Taste of Belgium Giveaway 2



The first Taste of Belgium Giveaway in May was a huge success, and the winners were and it’s time for another!

Thank you all for being so interactive with me here, and for keeping it a relatively sane forum on which to connect!

Taste of Belgium Giveaway 2 will be OPEN FOR ONE WEEK TO SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, and all you need to do is answer in the comments below this question:


What was your favorite childhood cereal and why?

There’s really no right or wrong answer, just like there’s no right or wrong cereal, and the length of your answer is up to you. The winner will be announced at the end of the one week, and will receive a box of the Belgian version of your winning cereal! Keep in mind there aren’t any crazy-colored cereals here in Belgium but the American “classics” are on the shelves here…

I’m looking forward to hearing your answers and how similar or different the winner finds their Belgian cereal twin!

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Good luck everyone!

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  1. T. Burke Hodgson

    My favorite childhood cereal was the Kellogg Variety Pack because it contained a bunch of little boxes of different cereals and you could cut open the boxes, pour in milk and sugar and eat right out of the box. I deplored that there was only one little box of Raisin Bran and LOTS of Corn Flake boxes.

  2. My mother ALWAYS cooked breakfast for us. Our breakfasts included one or more of the following, eggs, grits, bacon, smoked sausage, ham, pancakes, waffles, toast, oatmeal to name a few. But on the weekends we ate breakfast at my grandmother’s house and she would get us whatever cereal we wanted.Plus one to try, so we had just about every kid’s cereal imaginable. But i always came back to the same standby favorite. Even to this day. Cocoa Krispies! I loved the way they changed the milk to chocolate milk. BTW, the one we would choose to try was always the one with the best toy surprise inside,Taste? who cares, gimme the toy!

  3. Kelly

    As a little kid I liked the full size shredded wheat. Some times I would put the whole biscuit in the bowl, add milk and sugar then using my spoon break it apart and eat it one piece at a time. Other times I would break the biscuit apart by hand and then add the milk and sugar. In the winter, I would love to add the milk and heat it up in the microwave!!! It makes a great hot cereal! I remember eating shredded wheat with bananas when I was young with my grandfather, that is nearly 45 years ago. I still think of him when I see it.

  4. Meghan (@catmeghan)

    I have always loved instant oatmeal. Quaker maple and brown sugar, to be precise. My Dad would make it for me every day before school and read the trivia questions from the package to us. My sister and I would race to answer first

  5. Stephanie soper

    My favorite was, and still is Cocoa Pebbles. I love chocolate and I totally have big toes like Fred Flintstone. I’ll provide photographic proof too!

  6. Memories flooded my mind like a stack of animated cards that tell a story. We always had oatmeal on weekday mornings. Weekends we had Corn Flakes or Cheerios with free access to the sugar bowl…well, if mommy and daddy weren’t present. Once in a blue moon my folks would give in to our Saturday morning cartoon commercial pleas. Alphabets or Jets, which is similar to today’s Kix but sugary or whatever else they advertised.

    My favorite breakfast was not cereal though. It was daddy standing at the old white five burner stove making the most incredible pancakes on the huge griddle. The crispy edges, perfectly puffed centers drowning in a puddle of Karo. Yep lol We didn’t have maple syrup.

    I was one (a twin to boot) of seven kids. You can imagine how quickly one box of cereal would disappear. I suppose that’s why they didn’t mind buying it as a treat. Poof. Gone.

    Truly one of my favorite memories. Thanks for asking Jun.

  7. NicoleNoreen

    My favorite cereal was always the one that had the best toy. I had a collection of secret decoder rings and color changing spoons. When the toys weren’t good, I chose Cookie Crisp. Loved the “Cooooooookie Crisp!” Commercials and I thought I was cheating my mom by getting a dessert and breakfast in one. I got my cookies and ate ’em too!

  8. My favorite cereal growing up and still is are Cheerio’s. As a kid growing up my favorite thing to do with my Cheerio’s was to combine them together with Quaker Puffed Rice Cereal. I never liked the Puff rice by themselves with milk they became soggy to fast, but by adding the Cheerios to the mix the oats and puffed rice combination was a bit of heaven. Now a days I have a hard time finding the puffed rice. Its been years of no puffed rice. I so do miss not being able to enjoy the savory combination. However I still love my Cheerios. Especially as a midnight snack.

  9. Jerry

    I think I agree with Nicole, toys played a large part in my cereal selection. When I was a kid they didn’t have the sweetened cereals they have today. Usually it was Cheerios, Wheaties, Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies.

