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In the 13 hours that yesterday’s blog Big Brother Hiatus was “live” on my site, where I basically break up with Big Brother 15, it was read 15,244 times.




That’s the most views I’ve had for one article on my site in one day, let alone 11 hours. Thank you all.

It’s nothing compared to the number of actual Big Brother 15 viewers. I’m just one person, and I wrote the blog because I can’t just stop watching the show mid-summer and not blog about it. I’d be asked about “why” countless times a day for days on end on Twitter and Facebook, and really I never pass up an opportunity for a dramatic farewell of any kind.

I don’t want Big Brother canceled or dropped like some fetus brains accuse me of, but I wish CBS wouldn’t be so transparent in their cowardice of “not condoning” but very much condoning half the sick behaviors this season.

Since posting my blog in dramatic farewell to Big Brother 15, I’ve heard from fans across the spectrum. I’ve heard it all, or just about, including demands that I return my Big Brother 4 winnings and that I’m pretentious and holier-than-ye. Ye is the plural of thou, right?

I’m not trying to rally others to boycott anything, and I’m not on any kind of witch hunt. I think it’s extreme that family and livelihoods of the current HGs have been threatened and compromised. Fans can be just as bad as any HG, and fans have the means and the freedom to do more damage while the show is going on. It’s a sign of the times good or bad.

Some fans have contacted me in asking for more action to be taken to get the attention of Les Moonves and CBS, however technically HGs are not “employees” of any kind as it is clearly stated in their contracts so there is no legal argument to be made there. It’s not like the “leaders” at CBS don’t know what’s going on, and they don’t have to care until they start losing money which hasn’t happened and won’t happen anytime soon.

My “Dear Big Brother 15” letter was read only 15,244 times yesterday and as the posting of this blog today 4,000 or so more times. So with approximately 20,000 views in the last 24 hours, and only 350 of those readers sharing the blog on various social media platforms… How likely is any of it to effect change?

As a realist I don’t know what a letter to “Mr. Chen” or CBS will do, especially when the numbers aren’t adding up. As I said in an earlier blog you either hit CBS where it hurts most or you stop watching, or keep watching. It’s everyone’s personal decision, and CBS isn’t shoving anything down our throats that the public isn’t asking for.

As we all have seen, CBS has put its disclaimer out and is protected. A letter or petition of a few thousand names will never get to anyone’s desk of worth at CBS, and the millions of television viewers who don’t follow the live feeds will never truly know “what the big deal is” about the big deal this summer. Big Brother isn’t going anywhere as CBS’s summer money-maker.

I’m okay with that, but only because I’ve turned my back to it. Sadly, but surely.

Always dishing,



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  • Dramatic exit = Dramatic responses.

    I Twitter love you Jun and will miss your bb blogs. I will continue to enjoy your writings about life beyond Big Brother.

  • Daniel Quick on August 7, 2013 at 6:35 pm said:


    I will miss your BB15 blogs because the Thursday live show, hamstertime and your blogs are how I’ve been keeping up with it. But, I completely understand your decision to stop watching because, frankly, I can’t stand watching it either this season. I’ve watched every season but 9(I’m still thankful I didn’t waste any of my life on that one) and this season could be the nail in the coffin for me. I don’t care about or remotely like a single person this season and most of them I loathe. There have always been nasty, rude and racist comments made by the HG’s that never make the broadcast show. But this season and these HG’s take it to a whole new level. My morbid curiosity will keep me reading hamstertime until the finale but I’ll need to do a deep brain cleanse after it’s all said and done(or just get good and baked).

  • I think one of the reason’s you may have gotten so many hits is the link to your blog was posted on facebook on the Big brother whispers facebook group. They have alot of “friends” that probably clicked on and read it. Now you have even more exposure. Good or Bad??

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 8:58 am said:


      Thank you always, for sharing. I appreciate how active everyone is here, it sets my site apart now from what it was a year ago.

      I check my site stats often and I see where all the traffic comes from. Often I go to visit those sites that referred me :) It’s very fascinating!

      I’d say Good. Many of the more “violent” haters don’t comment here because they’re scared I’ll find them through their IP address, etc…so they take it to Twitter or forums :)

      Thanks Jenn for keeping me in the loop!

