended against or deflected trolls who dig into my personal details in hurting me and my family before eventually and simply ignoring them. Death threats and attacks on my unborn child aside, these trolls monitored my life online. I speak in past tense but I know they’re out there still, and may be reading this. They pop up every once in a while to throw a slur my way or my husband Davy’s, or leave a nasty comment about my Noah who is blissfully unaware of what a troll used to be and is now. It’s happening to family members of HGs currently in and out of the Big Brother 15 house.

It can’t be boiled down to a feminist agenda.

In the Big Brother part of the world wide web there are countless psychopathic and sociopathic Twitter personalities, and people associated with the show and fans of the show alike are bullied online in the most extreme hate. I know many of you reading can attest to the level of toxicity on one end of the Big Brother spectrum.

But nobody arrests ever arrests a loser sexual Twitter predator for us!

They did for Caroline. Good for her. I can only hope this doesn’t happen to Caroline ever again, because it’s chilling every time you read such sexual and specific threats directed at you in 140 characters or less. I do not envy her, but I hope she realizes that as a feminist in 2013 this may happen again.

At least she’s not BB alum, because I don’t think she could handle the BB trolls…or Hantz trolls or BB cat ladies either for that matter. I’m a realist before I’m a feminist, but I can appreciate what Caroline’s trying to do. Perhaps they should throw here in the Celebrity BB UK house next season.

Would you sign that petition?

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    • Jun Song on July 29, 2013 at 8:01 pm said:


      You’re so sweet Josh :)

      They’ll always be around. The internet opened a whole new world for them!

  • the trolls are really bad in the chat rooms. I dont even go there heck i dont watch this season at all. I aways live to watch the feeds but this year i head enough the first week to last me till next year. and i think I might wish for repeats. maybe they would be a little fun. these people are just no fun at all.

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