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Big Brother Hiatus


Dear Big Brother 15:

I’m leaving you. I can’t take you anymore.

You’re supposed to be part dirt and part strategy but you’re mostly human trash in every sense of the word, save for the few kind-hearted HGs that make you up. You’re supposed to be fun, but time and time again you’ve proven to be the bottom of the barrel in poor representation of The United States of America. Glorified behaviors in the name of ratings, and scrapings from under the toenails of closeted racists and misogynists and homophobes. Now, most recently, children have been brought under the veil of “sexual jokes” or just “jokes” to some.

What the fuck has happened to you?

As a HG no matter how much we say we’re not playing personally we are, and it’s just a matter of how much day to day because we can’t hide who we are 24 hours a day. As a fan we have our personal favorites, which we should be able to separate from those we think are playing the best strategic game and most deserving of the win. Well, as a fan I don’t want to work so hard at sifting through your layers and layers of filth.

I don’t want it. I don’t care how old or bitter I sound because I’m the same old and bitter soul that won you 10 years ago before you were ever a line in the 2013 budget. I will take my season of dirt over yours any day of any year. I’m neither going to continue watching you and pretend I don’t know what’s going on, on the live feeds, nor am I going to continue promoting and bitching anymore about you. I don’t want your cake to have or to eat anymore, so you can have all the cake and eat it too as you feed the masses with the trash they want to see.

I’m saying goodbye.

It is possible to just turn you off, and easier here from Belgium, because my free time is too good for you.

Always dishing (just not watching you anymore),


P.S. This is my personal decision alone, and those who find me “holier than thou” can feel free to shut me off at any time as well. If you feel like I’m judging you, then you shouldn’t hang around me… The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned…

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  • Well done you!! You’re right this season has just been a mess!! I had no idea about the Spencer thing but that is just fucking disgusting!! That even goes beyond racism!!

    I wish I had enough self control to stop watching but I don’t!! :( haha

    You will be missed, Jun :)

    • Thank you for being real and not agreeing with the mainstream, it has ruined my day, brought back memories when this happened to our baby granddaughter by a family so called friend , someone said that watching child porn doesn’t make you a pedophile, wtf… Are you kidding me, if they get off watching it do you honestly thimk for one moment that they wouldn’t do it to a child!!!! He’s sick anc makes me so sad so until he’s gone no more bb for me!

  • You will be missed. :(

    Robyn Kass was saying she had no idea that they would turn out this way. I dont know how thats possible, considering all the personality and psych evaluations they get prior to being cast. How can you not know or at least get some idea? Well whatever.

    I’m always team Elissa. :) Shes one of the very few this season who are decent. Next season (or the season after all-stars) I hope will be a much more well-balanced set of houseguests. I dont mind a few rotten apples, but not practically the whole fricken CAST. Ugh.

    • Elissa is the decent one? Most of Elissa’s conversations revolve around superficial things and disparaging other houseguest’s looks. She forced one of her friends to take off her braces to be in her wedding, then ended up moving the wedding date (there are clips on youtube of elissa the bridezilla; search for “anderson cooper elissa”).

      Spencer’s a moron but his argument would be that he was saying those things into McCrae’s microphone instead of his own as a joke to make McCrae look bad. Regardless, this cast is disgusting. Robyn may not have known how bad they were, but she did choose a very young, dumb cast.

      Helen still has a shot at winning it, though.

      • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 3:54 pm said:

        I too notice that this season and more recent seasons are very prescription medicated.

      • Elissa is also my favorite. As superficial as she is, she comes off as a very sweet and genuine person. Also, she had the balls to speak against people and refuse to form a friendship with someone she considers vile.

        Unlike Helen who decides to play best friends with Aaryn and GM. That’s truly pathetic. Even if Helen wins this – and I hope she doesn’t – it will be a Pyrrhic victory.

      • your comment that elissa is on par w/racist, child porn loving spencer b/c she’s “superficial” is as ridiculous as aryan equating her racist comments to being called BARBIE! elissa’s the only one that didn’t fall prey to the mob mentality in the house & has been loyal & has played a good game. think about it! even helen has given in to wanting to be popular rather than wanting to be a good person…i’m sure her son’s will be VERY PROUD!

  • I’ve seen every season. I was part of a group that had been watching for years together. 2 days ago I gave up. It’s not a game anymore. Half the people in there have severe emotional disabilities. It’s just sad and sickening and resembles nothing close to the show I’ve watched for years.

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 3:46 pm said:


      I just can’t reconcile the feeds and the what’s on the show in my head…so I’m just divorcing from it :)

  • Murtaza Khan on August 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm said:


    This does make me pretty sad because you’re tweets about big brother and your weekly bulls-eye rankings are my favorite, but you’re 100% justified. I just hope that you’ll tweet more pics/vids of the bundle of joy you call Noah =). Because to be honest, though I know you through big brother, the main enjoyment I get from following you is seeing your wonderful little boy grow up each and every day.

    And as a side note, this was one of your best blogs in terms of writings. Amazing metaphors. I think it’s partly because a lot of good writing derives from anger/hate. Anyway, I hope you always stay dishing =)

      • Disgusted Mom on August 6, 2013 at 8:32 pm said:

        Absolutely, no one, except a experienced pervert on the subject, could possibly joke about such a serious subject, educate your before you make such an irresponsible assessment… additionally, the other pervert Amanda was there and just smiled, (so much for her title of being “The Social Justice Warrior”, and Andy was also there and just shifted nervously in his seat.
        When do any of these misfits stand up and say something about all of this, so disgusted…

    • Anonymous on August 6, 2013 at 1:04 pm said:


      BBAU is absolutely fun! Good call.

      Also, great decision Jun. BB15 stinks!!! Keep dishin about your little pumpkin and crazy momz though. :) Always enjoy your sweet tweets about them.

  • Amen sister, I’m with you! I have tried to continue to watch but I’m done. Just when I think things are going better they say and do something awful. I didn’t hear what Spencer said this time, I can only imagine.
    I can’t blame Robin. I mean when you go for an interview you always tell them what they want to hear. Why would you sit there and say..” Oh and by the way, I’m a racist..a bully..(& so on)” I’m sure she wouldn’t have picked these people had she known.
    I’m sick of these people and pissed at BB and CBS for allowing this to continue to happen. Shame on them too.
    I will miss your reviews, you are so funny, but am ready to hear more stories about your life and about your precious baby, Noah. Keep on dishing!
    Oh, what is it that Spencer said, or do I even want to know?
    Thanks again for your great blogs!

    • I just have a gut feeling that she may very well have known what she was doing when selecting these people.
      It could be that this was a “big move” on her part.
      I have often heard Big Brother referred to as an experiment. A “Let’s see how different people act/react to the behavior of others when they are knowingly being watched 24/7.”
      Perhaps this season we were to be given some insight as to how others might react to the hateful or despicable actions of some of those they are around on a daily basis. Maybe it was to see if they would be tolerated or be shut down/up.
      It appears to me that “toleration” was the action the house took. : (

  • Anyone who thinks Spencer “was joking” is not living in the real world. The thoughts expressed do not enter the minds of everyday Americans. They are too vile. This man should not be allowed in the jury house without leg irons and a guard. Kudos, Jun.

    • Thrtoorth on August 7, 2013 at 2:14 am said:


      You are being rediculously over-dramatic. Obviously Spencer’s “joke” was extremely offensive, but it wasn’t much worse than very popular comedians like Luis ck, Daniel tosh, and ricky gervaise, etc.

      Lets not blow this out of proportion.

      • The fact that you can brush it off as a joke is disgusting. Hopefully, you never have kids.

  • Love you, Jun, but I seem to recall you saying some pretty hateful things (including some directed at a little girl!) near the end of your season.

    Nothing compared to this current crap, though.

  • Big Brother is a reality show, am I correct? What you are watching is people being themselves for the most part with all the ugly that goes along with it. The pc police need to do as Jun is proposing to do and stop watching. Something tells me that the people screaming the loudest about wanting to censor all of this uncomfortable drama and conversation are the same people who would be complaining the loudest if the cast was a real snoozefest.