  10. Jason

    My favorite childhood cereal was the short lived Smurf Berry Crunch….it was absolutely disgusting but I loved it! Then again, I was a small gay boy in Mississippi who thought Smurfette was a style icon….(big sigh)…it’s cool, I got better! 😉

  11. Kellogg Frosted Flakes – Tony the Tiger (et al). “They’re GRRRREAATTT!!”
    -and- Rice Krispies 😉

    (i always ached for those little boxes in the variety packs – so many happy colors. The boxes that you’d split open on the face of box, split open the wax paper and pour milk in. So special!

  12. Peg Rejent

    My favorite, 60 years ago as a child, was Puffed Rice (with fresh bananas or huckleberries in season) and
    Shredded Wheat (full size). My “Dziadzi” (pronounced ‘Jaw gee’ – grandfather in Polish) helped raise me and he was from the old country so our breakfast was a meal that was simple yet always with enriching foods.

    Sometimes we would take a few cups of puffed rice and make a mixture of dark Karo syrup, water, sugar, a bit of vanilla and butter and boil until the syrup became brittle…then roll into “puffed rice” balls. What a treat that was…all from a simple cereal. Years later, the now famous rice krispies treats arrived.

  13. kcsmum

    My favorite childhood cereal was Trix! Basically a round version of Fruit Loops. I lusted after those fruity little balls a long time. I loved that “cwazy wabbit” who constantly had to be reminded that “Trix were for KIDS!” But, alas, no amount of whining, crying, begging or bribing ever got me that big, red box. Nope. I was stuck (sometimes literally) eating Cream of Wheat with my brothers. Until one magical day! We were anticipating the arrival of my third sibling. I desparetly wanted a sister as I was already cursed, I mean, blessed, with two brothers. Mom announced out of the blue one morning that “today is the day!!” However, as we all know, the little ankle biters can arrive at the most inopportune times. On this morning, the only person available to watch us three scalawags was “My-Grandpa-Who-Drinks.” Describing my “Paps” in this phrase was well engrained on my little brain. So. Paps arrives to pick us up in – wait for it – his dump truck. No matter that there was one seat in the truck soon to hold three kids under age 6. No car seats, no seat belts. We all piled in still in our PJs. And we were off. BUT FIRST, Paps had a stop to make. He took us to the coolest store ever! It was tiny compared to the stores Mom shopped at. And amazing – the walls were lined from floor to ceiling with all different kinds I of bottles! There was a huge refrigerator that you could walk in & pick out a cold bottle of pop. Paps announced that we could get something – anything we wanted. I RAN directly to the cereal aisle and snatched the biggest box of Trix known to man. They were everything I knew they would be. Yummy & delicious. And Mom didn’t even care. All she wanted to talk about was how Paps filled the back of his dump truck with water and let us swim in our underwear. She didn’t give a rats ass about those strawberry red, lemony yellow and orange orange balls of goodness. I never got another box until I could by it myself.

  14. Linda

    Oh, this is an easy one!! The cereal box that had the best toy in it was my “favorite” cereal. Even if it was plain old corn flakes – “Please, mom? That’s my FAAAVORITE!”. I’d come home from grocery shopping with my mother and immediately open the box, take out the toy, and cover it back up before my brother or sister could get to it.

    But deep down inside, it was a toss-up between Cocoa Krispies and Frosted Flakes (with bananas). 🙂

  15. Kristy

    I loved Shreddies…why? They had the BEST toys. I loved the baking soda bath toys. They were boats that you put Soda and vinegar in and it would propel them across the tub. Also, the zip spinners. You would pull a plastic zipper and it would send the spinner flying through the air.

  16. Frosted Flakes! First because I loved Tony the Tiger and then …oh, the sweet, crunchy flakes in creamy whole milk. Then as it gets closer to the end….flakes a little mushy, but that combined with the sweetness in the milk – heavenly! Ok, leaving now to get me some – yes, I still eat it – though now I sprinkle it on top of a healthier cereal – cause Frosted Flakes are…..grrreat!!

  17. I have to comment but do not include me in winning. No one in my house eats cereal. I loved Coco Pebbles..you get chocolate milk to drink when your done. Worst cereal was KIX. We tried to like it but it was bird food. Good luck guys! Hope the next contest is about cheese. Then I get aggressive.

