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Life Lessons and Big Brother

Today’s been a rough day for me both in reality and reality television, because I need more sleep in my life and it’s not happening. With Aaryn’s newest racially-fueled bitching about Candice, and otherwise rampant yuckiness that’s taken over the BB15 house I feel so frustrated as a BB fan and alum. I’m glad I made the choice not to follow live feeds myself this summer because it’s all a little bit too much, and Noah is the best medicine for all of it.

10 Life Lessons

On a rough day like today I saw this tweet and was reminded that there is always something good in my day because of things NOT Big Brother 15. Noah could learn a few lessons from Big Brother though, as well as potential and future HGs:

Big Brother Life Lessons

#1 – 5:


Jimmy T was the only tweeter to catch Robert’s tweet and reply with a quick five, and I liked them a lot.

#1. Be respectful to all people: This should be done in life, and also in the BB house. Sometimes you see people being disrespectful, and it happens in the BB house, and if you can’t change the person before you then all you can do is be respectful to all people yourself. I once saw a woman degraded in front of her entire family by her abusive husband, and I didn’t say anything about it right then because I knew I’d only make it worse. I learned to respect the woman for how she protected her child from his father, and I spent time with her when she needed some company while divorcing her husband.

#2. Family comes first: This should be applied to the BB house too.  There will be times when you fight with family, and there will be times you don’t. Despite the combustible relationship between Evel Dick Donato and his daughter, they made it to the final two their season. There have been times where I did not put my family first, and my family understands and cares only that I returned and have now come full circle having learned so many life lessons.

#3. Give your all in everything you do: This applies to life, and “everything you do” in the BB house too. Whether you’re giving your all in trying to throw a competition or win one, or making your point in the diary room…give it your all. If you give it your all, then you should have no excuses lose or win. Giving your all doesn’t mean you always win, but if you half-ass your life all the way through then you’re just a half-ass at the end of your life.

#4. Life isn’t fair: BB isn’t fair either. We’ve experienced so many “unfair” happenings as fans, and HGs alike, and starting a petition online or new hashtag on Twitter isn’t going to make life more fair. In reality we get our hearts broken and lose loved ones too soon, and it’s not fair that I got cheated on by an asshole ex. But I moved on because life’s not always fair.

#5. LIVE: Live your life actively and play the BB game actively. You don’t have to win every challenge and jump into genital fondling with the first warm body to be active in the BB game, because you can make up for it in story-telling or ruthless backstabbing or overall great personality. I chose to live my life my way at a very young age, because it was my way to cope with a time I’d not had control. Going on Big Brother and winning was not when I started living. I was living everything my way already and it’s why I went on the show in the first place.



#1. Love yourself: You won’t love everything about yourself at one time very often in life, but you must love yourself first and foremost. Noah, you bring joy to those who bring you joy and you must never change that.

#2. Love who you want to love: If you do one day want to find a love of your life, then love who you want to love in life…man or woman…and learn your own lessons on love. Noah, it’s what brought your father and I together after a very single lifetime apart.


#3. Apologize when you’re at fault: If you need to apologize more than once, then do it again but never make it empty because it will make you empty. Noah, it’s what separates me now as a mother from what I was before you were even a possibility.

#4. Follow your gut:  Without blinking an eye let yourself listen to what your gut is telling you, and take ownership of your bearings that have been passed on to you. Noah, to follow your gut means never blaming anyone else and instead growing from your mistakes.

#5. Be prepared for consequences: As you do all these things in “bold” on this page always be aware and prepared for consequences while doing them. Noah, a life with no consequences is a life less lived so live a full life and choose your own paths.

Noah, today all you had to worry about was that I wouldn’t let you climb onto the coffee table and you cried dramatically. I then mussed up your hair and you were cried even more dramatically.


One day when you’re older coffee table climbing will be the least of your problems, and I can only wish that sometimes you will come my way so I can help you through whatever life lesson you’re going through.

Always dishing,


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  • That picture is just the cutest

    Noah is so lucky he has such down to earth, level-headed parents who can help him through the troubling times we experience whilst growing up :-)

  • Love it! Your life tips where you spoke directly to your little Noah are beautiful and so right on. They actually made me tear up a bit but that could also be crazy pregnancy hormones helping! However great post today!

  • Off topic: My lord Noah is so adorable.

    On topic: Great lessons, Jun. When he hits his twenties, I know he’ll have a great source of inspiration in his mother. Twenties are a rough patch of life, as I am currently experiencing. You’re constantly asking yourself the most unanswerable questions… What are your passions? Career goals? Future plans? Where does it all fit into the present and what can you do to become the best person you can be?

    Loving yourself is a huge lesson to learn. Sometimes the hardest thing a person can do is to look in the mirror and just love who they are. It’s one of my greatest accomplishments. While I don’t always appreciate every physical or emotional flaw, I know they’re what makes up the tapestry of my life. They’re worth loving, too. Imperfections are what makes us so worth loving.

  • Brenda Peebles on August 1, 2013 at 11:54 pm said:


    I just want to say, it is people like you that have made me more accepting of the people on Big Brother. I didn’t have the live feeds when you played. Please don’t take offense to this but, at that time you were not my favorite. It is easy to sit behind the t.v. or computer screen and be judgmental. I was always so busy deciding which things crossed unforgivable lines that it was easy to forget that the people in the house were no different from people on the outside. Part of what made me see things differently was realizing that a lot of the former house guests, who seemed to hate each other in the house, became friends or at least friendly after leaving. For some that did not become friends, it wasn’t because one person was inherently evil, it is just the same in life-not all of us get along or have things in common. Another thing that changed my mind was knowing that some people did have regrets after watching themselves. Knowing that they didn’t walk away feeling that they had done no wrong made me realize that I was being judgmental and maybe even holding the house guests to a higher standard than I do myself. Now, being a huge fan of the show and an avid watcher of the feeds, I try to take the whole picture into consideration-the boredom, frustration, paranoia and the fact that you guys go into the house as rivals-not allies. I try to look at the whole chain of events, actions and reactions. When I do get judgmental I try to judge the actions of the person and not the person him or herself. I think you are so funny, insightful and you seem like a great mom. I am sorry now that I ever thought I would not like you based on 3 months out of one summer of your life..

  • This is great. You need to print this and give it to Noah at some point in the future. Initially he may blow it off but if he hangs on to it, he will one day realize its worth.

    It made me stop and think about some of the similar things my father told me when I thought I knew everything. How wrong I was at the time.


  • The family first point made me think of a quote I heard once: “Friends and family are like butt checks – shit may separate them but they always come back together.” :)

  • Shannon Drew on August 2, 2013 at 6:38 am said:


    Awww! This one pulled at my heart strings. We always want the best for our kids,for them to not be hurt & become good people.

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