  • Jun, I totally agree with you. Easy to turn off. I guess Spencer just gave his local law enforcement probable cause to search his home & computer… But then again, some people have mouths that move faster than their brain. I wonder if he talks about bombs while at the airport?

    • Zoe Adkins on August 6, 2013 at 9:07 pm said:


      He comments while waiting for Candice to come out in her Clownitard. That it would be great to have a bunch of girls throwing themselves at him to F..k. There is 3 colleges near him..What a perv So Marilyn If your Not a blow up doll Run Far while you can

  • Jun I applaud you for your decision to turn off Big Brother #15.

    I heard what Spencer said into McCrea’s mic and I realize that it was meant as a joke, however child porn is not something that usually enters the average normal person’s mind in either a joke or conversation. Joking and playing a prank is one thing, but there were many things that Spencer could have said to prank McCrea’s mic with, not child porn. What Spencer said doesn’t even compare to racism, bigotry, or the other caddy things that this season’s houseguests have said. Even though the racism and bigotry is insensitive and uncalled for, it is still said towards another adult that has consented to being in that house. Speaking of child porn in any form is just disgusting, and having watched live feeds it also isn’t the first time Spencer has mention child porn either.

    This is definitely disgraceful and a disappointment if CBS does nothing about this incident.

    • Anonymous on August 6, 2013 at 6:45 pm said:


      The powers that be should’ve done something the moment Aaryn flipped over Candice’s bed, and some of her personal belongings as well. It was the bed that bothered me. It was the fact that her personal belongings where touched. They should’ve tossed Judd for going through Howard’s things, too.
      A lot of these comments I can ignore. I don’t expect anyone to be perfectly PC and blue humor doesn’t bother me at all. But none of this is funny. I get what Spencer was doing, making a “joke” at Mcrea’s expense, but the topic is just repulsive. It doesn’t make me think Spencer is a pedo but it didn’t need to go there and shouldn’t have. Even more bothersome, for me at least, is I don’t think the “Mean Girls” are joking. I think Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, even Helen to an extent, behave as entitled snobs. I am Team Elissa and Team Candice…all the way.

  • Good call Jun.Children are sacred and not under any circumstances should they be used in such a vulgar way. I’m disgusted with CBS and the piggery they are pretending is summer entertainment.

  • Congrats! Signed of four episodes ago and I never felt better. I couldn’t take it anymore. These house guests weren’t Kaplan, Hantz, or Evel mean. That is kind of mean is strategic and humorous- tubby lunch box anyone. No this season of Big Brother is vile and prejudicial mean. I couldn’t look at their faces any more.

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 3:44 pm said:


      I’ve been thinking about it for a few days. You’re right. I only wish this BB cast could come close to Kaplan caliber…

  • Thistle on August 6, 2013 at 3:21 pm said:


    100% agreed. This season sickens me.

    Have you checked out BB Australia? (Or BB Canada, when it comes back for its second season.) TOTALLY different game! Australia’s started about a week ago, and it’s so much fun! The HGs are great people, and the twists are crazy-fun.

    Australia’s is far more light hearted than US’s, Canada’s goes in the other direction. Oh, it’s still fun to watch, but it’s a lot harder on the HGs. For breaking a major (but unimportant) rule, Australia took a HG’s clothing away (she had to beg items to wear from other people). Canada’s would have made them climb a maple tree and live at the top for a week with no food or water, in a nonstop snowstorm.

    • Lol, it was a really important rule, actually. The house is divided by a fence as part of the twist, and housemates are not allowed to cross it in any way. This housemate (for the record, her name is Tahan) crossed the fence, and so was forced to forfeit her entire wardrobe indefinitely. Another housemate (his name is Caleb) was halfway across the fence before he was caught, and had to give up half his wardrobe indefinitely.

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 3:55 pm said:


      This show is an easy money-maker for CBS so I don’t think if that would happen Sue. I just wish there was some accountability on CBS’s part to do a little more than the minimum.

      • Youpster on August 6, 2013 at 9:30 pm said:

        The only way CBS will pull out is if the sponcers pull out there advertising money

  • Nancy Alexander on August 6, 2013 at 3:41 pm said:


    Sad for us that you’ve turned them off because as a winner you played a good game in my eyes and know how sorry of a season this has been. I personally enjoy your comments and insights into what foul human beings most of them are. You add laughter to my days which as you know have been few since Oct and esp this past WK. Hopefully you’ll find things about life to keep dishing about and not bail on me all together. Love my buddy June Song :) PS I need the snark and sweet comments @ this time

  • C. Brown on August 6, 2013 at 3:46 pm said:


    I think you should reconsider…

    Because this season is extreme with racist, homophobic and now child endangering speech, it’s important that someone with your insight, experience and platforms is heard.

    It’s vile and turns my stomach too that CBS didn’t react appropriately when the first few comments were being said. I believe if they had expelled one contestant early on, say Aaryn, it possibly/possibly prevented a snowball of inflammatory remarks.

    I understand not wanting to watch it anymore, but it doesn’t look like CBS is going to do anything about it. That disclaimer is outrageous and disrespectful actually. Can you imagine going to a job where the company says we’re not responsible for anything ignorant that comes out of our employees mouths?

    BB is a game show with rules and producers and quite frankly it’s a business opportunity for the contestants. It can be argued that some contestants are not being given the same opportunities based on prejudices; not game play.

    As distasteful and as I’ve said stomach turning it is, again, please reconsider bringing your perspective to this seasons cast and how the show is being produced through your platforms.


  • I feel so bad for Julie Chen and the fact she has to deal with all this Crap! She is a wonderful person!

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 3:57 pm said:


      I wouldn’t want to be Julie Chen. I don’t want to be her in any way, but I’m disappointed in her. She is married to a “mogul” and she needs a fucking voice of her own already.

      • Speaking of Julie’s “mogul”, he’s why I can’t watch right now. Time Warner Cable dropped CBS and CBS dropped Time Warner’s internet subscribers from being able to watch their shows online even. Like two immature Houseguests, fighting on an elementary school playground. So bye buy BB for me, and I’m the better for it.

        And I much prefer Noah updates, too. And congrats on your adventure on the bike. I hope Davey kissed your booboo (did I really say that?).

    • Regarding Julie Chen, did you hear the remarks she said on The View, Monday Aug 5? I think they are bordering on questionable. She made comments about “Gay Gate” and men over 40 with muscles used to be gay but not so much anymore. Then she made a comment when talking about massages and talked in her “Chinese” voice about the end of the massage. Sorry, I think she is becoming inappropriate with her comments. She thinks she can get away with it because she is Chinese. I don’t think so.

      • Anonymous on August 7, 2013 at 5:23 am said:

        Agreed..she is sooooo offended by Aaryrn’s remarks but she did a skit playing on her roots. Huge glassed talking like an uneducated Asian. Please. Can not stand her.

  • Is there any way I can switch my subscription to the Noah live feeds from the BBLF?

    Seriously though, I’m almost thinking about doing the same thing. I feel like after this season is all said and done, this season is gonna get BB9’d among superfans.

    I’m just counting down now until BBCA2

  • If you want to see celebrities be in the Big Brother House, Jun, there’s always Celebrity Big Brother coming up in the UK. The normal British one is wrapping up (about two-ish more weeks left), and then they’re shuffling a group of famous people who’ll enter the house for three weeks. Always much fun. :)

  • I completely agree with you and have also jumped off the big brother train wreck. I forgot about Sunday’s episode and am not sorry.
    I’m hoping you will continue your blog. I love reading about your life in Belgium and Noah is adorable. If you decide to take a break from that as well, I completely understand (I’m a mom too). I wish you and your family all the best, Jun. Please take care.
    (ps: I’m really enjoying BBAU instead)

  • I totally understand your frustration, Jun. I equate it to a bad relationship. You really don’t know why you’re still in it, even though your friends are telling you it’s bad for you. It hurts you and makes you feel bad about yourself, and you keep going back for more.

