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Bigotry, Showmances and Sexual Harassment Oh My!


Adding to the smelly clogged drain that is Big Brother 15, we can now add “sexual harassment” to the sad mix. Big Brother Spice has photo “evidence” and covers what went down between Amanda and Howard…

Amanda’s allegations that Howard told her “I’m going to f*** the s*** out of you.” Amanda also alleges that Howard said this “fucking the shit out of” stuff would happen outside the house of course, and also that she was “so fucking hot.” Okay.

Thank you to everyone who’s still watching the feeds and reporting, because everything happens for a reason and I’m happy with my reasons for not live feeding. I do not interact with friends or family of current HGs either, because it opens up a window for hateful trolls. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m grateful there was no Facebook or Twitter “back then”…

I realize I haven’t shut up about the fact that it’s been 10 years since I’ve been on the show, but let’s compare:


Then:  We all made fun of Jee’s accent in the house, Erika made racist remarks behind Jee’s back, Ali and I laughed about Robert’s heritage…

Now: David, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, Amanda, et al.


Then: Dana and Justin messed around under the blankets and engaged in PDA, Ali and Nathan WTF was that, David and Amanda had the first sex on a season of Big Brother in the U.S…

Now: There are two moms who won’t showmance, and the rest of the female HGs can’t play the game without a man to latch onto or cry Nick over.

Aaryn’s even replaced David and kinda Jeremy with Judd:

JuddAarynHugBig Brother Network reports there was giggling and sweet-good-for-nothings muttered between the two, and I’m having acid reflux just thinking about this whole thing. It’s just a hug, but we all know that my mother would say all hugs lead to anal sex.

Can this season be over please? I’m so embarrassed…but what’s new? Trials and tribulations of a BB fan…

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  • I honestly never thought we would see a season that compared to 9, but this one is coming close. For me now it is like a car wreck, just can’t turn away. These jokers are never fun or funny. Le sigh.

  • I’m with you, Jun. Can this season be over please? I’ve been saying for awhile that this has to be one of the worst seasons in BB history. I don’t like how involved America is in the game. Plus, the cast is one of the worst ever. Did you hear that Candice alleges that Spencer said “I hope Amanda chokes on her own spit and dies.” Amanda was really upset about that yesterday too.

    • I think CBS has some misguided notions about what viewers want. To me it seems like they are still competing with The Glass House & incorporating things like viewer interaction & social media presence. The MVP is stupid as it is. It seems like a spark of a good idea that mutated into a way to save Elissa. I’m still reading about the feeds but for the first time ever, I’ve only seen one BB episode. :(

  • Do you believe Amanda’s allegations against Howard? Nobody knows what Howard said.

    And even if Howard did say that very sexual comment,Amanda shouldn’t be the one to talk. She repeatedly said she wanted to stab Candice and has made rape comments against Jessie. In fact, she says inappropriate stuff all the time. What a hypocrite.

  • “all hugs lead to anal sex” is HYSTERICAL!!! But I agree … let this season be over already!! whoever cast this lot should be fired!! worst season since BB9

  • Kathi Kroker on August 1, 2013 at 1:13 am said:


    This season can’t be over soon enough. It feels like it’s been on for 6 months. I bought the feeds but can’t watch. Reading updates on twitter is almost too much.

  • I agree that no one knows what Howard said, you can’t hear it..trust me I have tried. LOL I just don’t believe a thing Amanda says! I just wish Amanda would get caught on some of the things she has said. But, with that said, this has GOT to be the worse cast ever! I did get the feeds this year, but I am done! I am so sick of the things that have happened in this house, most of these people sicken me. I’m sad that the Big Brother powers that be continue to put up with their crap. Now it’s like..let’s pin something on Howard…for God’s sake..enough is enough. I’m DONE! Thanks CBS and Big Brother!
    Jun, I love your blogs and you being a straight shooter, you are the best! I look forward to reading these blogs! Oh how I would LOVE to see you in that house!
    Thanks again!

  • T. Burke Hodgson on August 1, 2013 at 4:28 am said:


    Next year, the Big Brother House needs a House Mother — a retired 6’8 Lady Marine DI with expulsion powers, and a Dirty Mouth Washer advised by Momz !!! Many people who paid for the live feeds are not pleased that they cannot watch them until the kids are in bed. In many cases, if parents realized what their tweeny-boppers were watching they’d [expletive deleted] grits.

  • A screenshot can only say so much, and like it was stated, no one knows what howard says. At this point Amanda’s credibility isn’t reliable since she’s made all type of disgusting remarks regarding race, rape, sexuality, and violence. Seeing how Howard has carried himself on the live feeds doesn’t add any injury to what she is saying, since he has been very graceful. This all could’ve been avoided if cbs would just evict those making threating and racial remarks from the house and replace them with back up players. At this point the only people worthy of winning the money are Howard, Candice and Elissa.

  • Ah yes, BB15 – the year of the cesspool. And to think it’s a longer season than ever before! Delightful. The only thing missing is guns – although that would be quite exciting, it would most likely make it the shortest season in BB history.

  • By all means give the prize to the people that think they are sooo much better than everybody else, Howie, Candy, and Elissa..They are every bit the snakes they think others are, but cloak themselves in their self-righteous superiority. Have CBS evict everybody else for what they think..

  • Isabella on August 3, 2013 at 12:43 am said:


    She just admitted to Mccrea that she lied about the comments. She said it was “all just a game, she’s not a mean person, she feels bad blah blah” -.- I knew she was lying!

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