  • marylyn on August 7, 2013 at 6:42 pm said:


    very true, CBS doe NOT care until they start losing money. so i guess we all can go around and say derogatory remarks to everyone we meet and bully them because hey we arent losing money while we act badly. CBS has lost all morality for the greed of money. lets find moonves and julie and start calling them names..LOL. sorry i wont stoop down to the level of CBS and the Hgs, i have more class than to act like an azz

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 8:55 am said:


      I’m so disappointed. CBS could turn this around and let the public see some sliver of accountability. But nothing. CBS gives us a disclaimer.

  • So are you finished with BB altogether or just this season and then see what the new seasons hold in the future

  • Damn it! I had half a book written and had to take a call. When I finished I found I had lost about 300 words. I’m not going to try to recreate it now. My thought span doesn’t go that far back.

    The jest of what I was saying is that I am with you. I am done with Season 15, but I can’t fathom some of the comments I have read around the various sites that those of us with objections are unjust in our remarks and should get over ourselves and just enjoy the show.

    Who the F*** can enjoy when our memories of our own molestation as a child is brought back such nightmares and created new and fresh wounds in our psyche and our hearts. I spent hours yesterday dwelling on the past and crying all over again over issues I thought I had resolved so m:any years ago.

    Then that dissolved into memories of bullying or maybe more precisely, shunning, that was endured because the molesting carried on for so many years it gave me a lack of confidence to be able to interact with my peers.

    I’m babbling and I apologize but I am still going to hit the ‘publish’ button very soon. I have just one more thing that is bothering me about CBS.

    A few years ago when bullying and hate crimes were first being brought to everyone’s attention, CBS adopted a slogan and made me think there was truth in their chosen words. I see now that “CBS Cares” was a dump truck sized load of shit. CBS cares when it is the popular and convenient thing to do but if it in any way affects the bottom line, fuck it. They don’t care that much.

    I’ll save the words I have for Allison Grodner, along with Allison Grodner Productions, Fly on the Wall Productions, and Robyn Mass for another rant. Hell has a special place for all of them and all like them.

    Thanks for giving me a place to vent. I hope I haven’t offended any of your fans but I am only saying what I feel. I think one thing good may come out of this for me. I believe it is going to push me to my own blog that has been lying dormant for years.

    Looking forward to a ton of new posts and videos from you and starring those special men in your life. Noah is WALKING! it seems like it was only yesterday when you tweeted that your mucus plug fell out and I googled and giggled once I recovered from seeing a pic of one. I think that scarred me for years to come. But that’s why I < 3 you.

    • Dambit, I make enough typos on my own. I don’t need auto-correct making me look worse than I am. I do know how to spell Robyn’s last name. That’s all.

  • Seems really silly (total waste of your mommy-time) to have to explain a blog you write on your own *bleeping* site. People need to get over having such an over-the-top reaction to an opinion, right? Jeesh.

    I visit your site everyday because I ENJOY reading your opinions. I follow you on Twitter for your HILARIOUS posts on just about every topic there is. Not that you’d ever need a reminder or encouragement in this regard but…. don’t ever change Jun… & I’m looking forward to your next opinion and tweet(s).

  • marylyn on August 7, 2013 at 7:44 pm said:


    “I see now that “CBS Cares” was a dump truck sized load of shit. CBS cares when it is the popular and convenient thing to do but if it in any way affects the bottom line, fuck it. They don’t care that much.

    I’ll save the words I have for Allison Grodner, along with Allison Grodner Productions, Fly on the Wall Productions, and Robyn Mass for another rant. Hell has a special place for all of them and all like them.”

    very well said GaYToR.

    CBS does not care, they only care about going after the almighty buck. i even stopped watching The Talk, cant watch a show when julie was hurt about the asian remarks and yet she still hosts big brother, doesnt make sense to me, oh wait she also puts $ before the feelings of others

  • I am just happy to see 3 readers on my blog…. Can’t imagine what I would do with your numbers. I guess I would blog more often…

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 9:27 am said:


      My numbers aren’t even that high hahaha! I appreciate each and every visitor, because blogging is hard to do every day…but worth it because people come back and we chat in the comments :)

  • It would’ve been something if they did add punishments for their repulsive behavior at least. It’s so odd that they’re so deep in their selfish idgaf attitudes that they don’t care how they’re being viewed. Or that there’s a possibility that it has outside life repercussions.