    I am a teacher. BB is my summer guilty pleasure and has been for many years, but let’s look at it moment. The most successful reality shows are those were people are acting ugly. It’s the mentality in this country, unfortunately.

    I am routinely sickened by these idiots and I keep hoping “my lover” will start treating me nicely again. I ride that emotional roller coaster of denial. I think it’s time to ditch this just like I ditched my abusive husband. I’m with ya, sister.

  • Renifer on August 6, 2013 at 4:34 pm said:


    They would get better ratings and more decent people if they just used the Megan’s Law website for casting. Instead of the losers they have now who haven’t been caught yet, why not just go straight to the website and get 6 men and 6 women. At least THEN we could avoid the vomit-producing “Mom club” yapping from Helen and That other girl with the Joker Face about their stupid kids, some moms on the website molested their kids, so they will not talk about them.

  • I may have been living under a rock, but these comments from Spencer have literally made me throw up. I don’t even know how I’m going to get through the day, and if I sound overly dramatic, well, so be it. HOW is this allowed, anywhere, at anytime??? I too am done with BB15. This was way above any limits I can tolerate.

  • What has bothered me the most this season is the gutlessness of this cast, not a single person has been called out for their comments. The closest I’ve seen is when Amanda was giving gentle little hints to Aaryn, long after the fact.

    I think I’m still watching in the hopes that they all lose, or someone grows a pair and speaks up on the show.

  • I guess money is more important than dignity (CBS & JULIE CHEN) not calling out the gross humans on live national TV. Something needs to be done. Doing or saying nothing is in a way saying its OKAY.

  • W. Duke on August 6, 2013 at 4:50 pm said:



    I agree with nearly everything you write. However, I’m confused about one very significant thing. You seem to support Jeff Schroeder, even now, yet he made an extremely disparaging remark about gay men, suggesting that they (we) are all pedophiles. The only person to argue with him on this was one of your favorites, Kalia (for those of you who don’t know about the argument between Jun and Kalia, let me just clarify that I am being sarcastic with the “favorite” remark.) So, the question is, where do YOU draw the line? It seems a tad blurred from where I stand.

    I respect you and think you’re an awesome person, so it is with complete sincerity when I write, please tell me how I’m wrong about this.

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 6:09 pm said:


      I have never in my life ever supported Jeff Schroeder in anything, not to sound dramatic. I don’t tear his apart as much as I used to, unless he’s back on television for BB, but I have no idea where you’re going with thinking I support him?

      I’m aware of his comments from his season, and most fans are aware how I feel about things Jeff said. There are blogs on this site which highlight this. Please do more thorough research before you as me where my line is drawn. I draw lines every day and very publicly.

      • W. Duke on August 6, 2013 at 9:37 pm said:

        I took your advice and did, in fact, do some research. My source? Your blog. Simply by typing “Jeff Schroeder” into the search engine of your blog I attained my results. In one article you list him as your pre-season AND post-season fave for season 11. In another article you list him along with Evel Dick and Jennel as your ideal/perfect alliance if you were given an opportunity for an All-Stars 2.


    • I can’t reply to your second post so I’ll add it here. In regards to the two articles you mentioned, they were both published before Jeff’s second season – the season where he made the Dumbledore remark. After Jeff’s tirade about Dumbledore, Jun did tweet:

      “Putting up the NOH8 “logo” on your Twitter pic doesn’t mean squat if you can’t even open up your mouth to say “Jeff, you’re wrong”. #BB13″

      and a while later she added:

      “Jeff, you can film all the people you want “24-7 for 75 days” and if they’re not homophobes they won’t make homophobic comments. Duh. #BB13″

  • Hi folks!

    Between the child porn, the marijuana and the rudest comments about the women on the show I can see Spencer in the bread line next to GM & Aaryn. Union or no union this is over the top. Even though apparently Amanda (tan Mom) can’t be fired for her comments would you buy a house from this person?

    I applaud you Jun for what you said in your post. It’s just not as entertaining this season. I compare it to a hockey game (Canuck here) and it’s like having a team of defence and no forwards or when you go to a movie and keep staying because you think in the next few minutes it will get better but it never does . Hope that makes sense to you all. Everyone is saying Howard & Candice are not good at Big Brother but they had to fight an uphill battle that had nothing to do with game. Did anyone notice Candice said she would like to take her “Moms” on a cruise after this? That warmed my old heart.

    Sorry, Jun I kinda got off topic. I think this year the only thing I will miss is my interaction with all of you!

    HOH Noah rules! Enjoy him! Who is on the block this week you or Davy? 😉


  • Jun, I’m glad your brought up Spencer’s “Child Porn” talk because I feel he’s gotten away with a lot of disgusting behavior. Even if he’s joking or not, his words were uncalled for. I think there is a line and he crossed it.

  • Hi Jun,
    Sorry I’ve been out lately – still reading the blogs and stuff, just not interacting as much. Lots of stuff going on.

    That’s the reason I decided not to watch this year. At the beginning of this season, and for the first time in a long time, I decided I had too much to do and I couldn’t devote the level of time and energy to this season. I almost broke a few times but I stayed strong.

    I read the tweets and the blogs about what is going on and I’m SO grateful that I decided to tune out. I read the blogs because I enjoy the writers. The more I hear about this season, the more disgusted I become. Are there any redeeming players? I used to always have to justify my summer obsession by saying it’s so addictive and mindless entertainment. If I were watching this year, I don’t know if I would have a valid argument.

    In any case, I’m grateful for my free time. I met a wonderful man and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind lately. I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

  • It’s sad when you would rather your favorite player leave then stay in the game any longer. Comments for gameplay and even some meanness can make for entertainment(hate to admit it) but this year is just horrid.The bullying of 1 person so relentlessly is just awful,not to mention the added racism.

    Often when you watch a program you can see both points of view and rectify why someone might be receiving the hate that they get,but with this season there really is NO good reason. Can people be annoying Yes.Can they be inconsiderate, sure but does that warrant such vile personal attacks….No. There is 0 justification for this mob mentality and for the people sympathizing and apologizing for such behaviors.

    Other editions of Big Brother have taken strong anti bullying/anti racism stances. I am appalled that ratings and the need to present edited reality is more important than common decency. These people appearing on Big Brother are employee’s of CBS and should be afforded the same value as people appearing on sitcoms. Sure people will say ohh they knew what they were getting into..have you watched the show before. Yes I have watched the show for years..and am a long time feed watcher. Previous seasons people have said awful things and done questionable things,but never at this level. It should stop..it should have never continued…and It’s not worth watching any longer.

  • Disgusted Mother on August 6, 2013 at 5:26 pm said:


    I applaud your decision and your above statements. The child porn was too much for me and I copied the statement and sent it to news outlets, Julie’s show The Talk, and a government link, this show must be shut down now, it has gone beyond anything morally bearable, thank you for your statement.. Disgusted Mother

  • Disappointed Feedster on August 6, 2013 at 5:41 pm said:


    It seems as though the only way us as viewers can accurately get our point across to CBS and to the HG’s (upon their return to reality) is to flip the channel. Unfortunately, I have no doubt that a few of the HG’s more rooted in ignorance will continue to blame their behavior on other people, current television/movies, or the ever popular phrase “It was just a joke”. However, if we as viewers choose to say NO to the hateful popularity contest we’re seeing now, maybe that might convince CBS to think before they cast and hold a large mirror before the HG’s faces. And that’s one hell of a maybe.

  • I’ve been watching this season and have decided it’s group mentality. So many are/have been making disgusting remarks that it’s become an accepted way of interacting within the group – and almost as if being racial makes one accepted within the group.

    That’s what makes BB so interesting (for me, anyway) – seeing what the HGs will do to claw their way to the top of the heap. And that’s also why I never stay a fan of one person during the entire season. In the end, I’m always plugging for the one who played the cleanest game with the better strategy – and never the one I originally rooted for.