  18. Karin

    My all-time favorite cereal as a kid was – and still is – Kellogg’s Sugar Pops. These days, I’m eating Kellogg’s Corn Pops, which are, in fact, Sugar Pops: same cereal in the box but a more PC brand. Of course, as much as I love my cereal, I’m constantly faced with the same stress that I experience when playing Bingo – in this case, the anxiety of wondering whether or not there will be milk remaining after I finish my cereal. If there is milk remaining, I add more cereal, which, ultimately, requires more milk, and then the cycle begins all over again … Gotta have my Pops! ; )

    P.S. I really enjoy your blog; it is always insightful and entertaining – thanks, Jun!

  19. Erin M.

    It was fruit loops all the way, I loved the fake sweetness, and I loved even more when we would go camping and mom would buy the mini boxes that we could open up and pour the milk in and use like a bowl.

  20. Sparky

    I was not allowed to go to the grocery after a very unfortunate episode of flailing about on the floor in an attempt to get my mother to buy Sugar Pops. I was unsuccessful and not allowed to have input in the purchase of foodstuffs until my teens. Until I was 12 my mother and I lived with my grandmother in town(my dad’s mother) but I spent 90 percent of my time with my grandparents who lived in the country. I was not allowed input in to grocery purchases there either. Consequently, my favorite was the only one we ever had which was Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. During the summer I got to have fresh sliced peaches that grew in our orchard or fresh picked dewberries along with fresh from the cow whole milk. I loved that so much. Nothing since has ever tasted quite like that. When I was 14 I made my first solo trip to our neighborhood grocery and with my baby sitting money got the long anticipated Sugar Pops. I hated them, but ate every bite in some sort of independence proving show. Now I prefer Raisin Bran, but would give pretty much everything I own to have just one more bowl of cornflakes and fruit with my grandparents.

  21. I attended pre-school four days a week when I was four and my grandma watched me the other day during the week when I didn’t have school. I always looked forward to going there every week to spend time with her. She was so passionate about cooking and always offered a multitude of things that I could have for breakfast. She would make pancakes, sausage, eggs, and waffles just to name a few. One of my favorite things that I only got to eat at my grandma’s house was Frosted Flakes. Frosted Flakes tasted great but I loved how sugary sweet the milk tasted after the cereal had been in the bowl for awhile. My grandma wasn’t health conscious like my mother so she purchased a variety of sugary cereals but Frosted Flakes were and still are my favorite. My mother insisted that I wasn’t allowed to eat that kind of cereal but my grandma always let me have it and told me “it will be our little secret”. My grandma and I never told my mother that I was having Frosted Flakes when I went there. My grandma passed away fifteen years ago and still to this day I think about her when I’m having my Frosted Flakes.

  22. Scribe7777

    So, my friend, how come this is so hard? I mean its only cereal. And I just have to pick a favorite. I mean, how hard could that be? Well it is ….so I am going with a list …Because I have always loved cereal with milk and sugar. Never cared for the froot loops cap’n crunch types …where the milk turns pink or blue …. No, I like the classics. Grew up with shredded wheat, corn flakes, Cheerios, and then a new cereal came a long ….Frosted Flakes. So here is the list….

    1. Frosted Flakes
    2. Cheerios (original)
    3. Corn Flakes
    4. Shredded Wheat minis, frosted or regular size

  23. @hilarios

    Asking me this question is as difficult as choosing which one of my pound puppy stuffed animals was my favorite.

    Ultimately, my favorite cereal was during the Christmas season and included a Christmas toy inside the box. Fruity pebbles was good for this kind of giveaway, with Fred Flintstone on the box in his Santa outfit and inside was a wax paper ornament. Unfortunately, I hated Fruity Pebbles cereal, but luckily, my older brother is a trash can.

    Lucky Charms was also good for having a Christmas-themed cereal. All of the little marshmallows were replaced with green-shaped trees and red & white candy canes. I believe they also occasionally would have a paper ornament inside. #winning

  24. I always liked the Flintstones cartoon as a kid, so those fruity pebbles and cocoa pebbles were big favorites of mine. I always loved drinking up the flavored milk that was left once I was done getting my sugar crunch on. Here’s to Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, Pebbles, and Bamm Bamm.

  25. Jen

    Growing up if it was colorful, was super sugary,had marshmallows or came with a prize in the box we probably couldn’t have it. The closest we could get to it was the Quaker Oats Oh’s! The crunchy oaty, graham crackerie cereal with the taste of honey we kinda felt like we were pulling a fast one over mom.


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