    Jun, you’re making a few people feel weird with your decision. You don’t realize your power to compel. 😉

  • Jun, people are just plain crazy if they demand you return your winnings. BB4 is entirely differnt from BB15. BB15 is full of hate, vile filthy comments. I quit watching even before you posted your hiatus. I have taped episodes & then can’t bring myself to watch. I miss the old Big Brother. It was fun to watch comps, watch people secretly working together under the nose of their alliances (can’t spell today). I miss Jun, James Rhine, Chicken George, Kazar, Evel Dick, Dan, etc. I want fun, I want to pull for someone to win. Right now, I DON’T CARE!!!. Maybe, just maybe next season will be different.

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 8:53 am said:


      Maybe next season they should bring all those names you listed back for a rebound damage control hurrah.

      I wish we could have a healthy mix of the old and new, because whether we like it or not we are in the new. This cast doesn’t have enough balance…

  • T. Burke Hodgson on August 7, 2013 at 10:58 pm said:


    I’m very displeased with BB15, too. I hate to be sexist but the foul language on national TV from the female house guests (principally the Mean Girls) really annoys me. You sort of expect that kind of thing from young guys, but women usually savvy up far earlier than men do. However, the house guests this year are REALLY good looking. Kudos to casting for rounding up the most beautiful collection of trailer trash in the nation.

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 8:52 am said:


      Haha. I know you so I know you’re not a sexist, but that does sound sexist! I agree though. It’s really bad. They feed off each other and there aren’t enough redeeming qualities to overpower the horrid HGs.

  • my perspective is that I pay for my feeds and I want them batshit. If people do not want to deal with the ridiculous shit these idiots say, they do not have to pay for it. But personally I want these idiots arguing and bitching at each other 24/7, not singing, “Kumbaya” in harmony.

    • Jun Song on August 8, 2013 at 8:50 am said:


      I think there’s a HUGE gap between Kumbaya and blatant disrespect and dangerous premises. I understand your argument absolutely. Nobody has to pay for anything or watch anything…yet looking away is hard for everyone.

  • I sort of disagree with the “no legal recourse” conclusion. BB may write its contracts to say a million different times that the HG are not “employees,” but the California courts don’t give a crap about what the contract says, what they care about is whether the working conditions look more like employment than like an independent contractor situation. I will not bore you with a long legal brief (although I have written more than one California legal brief on this very topic), but the primary factor is whether the “employer” has control over the “working” conditions — is the HG told where to be, when to be there, what to do, when to do it, etc. Additionally, I cannot imagine a California court holding that a production company can contract its way out of the racial discrimination laws.

    That said, I would be extremely surprised if any of the targeted HG sued Endemol/CBS, because it seems like most of the HGs now go on BB to get their 15 minutes of fame, and being embroiled in a civil lawsuit doesn’t really look great on one’s IMDB page.

    Finally, while I agree that the HGs’ families absolutely should not be targeted, I really don’t have a problem with people losing their jobs. Real estate agents, for example, are required to comply with the fair housing laws. I’m not sure that I would want to be a buyers’ agent on the other side of a sales transaction from Amanda if I had a client who was a racial minority. If even the knowledge that one’s bile is going to be nationally televised can’t motive the person to zip his damn lip — that’s not somebody who I would want as an employee, particularly in any job dealing with the public.

  • CBS cares has Diversity/Tolerance listed as what they will address. well they addressed it as we dont care since racism, discrimination, and bigotry is running rampant through the house. they need to remove the cares from behind CBS, hope other networks see that they go against the care that they portray that they are. shame wallflowers aren’t allowed on big brother since moonvees said they dont want wallflowers on the show. i miss not watching the talk anymore, but just cant watch a show where the host also hosts a show where she is appalled buy Hgs actions

    • Jun fan till the end!!!!!!! on August 11, 2013 at 1:14 pm said:


      I miss The Talk also, but I boycotted it when i realized that Julie became a sellout in order to appease her husband. Not a good look!

    • Jun fan till the end!!!!!!! on August 11, 2013 at 1:13 pm said:


      For the life of me, I could not find the “5th you were talking about” , So forgive me if I’m wrong and missed something. But my “assumption” is that you are telling Jun to “get a life” because she is posting about BB15 after the 5th? Is that so? Because I have many questions/answers for this comment!

    • Jun Song on August 11, 2013 at 8:41 pm said:


      You do realize that this is my website and that I can stop watching Big Brother 15 and still write about anything I want? Great.

  • Jun fan till the end!!!!!!! on August 11, 2013 at 9:50 am said:


    Keep the faith Jun….People ARE posting this! Word IS getting around! Keep doing what you do! You ARE making a difference! It’s just one by one. Wish that Julie could do more for your people, but she probably has her back towards the wall! Thanks for this great website!

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