    This season (imho) is like a much worse Season 8 – lots of meanness and bullying with MANY racial slurs (etc.) thrown in. They should have chewed Aaryn, GM and Kaitlin each a new one during the first racial incident (that I’m aware of), the bed flipping incident.

    Interesting, Kaitlin said that Candice made so many comments about having a black side and a white side (being bi-racial) that she made the “black side coming out” remark in reference to that.

    I wasn’t overly keen of Amanda in the very beginning (her mouthiness), but grew to like her after she defended Candice to Aaryn after the bed-flipping incident. Now she’s spewing more racial slurs than anybody. and has turned into a Class A bully. At first, I thought she was doing it to bond with Aaryn on their F4 deal. But it got worse, then I heard her say she’d not taken her Adderall for two days. Well, 2 days without Adderall and people famously go into a behavior so common it’s called “Adderall rage’ so we’re definitely seeing that out of Amanda. Aaryn also takes Adderall. I’m not sure what Elissa takes, but she’s usually first in line to get whatever it is…

    Jun, your comments are always the wittiest and most on-target. You will be missed during the remainder of the season.

    • Markson on August 6, 2013 at 6:29 pm said:


      I can see that. For example as vile as some of Gina Marie’s comments are…while making very racist remarks it’s easy to see that her fundamental problem is her self esteem. For all her bravado she is very much a follower with severe emotional retardation. As much as I hate the comments she makes I don’t know if it’s racism per se, as opposed to her losing her marbles in that type of high pressure group environment.

      There are absolutely people like Aaryn who are leaders that perpetuate hate but I think for the most part a good portion of them are sheep. I don’t think that makes things any better though.

      Amanda is the worst in my book. I hate when people are bullied and so when she came to defend Candice and Jessie I was ready to fall for her calculated act in which she prepared a nice diary room monologue for the occasion but it seems like all she did was piece together clues from DR and manipulated it to her advantage. To me, this was confirmed when she approached Aaryn with the “I think you’re joking but…” conversation. Part of me hopes that she just has a shock comic humor and doesn’t actually mean any harm but she seems too smart to not know that she is habitually crossing lines and just arrogant enough not to care.

  • Disgusted Mom on August 6, 2013 at 5:44 pm said:


    Can anyone tell me who was with Spencer when he made his statement re: child porn (I have already read it) and what their reaction was?

  • Markson on August 6, 2013 at 5:48 pm said:


    As a black man and a molestation victim this season has been chock full of dreadful nostalgia for me. Most of this cast sickens me as well, not only the obviously offensive but the others who sit idly and laugh along because they feel they have to because everyone else is.

    These are a bunch of sad and sick people for the most part but I’m going to keep watching for two reasons…one, I don’t like feeling comfortable. I get worried easily and I think sometimes I need to be reminded how sick the world can be so that neither myself or loved ones forget to be prepared for the kind of trash that happens in that house…the kind of trash that happens in real life.

    Two…after the whole Aaryn bed flip thing which was horrible, the fact that a strong and beautiful relationship between Howard and Candice could form from the filth of that situation inspires hope. Even if they never speak to each other again, the moment alone was enough to show that even though life throws piles and piles of crap on you, there can be light at the end of the tunnel. People see a moment like that and honestly most people will just gossip about it at the water cooler the next day but someone may be inspired to be a write a moving blog post about it, and that may inspire someone else to go out and be a better human being and stand up to intolerance or molesters or rapists.

    So I’m no longer watching because I’m enjoying this season, I am watching as a reminder. I love big brother because I always thought it exposed the best and worse of human nature; right now it is at it’s worst but if I’m not strong enough to stare the game’s worst in it’s face, I don’t know if I’d be strong enough to face life.

    Everyone has their own demons and there is no way to correctly deal with the harsh realities of life so for me, I’m going to keep watching until next season where the twist will be a cache of firearms and a brick of coke introduced to the house.

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 7:56 pm said:


      I’m sorry you had such life struggles Markson. I don’t believe you have to be “victim” of anything to be affected by this BB15, but those who have had experiences where race and sex and abuse was involved…this season IS indeed bringing up a lot of hurt.

      Thank you for sharing. As an Asian woman who was sexually abused as a child, I know where you’re coming from…and what demons you speak of.

  • I’m happy to see someone who knows the game step up and take a stand. I had to stop watching when it became apparent that production cared more about ratings than they do about the integrity of the show. I certainly realize the word integrity is a funny one to use in relation to BB, But skillful lying and scheming have been part of the game. Racism, bigotry, homophobia and now child porn go beyond any skill factor. It’s about bullying and intimidation, mean girls. If Spencer had stopped with his first sentence, fine. Still very ick, but nooooo, he went on to embellish with ages and basements. How that even comes out of someone’s mouth, I don’t know. I can only conclude its been hiding in the recesses of a sick mind.

    I’ll tell you who disappoints me most. Julie. She IS the CBS face of BB. I refuse to believe she has no say on the direction this very bad season has gone. Everything that goes on in the house is reflected through her.

    I wrote my letter to CBS, I’m sure they couldn’t care less. There are enough apologists for the behavior out in fan land to keep the show rolling. But I’m not gonna be around to watch when some racist is rewarded with a half million.

  • I’ve been saying for awhile this is the worst season ever. This season has the worst combination of cast and twist that I’ve ever seen. My sister-in-law is a big BB fan and she stopped watching this season. I wish I could stop watching it too. I can’t wait for this season to be over. I applaud you for writing this blog, Jun. You’re making the right decision.

  • Otis J Anderson on August 6, 2013 at 5:51 pm said:



    OMFG! I have been searching high and low for you. I miss you very much! The minute this disaster of a season Big Brother started I was like “I wonder what the hell Jun is thinking about this??!!” :) Anyway, check your “Contact Jun” box. I hope to hear from you very soon. You were/are my favorite and if it weren’t for you – I would have given up on applying year after year, after year. Sadly this was my last year applying! Fuck that! CBS obviously doesn’t give a shit about people of color, minority groups or sexual orientations! This season is disgusting.

  • I respect and applaud your decision. It is great to see that a few of the BB Alum have the courage to speak out against the trash that CBS is allowing.

    For me as a Super Fan of the show my voice certainly isn’t heard as well as yours but I share your disdain for how CBS has handled this season. This cast has been so tough to watch for reasons that i don’t think can be articulated in words. At least I don’t have the skills to do it. I feel that Amanda Zuckerman has been the most vile and disgusting character in this sham. I’m sure you know the things she has done in the house, yet BB has decided to give her the most glorified edits of any HGs. They have proclaimed that she is the heroine of social justice in the house which could not be further from her true self. We see it on the feeds and it is an insult to all of us that BB has been completely silent to the TV viewers with regards to Amanda.

    Big Brother and CBS has made a decision to isolate all the disgust to Aaryn and through the America MVP voting has attempted to flush the problem off the show. Obviously this effort has failed but the bigger failure is that BB has contributed to the cover up. by not broadcast others, including Amanda, to the TV audience. Now we learn that CBS pre-recorded Thursday’s show and stacked the audience with staffers in order to present America with a scripted exit for Howard. I have been waiting most of this season for the roaring crowd reaction to Howard walking through those doors. CBS cheated me and all of us from that moment.

    Lastly, the fight between Amanda and Jessie. I was doubtful that BB could edit that incident to put Amanda in a positive light, but they did it again. The producers cut a major portion of the fight that put Amanda insecurities on full display. I think the TV audience deserved to see Amanda warning America to hide your husband’s from Jessie. They also thought it wasn’t important for the TV audience to see Amanda move from Jessie right over to the kitchen to push Candice around a bit.

    Ok I can’t say anymore. I know you get it.

  • Disgusted Mom on August 6, 2013 at 6:15 pm said:


    Nina Tassler, President CBS prime time and late night entertainment, answers directly to Les Moonves CEO (can’t find a direct contact link to Moonves) start sending copies of links and comments to her

  • It Made me cry when Ginamarie said Candice was a degenerate, and thats why her mom didn’t want her. CBS needs to do something asap. This is getting out of hand. Never in bb history have I heard digusting comments like this. P.S. Spencer needs to go to jail, and have his house and computer searched.

    • Spencer kind of worries me too. He has made comments during the whole season that make him sound like a perv… Then when he did the “Harlem shake” with the others and his “dancing” was just wearing a robe and opening it over and over and over and over and over as if “flashing;” weird!

    • Kristin wood on August 6, 2013 at 7:32 pm said:


      I didn’t see this addressed, with all the other appalling things, including Spencer last night. Knowing that the cameras in the bathroom capture everything ( thanks to Juns very informative BB bathroom blog) I can’t believe they allowed active bulimic into the house. GM should be getting help in the house, counseling at the very least. She’s talked about throwing up on the feeds and the other house guests have talked about her disorder. I agree with almost everyone here truly horrendous season. Worse than BB 9, Jun you will be missed.

  • caitlin on August 6, 2013 at 6:30 pm said:


    It would be great if the show could do more silly segments like they used to do, like one on judd’s bear shirt or one on candice’s earrings. I remember in bb4 the stuff about everyone’s ugliest article of clothing, jun’s own stress eating, david’s splashing and jee’s accent. Just light hearted, joking around. instead of that we get all this racism and misogyny, it’s just not fun! It truly, truly is bullying. Amanda’s recent behavior towards Candice and Jessie is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, and I am canceling my feeds subscription and just going to watch Thursday episodes from now on.

    Love you Jun!

  • Ditto – Could not have said it any better…. disgusting! The Canadian version really showed me the difference between good reality and bad production…. I like the way it was before they cast trash and manipulated them so blatantly…. Still remember and love you Jun!

  • I completely agree. Why does CBS need to cast complete mental cases and sluts into the house? Why can’t they just choose “16 normal people from all walks of life” as they used to say. Now, it’s “16 aspiring celebrities hoping to get some ass whilst on camera”. It’s just awful. BBUS needs some casting advice from BBAU- their casts are amazing.

  • I couldn’t agree more!!! This year is the worst,I believe the casting director needs to be fired and they need to go back to the original premise or lose the loyal fans that have made this show such a sucess.

  • Maureen @Moe_Gallagher on August 6, 2013 at 6:39 pm said:


    I agree with just about everything that has been said here. I too will miss your comments/blogs about BB. I’ve watched Big Brother since season 1 and this by far is the most disgusting group of houseguests I’ve ever seen. It’s disgraceful that CBS is allowing this behavior. They had no problem putting Aaryn’s racism on full display but the edit that Amanda is getting is unreal. I didn’t see/hear about the child porn comments until reading this today. I’ve never been more disgusted with the show. I’m canceling my feed subscription today. I’ll definitely continue to follow you Jun. I think Noah is adorable and love reading about your life in Belgium.

  • I applaud your decision and I am with you. These people erased the lines weeks ago and have no respect for not only others but themselves. Personally, as an African American who lived to hear Nelson Mandela, Dr.Martin Luther King and Malcolm X speak and meet the latter 2, remarks made by Aaryn Gries, Amanda Zuckerman, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Kaitlin Barnaby, Spencer Clawson, Jeremy McGuire and Andy Herren don’t offend me, because I know that racism will never go away. I am also comfortable in my skin, but as a mother of kids the same age as Howard Overby and Candice Stewart, it really hurt me that they didn’t seem to know how to defend themselves or to appropriate let these remarks roll off their shoulders or even laugh so that they are seen as the ignorant racist fools that they are. I think if enough people sign off on this season, CBS will do the responsible thing and end this season.

    You take care and have a great time where you are.

  • Don’t worry Jun. We won’t miss you. It’s people like you who are taking this way out of proportion and blowing it out of the water. One viewer won’t hurt. Just because you won 10 years ago doesn’t mean you’re a household name anymore. Many won’t and can’t recognize you out in the street. Every season has it’s complainers and I am glad you’re leaving. I am glad you “decided” to write a blog about it, which gives them more ratings. Hey, let’s all write a blog about us leaving a show…if it affected you that much you wouldn’t have even wrote this and put them down like you did. You are no better than these contestants. You have no right judging them. You have no right saying the things you did. So go off into Belgium and find something else to occupy your time. While you’re at it, why don’t you send all the money back that YOU capitalized off of Big Brother? Don’t think you did it all on your own.

    I am sure you have said things in your life that you regretted. EVERYONE HAS. No one is perfect. So while you’re living in your glass house, you might want to watch throwing stones.

    I sure hope you read this too. I hope you take into consideration HOW MUCH this game has changed YOUR life. I bet if we go back to your season, we could find something you said that could be offensive. So, quit throwing stones. You are just instigating the race baiting some more.

    Have a wonderful time and we all know you’ll secretly be watching or looking at spoilers. And if you feel the need to, you can contact me. I am not hiding in anyway. My facebook is linked to this. I will be more than glad to chat this over with you.

    Have a great day, Jun.

    • Markson on August 6, 2013 at 7:32 pm said:


      I’m not sure why you care who remembers Jun or whether or not she is a household name. I’m also not sure why you think she has no place to judge contestants but YOU have the right to judge her. Weird, it’s almost like you are biased and have a personal problem.

      I do know that I actually disliked Jun myself based on her season but unlike the current house guests she has publicly acknowledged and taken responsibility for her offenses like an adult. That’s a pretty big difference and it says a lot.

      I also know you obviously cared enough to not only come to the site, read the post, log in and reply but you also linked your facebook. So even if you don’t miss her you obviously care deeply.

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 7:51 pm said:


      I’ve never said I was perfect and I have regretted things I’ve said in my life but are you really using that as any kind of excuse? Why are you so angry with me?

      Here’s a blog I wrote… http://jundishes.com/2013/07/05/crazy-mommy/

      I don’t hide anything. I’m glad you don’t either. It’s apparent you’re taking some frustrations out on me and if it makes you feel better than so be it. At least you didn’t use any foul language here.

      I’d never live in a glass house but I’d gladly invite you to cast an angry stone, because I care about your stress relief.

      Congrats on linking your Faceboook here!


    • If you don’t care about Jun or her opinions so much, why did you take the time out of your day to even read the article and then also respond? Actions speak louder than words.

      And yes, everyone has said some things they’d rather take back. The difference is that some of the people in this house right now are relentless in the filth that spews from their mouths. These comments weren’t a couple “oops I said it out of context” or “oops I didn’t mean it like that” instances. These trashy comments are repeated and overtly offensive. Maybe TMZ could fill a page of all the nasty things you’ve said in a couple weeks time but not most of us.

      • I agree with you Dave. We all say things that can get twisted around or only part of it is repeated. But these people have said some vile things. And in response to Rick Rose, how is talking about watching child porn blowing things out of proportion. it is not funny in any way shape or form. As Dave said, why are you even bothering to read Jun? I enjoy her & agree with her about this season.

      • I’m sorry @Heather, but this show was a fun show at one time and apparently other countries seem to be able to have good fun with it. I agree the social interactions of people living in this type of environment is fascinating, but there is a big difference between “social experiment” and casting together the 3am back of the bar drugged and drunk crowd who won’t leave even after the lights have been flashed.

        And wow, really? “Moral relativism at its best.”. Why come here and try to act like you have something really valid to say but instead you sound like you’d make a perfect HG #17? It amazes me to see how many people feel they can come in, sit a spell, then proceed to fulfill some guilty sadistic pleasure because they missed BB15’s casting couch. They then proceed to takeout their frustration on someone they feel is their personal connection to the show. Remember this is Jun’s board and you came here.

        Jun, I love your everyday ramblings, thanks for sharing them. This is your house and you share it gracefully with others, I like it so I hang. I don’t know how you do it, I’d be picking them off like flies and bouncing them in a heartbeat….but then they’d get their thrills by running from website to website trying to be the first to announce the news that Jun censors her posters . ::SMH::

        I agree with your assessment of Julie Chen, I always have. She’s not called Chenbot for nothing. Role models are sorely lacking in society today…she could have been a true star in somebody’s eye.

      • Heather on August 9, 2013 at 7:49 am said:

        @NJCathie If Jun only wanted affirming comments on her blog, she wouldn’t make open comments at all.

        I think I would respect her decision to stop watching more if she hadn’t been cruel and racist on her season too. Then to follow up this post with a blatantly rude and racist dis of Julie Chen didn’t help her case at all.

      • Disgusted Mom on August 9, 2013 at 7:57 am said:

        Oh Well you can’t argue with the truth and that is what Jun has stated, the TRUTH. When I saw Julie imitating a stereotype of an Asian voice on her show telling a joke, I was appalled, and saw a side of her that completely matches what Jun has said. I am disappointed in the real Julie but real is real…….

      • Jun Song on August 9, 2013 at 8:37 am said:

        Heather, you’re right. I don’t write for people who agree with me when I post my blog, but I just write. I appreciate the fact that you don’t agree with me and that you think my actions on Big Brother 4 are comparable to the HGs this season. I think your radar is off and you have a personal problem with me, but I still respect your argument.

        Maybe when your veil of red has lifted you’ll reread or not. Peace.

      • Heather on August 9, 2013 at 8:01 pm said:

        I don’t have a personal problem with you at all. I was not a fan of you in the house (sorry) but I enjoy your commentary on twitter and the blog. If my disagreeing with your posts came across like a personal attack then I am sorry. Not my intent at all. I whole heartily disagree with your attack of Julie Chen (whether what you’ve said was true or not) but you are right in that your comments were not as extreme as those in the house this year.

        I guess the difference is that I have always thought of Big Brother as smut – the kind of guilty pleasure I have to wait until my kids are sleeping to watch. Granted, this is my least favorite cast since BB9, I’ve never watched the show expecting much from any of the people inside – except that they entertain. This season is a flop for sure, but I think if you expect CBS and the show to hold the house guests accountable for their words mid season, then there are many many house guests that should have been removed over the course of the years (lots of the season 11 cast, for example). And then what warrants someone being reprimanded? Is it just racism or should sexist comments (Mike Boogie, for example) and homophobic comments (Jeff for example) and anti-religion comments (Jerry McDonald, for example) and child-related comments (you) be included? Is it a 1-strike your out policy or do they get a few warnings? Does the severity of the comment come in to question or is it completely objective?

  • Thank you, Jun! You have expressed exactly what I’ve been feeling. The shows’ editing reveals an agenda at work, as do Julie’s public comments on and outside of the show: “a line in the 2013 budget .” You are right on! I don’t doubt that previous season’s have seen their share of uneducated, rude comments, but common sense prevailed in not airing it all, and destroying people’s lives outside of the house.

  • Michelle on August 6, 2013 at 7:18 pm said:


    Hi Jun, I have been following your blog for some time now but just subscribed so I could comment. I too have found this year of BB to be exhausting and so negative leaving me feeling not entertained but saddened.
    So I looked up BB in Australia and have to say it has made me laugh and the cast is so nice and thoughtful…so far. I recommend it to you if you need your fix!!

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 7:26 pm said:


      I’m so sad myself. I read this blog to my husband and I felt really bummed at the end of it.

      I think everything happens for a reason…I’m gonna use my free time to do more writing :)

      Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  • Well done. I’ve not watched the show in almost 2 weeks because BB did scrape the bottom of the gutter for this batch of people. I don’t care what anyone says about game play – there are some things that a normal mind does not even think up.

    In the past, I’ve bitched about HGs and I’ve been annoyed by them. This time, I’ve been completely disgusted and it serves no real value to remain watching because that could actually plant seeds of hate and that would be terrible.

    I love BB and watch them all – BBUS, BBUK, BBCA, and BBAU. This season with this cast has been a complete disgrace to humanity. Even the victims allowed this and I’ve had enough. Never did I think people would actually crawl through the gutter as they have and it’s no longer fun and hasn’t been for a while. In fact, it’s uncomfortable to watch.

  • Anonymous on August 6, 2013 at 7:41 pm said:


    I’m also watching BBAU… awesome show! Excellent cast, great twists (“Do The Twist”!) and family friendly. Thank goodness for youtube!

  • You’ve been quoted on other sites (bbdish for one), and I can only hope and pray that Spencer is working on some kind of shock value. However, I think CBS needs to be inundated with demands that there be some BB Housecleaning, ratings be damned! I’m admin of a BB Chat Group on facebook, and haven’t yet decided if I’m going to announce that I, too, am DONE!!!

  • Michelle on August 6, 2013 at 7:53 pm said:


    I had a bad feeling early on and didn’t try to keep up with feed re-caps. I have watched a few live shows, but yeah, this group of people are not worth the time to invest in it as I have other seasons. Jun… YOU were my fav the year you won :)

  • Disgusting that the sexual abuse of children can be considered a joke! I DARE you to “joke” about that to a person who was sexually abused as a child or a parent of a child who was sexually abused! And to see people defending him because it was a “joke”!!! The mindset of America has come to that!? I am no longer watching BB15! I’ve been watching BBUK!

  • I would like to think that if casting had stuck the the older more mature HGs of earlier seasons, we would not have as many problems. That is not to say that older people are not bigots too but rather, older people that are bigots usually know to keep quiet about it. Sadly, I suspect this is just wishful thinking on my part.

    None of the jokes topics offend me, the lack of humor in said jokes does though. But I spend a lot of time with professional comedians and they are worse than anything you’ve ever heard on BB feeds so I am far more immunized to dark and inappropriate humor. It should also be noted that with comedians these type of inappropriate jokes are only told between peers and almost never in public. It’s the same sort of thing as when paramedics make jokes about people dying (and they do this a LOT).

    What I find most alarming, is the amount of prescription drugs being handed out over the past few seasons. BB is actively manipulating people medications. Perhaps casting should consider people that require less medication to be “normal” in the future. Surely there are enough narcissistic people out there that want to be on BB and do not need drugs to function?

    Then again…

    • Markson on August 6, 2013 at 9:36 pm said:


      I agree with a lot of that. I think the brunt of this has to go on casting. They took a bunch of border line psycho’s who need to be constantly medicated and put them on TV hoping drama would ensue but it’d be managable. I don’t think they knew it would go this far though. That doesn’t excuse any of this and I don’t think CBS intentionally set out to create what this has become but they sure are pandering and fostering it. Production likes drama and conflict there are no coincidences. It makes for better ratings.

      For instance, you don’t think CBS can afford a bed for every house guest? They want people to have to share beds because there is a greater chance for hook ups which drive ratings and keep people interested.

      So I don’t think they purposely injected the clownie-tard knowing Candice would draw it triggering racial minstrel ideology from Aaryn, nor do I think they knew for fact Amanda would state how she felt “like a slave” after being coated with so many coats of bronzer she now sports a dark complection that parallels black face….I don’t think they intended any of that at all but I do not see how they couldn’t see the potential for the house guests to turn those into racially charged comments and actions given their previous transgressions. Even if the HG’s made comments completely innocent following the gimmick penalties in the penalty comp CBS had to know the public would at least draw conclusions on those comments based on past behavior. Even so these vile house guests are dumb and ignorant enough to bite and take the bait.

      I’m not an advocate of anyone losing their job but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a scapegoat firing at CBS for all the bad pub on the show this year. I wouldn’t even be able to argue against it at this point.

      As far as the joking and the argument of what is appropriate and what is unacceptable I for one can say I honestly don’t mind abuse jokes nor race jokes or any joke for that matter but much like any statement context is everything.

      In Spencer’s case he has had an overwhelming number of disturbing comments and actions such as discussion of torture rape fantasy and lewd staring at the actual subject of said rape fantasy to the point where if god forbid he did actually commit such an offensive act he’d be going straight to jail without passing go or collecting $200. The man makes so many vile statements that even if he is joking at this point I’m sure people would want to keep him away from their kids.

      So yeah man, agree with ya. Context is everything and I’m sure some of these idiots will blame editting and lean on that same context as an excuse forgetting we can watch them live on the feeds but they’ll have to live themselves and deal with the public after they walk out that door.

  • journey on August 6, 2013 at 8:31 pm said:


    Wow ! We share the exact same sentiments regarding this season of BB. I can no longer watch the trash the houseguest spew so I’m done. Nice work Jun. Peace and many blessing.

  • thank You, Jun. You wrote so well on this very tough subject. I had not seen it on the live feeds and always choose to turn to another cam when that HG is on. (I also choose not to type his name to give it anymore voice.) I saw a link this morning from Spicy and now have read about it. I’m more ick than I have ever been on any day of this season and there have been many. I. too suffered from child abuse so, last straw for me. I wanted to hang in there to support the few kind HG I like. but I no longer can. It’ there world, not mine. I’ll go back to my regularly scheduled life and hope it feels better.

  • My feeds are off & will remain off for the rest of BB15 I can no longer watch & listen to this nasty cast.
    If there is to be a BB16 CBS better do their homework better on the cast for I believe our Big Brother is dying.
    I’m so sad………..
    But if we all shut the feeds off, turn off tv’s delete DVR recording, maybe CBS will do something about the mess they have on their hands.

  • BBaddict on August 6, 2013 at 8:55 pm said:


    I love your “ps.” I would hope that all of us are holier than those who think it’s funny to joke about child pornography. I thought that I’d quit watching the season that had nasty Natalie, James, and Chelsea, but I didn’t. There’s some draw to BB for me. I certainly don’t take anything you said as being holier than somebody like me who can’t help but watch it, but I would hope to God that you, and I, and everybody else here is holier than Spencer!

  • Totally agree. I can’t take it anymore. Crap, crap, and more crap. I’ve started watching BB Au it is awesome. And still watching BBUK. Love it. Go Dexter!

  • Lynda Perky on August 6, 2013 at 9:00 pm said:


    Having quit the feeds this year I have found that I am a much happier person. I would like to add that I believe our society has become more hateful from social media. For some reason many feel it’s OK to trash others in chat rooms and on Twitter to the point of death threats as we saw directed toward Shelly Moore’s daughter during her season as well as recently in the UK.

    This cast of “Mean People” smirk and look proud when they make these racial, sexist, homophobic & hateful comments. They seem to think highly of themselves because they are fans. It is as if they are thrilled with how clever they are. Amanda is always acting, playing to the camera believing she will be featured by BB in a good light. She probably feels free to slur as many groups as she can think of and still get a good edit. I love that BB’s Reagan sent out the link for a video compilation of her slurs as well as her statements about Aaron and how she (Amanda) never judges people.

    Spencer has seemed so slimy since saying cunt all the time and Jessie teasing like butter scotch. Now this child porn shit has shown him to be even worse.

    Along with others I watched BBCA, loved it and have been watching BBUK and loving it also. BBUK is totally different having no strategy just a simple popularity contest with the public deciding who wins after watching the HGs interact socially. Having started BBAU it looks good also. The thing I find that BBCANADA, BBUK, & BBAU have in common is that even with conflict there is no hateful “Mean” crap going on. I may be a PollyAnna but it is refreshing and makes me feel GOOD instead of DIRTY.

    Jun I wish they would cast like your season, sure there were some wannabe actors but also many regular people. Now all the wannabe’s know how to play CBS to get air time which seems to be more of a priority than playing the game.

    also thanks for giving us a place to vent.

  • Anonymous on August 6, 2013 at 9:06 pm said:


    I have been. Rabid BB addict for years. I bought the feeds, and rarely everwatchThese HGs get worse every year. Adderal,xanax,??? You do not need a medical degree to figure out if you are prescribed these drugs, there just might be a problem. I lay ALL of the blame on Robin.She needs to GO. bring back the BB I love. Perversion and hatred and bigotry are just not entertaining. To think I thought ED was the lowest common denominator, pffft, along comes Arryan Spencer and Amanda. This season is SO bad they cannot trust a truly live audience for fear there may be some serious fallout from the sick attitudes in the house. I do not wish bad things on any of these sad HG’s, just a real wake up call.

    • Jun Song on August 7, 2013 at 4:25 pm said:


      I’ve heard a lot of people having canceled. More than any other season. I’m glad I decided not to watch them either. Hearing about it and watching clips was more than enough for me.

  • I am unsure as to whether we are witnessing the moronification of America’s youth or the moronification of Big Brother USA. After this season, I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly want to enter the BB House but it appears the lineup is long as so many of these young adults yearn for celebrity status, being famous afterwards and/or earning decent money for a summer’s gig. Their motivations are quite shallow.
    Bye the way, you may not have caught this tid-bit but one evening Spencer was talking about his father being a JUDGE and how as a kid he was expected to live on a straight and narrow path of good behavior. Which brings me to wonder about how all of the parents are dealing with the experience of their freaky children being their creepy selves on national tv.

    • Jun Song on August 6, 2013 at 10:55 pm said:


      I agree with you on this deterring people from applying. I’m a realist but I am choosing to turn BB15 off. Shallow indeed! I’m all for transparency but ratings really do bring the bar to an all-time low…

      • Anonymous on August 6, 2013 at 11:38 pm said:

        I think the problem is that they cast the bottom of the barrel with this bunch. And the few who I like have no shot at winning. Big Brother was once a game of strategy, where everyone played their own game. Now you have people who are too scared to make a move, so they constantly vote with the majority. And it is really painful to see Howard and Candice get picked off before Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Amanda. It doesn’t sit well with me at all. It sends a message that it’s okay to be racist and if you’re different from the racists, you deserve to get evicted. I’m so over Big Brother. This year was the final nail in the coffin. I’ve always hated how they’ve cast so few minorities already as it is. But this year really shows the gravity of the situation. You have a house of a bunch of racists and they’ve been against the minorities for no reason at all. Even the best player ever couldn’t win if he/she was constantly targeted for their skin color or ethnicity. Will this season make them start casting more minorities? No, because the casting has become too formulatic. It’s always a bunch of model/actors, one or two blacks, maybe one Asian, and one gay. It’s never anything different. And the game itself has become more of a popularity contest. I honestly doubt we’ll ever see someone like Jun win it again. I think the producers would pull some Pandora’s Box b.s. or something from keeping a player like Jun from winning. Big Brother has gone down ever since Arnold Shapiro stepped down. Now it is formulatic casting, where the producers pull lame twists to keep their favorites in the game. You should be really proud of your Big Brother win Jun because you earned it in a game where the producer’s favorites are being handed victories now.

    • I promise you, we youth are no more moronic than your generation was when your parents accused you of the same faults. This has nothing to do with America’s youth and all to do with the casting.

  • Anonymous on August 6, 2013 at 11:07 pm said:


    I agree that this season is the most disgusting of them all. But, I also remember how disgusting Britney and Ragan were in their season. They would sit up in the HOH room and say the most disgusting, vile things about Rachel and Brendon. I don’t remember hearing any back lash about them and Britney was even back for last summers BB.

  • This year I do not like it we need older poeple they more grow up . Some of them are not grow up . Last year was better . This year suck .

  • Jun rocks. Years ago she used to come and chat with us in the chat rooms while we watched the feeds. Love ya Jun!

  • Kudos to You for putting yourself and your personal decision out there. Many have a voice that would be listened to but did not take a stand. Many are in a position to set an example on the disturbing deterioration of the moral fibre of society but will not take action. One of my main beefs this season has been that CBS will allow almost any type of words in the name of the almighty dollar and ratings. They could have handled this so differently and been a front runner in taking a stand against racism, hatred and bullying.

    For those who defend this seasons HGs with *it was a joke* I worry. I am all for fun and laughs but it would never enter my mind to spew what has come from these HGs mouths.

    For those who criticize you and call you a hypocrite, they don’t know you very well. I’ve never seen you do anything but own your words/actions in your season. You aren’t the monster they want you to be so they pick on that as well.

    People would do well to remember, like love, they need to respect themselves before they ever can another.

    Such sad times we live in when the behaviors in The House this season are tried to be passed off as *entertainment*

  • You have my respect. Someone needs to tell CBS that ratings should not be as important as what they are allowing the house guest to say that is so hurtful and disgusting.

  • I made a decision yesterday to not watch live feeds or even TGN – I feel like they’re sucking my precious brain matter out of me! I do enjoy Mac – and perhaps because he’s a true fan of the show – the others, ugh, it’s all part of BB trying too hard to put drama in the house. I want game play! I don’t want to see rich Elissa who’s only on there because of Brenchel, and if you really listen to her – she’s a mean girl just covered in a façade of fake smiles and no game. I’m SO disappointed – really wanted to enjoy my BB this season! You said it well Jun – love that you express the truth.

  • Anonymous on August 7, 2013 at 1:52 am said:


    Wow…popular topic here!!! Not sure when I stopped watching … Sort of drifted away this year ….never connected with any of them …. Used to watch feeds but these are just folks I have no interest in ….. I can manage an hour of Hoarders easier and that show totally grosses me out …. Too bad such a greati innovative concept once upon a time . Wish I could say I took the high road and made an affirmative decision not to watch anymore but as I said I. Just forget HGs are around!,

  • Holy ton o’ replies Batman. This season blows. I’m actually thankful I was not cast with this trash. I admire your stance! Rock on Jun.

  • Erin Costello on August 7, 2013 at 3:10 am said:


    I don’t blame you. Last season was possibly one of the best. I, and many of the feed watchers detested Danielle Murphree. But Dan, Brit, and rooting for Ian, made it an incredible season. In retrospect, Danielle was a saint. I don’t know what has happened to Kassting that they have somehow, accidentally, recruited a bunch of bigots, but this is the vilest thing I have ever seen. I vacillate between unplugging and not; only because it is habit to be addicted to my habit. However, this isn’t the show I fell in love with back in the day. This is a whole other beast. For me, I feel like, damned if they will take my summertime pleasure away from me. But they pretty much have. There is only so much hate a person can take. And to hear the same from a winner and former HG? You must feel much more disdain than do I.

  • I have seen every season of BB & this is the absolute worst. It is so disgusting that I have quit watching. I only check out tvgrapevine for updates & I can’t take that anymore. I am white & I have a bi-racial nephew & my niece just married a black man & I love them both dearly. We have welcomed my niece’s husband with open arms.
    The comments about child porn is so disgusting, it makes me want to vomit. How can anyone even talk about such things.
    Well Big Brother, you have lost me. I hope Spencer loses his job & he needs help.

  • Anonymous on August 7, 2013 at 4:33 am said:


    It’s not the BB cast that should go, it’s the casting director and the producer. Haven’t we all had enough of Robyn Kass and Allison Grodner?

    • The press should be going after the casting director, producers, even Julie Chen you know there going after Aaryn, GM and Amanda. Why is casting, the producers and even Julie not targeted by the press don’t answer that i think i may know the answer.

  • Barbara Brown on August 7, 2013 at 5:54 am said:


    We love you Jun, please don’t divorce us. I am so scared that this cast is going to end the BB dynasty. I love this show, not this cast however I will not abandon ship…theirs or yours. Always a fan !!!

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 9:07 am said:


      I love your dramatics! BB Dynasty. I love the sound of that hahaha!

      I love the show too…the game…the dirty casts, but this cast is out of control. I’ll be around…and back for next season!

  • Carie Mahoner on August 7, 2013 at 9:10 am said:


    I’ve always been a lurker, never one to comment. I needed to let you know, I have enjoyed *all* of your commentaries re: Big Brother just as much as I enjoyed your Season *and* your win! I greatly respect your decision to walk away from the foul atmosphere that is now permeating the house. You’ll have more time to nurture your family; that is what’s important, not those idiots.

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 9:06 am said:


      Carie thank you for coming out of your lurking! Thank you for the support. As a long time lurker myself I appreciate you sharing your thoughts like this!

      I love having the extra time hahaha. Noah’s a handful! :)

  • Classic pot/kettle happening here Jun!

    It is pretty easy to say that your racism and personal low blow attacks were different because you’ve since learned your lesson. These people haven’t had a chance to see the error on their ways. If anything, you should empathize. Get off your soapbox.

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 9:04 am said:


      I’d get off the soapbox if your argument deserved my place, but it doesn’t. To compare my behavior to these HGs’ is preposterous.

      • Heather on August 8, 2013 at 9:58 pm said:

        Moral relativism at its best.

        Also, if you are done with BB, be done with it. Instead you use the popularity of this blog to give yet another classless dig at Julie Chen.

  • Charles on August 8, 2013 at 2:35 am said:


    What a hypocrite! You were average at best and this horse hockey just seals the deal.

    Let us know what you think of this week’s live double eviction.

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 9:03 am said:


      I have no idea what horse hockey is. Is it played with horse manure as the puck? Fascinating.

      Why are you so angry at me Charles?

  • I am glad you came out and showed your true feelings. I certainly hope you don’t get convinced or manipulated into returning. Money often does that too people, as you know. From the first episode of BB15, my spidey senses were burning. I said I won’t be watching it this season. Something just doesn’t feel right. And how true it is.

    Unfortunately, my SO still is a BB junkie. I often pop by your site for your recipies and see what you dish out, more out of curiosity. You’re one smart lady! However, given that you’re so smart both intellectually and streetwise, I am surprised you lasted this long.

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 9:02 am said:


      I did last long! :)

      I feel like I lost a part of me, if you’ll allow me the dramatics :)

      I’m sad! I tried to hang on because I AM a fan of BB and I won it and so I have that unique attachment to the show. But I can’t justify continuing to watch something I wouldn’t watch if it wasn’t Big Brother. I tried to…and I know lots of fans read my blogs so it was a hard decision. But I made it.

      So be it.

      Thanks for the message. Love to you and your junkie SO :)

  • I enjoy your takes on all things Big Brother. I will miss them very much, but I understand why you’re leaving this season behind. Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, another HG takes things to a new low. Aaryn and Spencer should have gotten the boot a long time ago. As long as you keep dishing, I’ll keep reading.


    GinaMarie as HOH? Give me a break.

  • Marc Amorello on August 8, 2013 at 7:55 pm said:


    Big brother is supposed to be a fun family show that shows average people trapped in a house fighting for 500k but this season is really hard for me to watch. The producers really fucked up on casting this season besides a few good people. Aaryn, GM, Amanda, and Spencer all said really stupid derogatory shit
    but Cbs didn’t do anything. I’m really offended that they’re keeping these people this season. everyone here are hardcore fans and I usually look toward to bb but Amanda’s shanequa shit last night was the last straw. Looks like I gotta wait untill next year for more big brother. Good luck Judd and bye big brother.

    • Big Brother never has been a family show. I agree that this cast sucks more than most, but I would never let my kids watch any of the seasons. The language alone is not appropriate for kids.

      Part of the fun of the show is watching the pressure cooker environment make people do and say stupid things. Unfortunately, this cast has been saying a lot of really really stupid things. But how do you make rules about it without wrecking the essence of the show?

  • Jun fan till the end!!!!!!! on August 11, 2013 at 9:39 am said:


    TY for being ONE of many bloggers to take a stand! This season is disgusting! Your season was intense, but in my opinion…not personal! This season is filled with hurt for those targeted by Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer, Jeremy, and Kaitlyn. I cringe every time someone talks and I pray that someone in that house will shout out that “Enough is enough”! Never happens though. Glad to see that you are doing so well, still rooting for you as I did when you were on BB. Keep it real and continue to be the real Jun and YOU will go far without selling out!

    • Jun Song on August 11, 2013 at 8:42 pm said:


      I just wanted to stop watching and I couldn’t just stop without being asked why so I wrote this blog! And it seems people are angry about it. I don’t care though :) Thanks for the support. I hate sellouts!

  • for all of you who cant watch bb due to the time wanrer-cbs feud. the three weekly episodes are on tv guide channel fridays at 8 pm


  • I am ashamed that it took me this long to quit this house… I wish I could get a refund that they charged me yesterday… that’s how disgusted I am with these humans!

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