Big Deal Asian Girlz

I waited a week to see what the impact Asian Girlz would have on the online world, and it’s had little. What is Asian Girlz?  Well it’s a song, that happens to come along with a music video:

I love your sticky rice…butt fucking all night!
Korean barbecue…Bitch, I love you!
I love your creamy yellow thighs…oooh your slanted eyes
It’s the Year of the Dragon…Ninja pussy I’m stabbin’!

Asian girl, she’s my Asian girl
You’re my Asian girl, you’re my Asian girl
You’re my Asian girl, she’s my Asian girl
Yes, my Asian girl, you’re my Asian girl

Superstitious feng shui shit, what! Now lay your hair by the toilet…
I’ve got your green tea boba, so put your head on my shoulder…
Your momma’s so pretty, Best nails in the city…
Pushing your daddy’s Mercedes…Girl you drive me crazy!

Asian girl, she’s my Asian girl
You’re my Asian girl, you’re my Asian girl
You’re my Asian girl, she’s my Asian girl
Yes, my Asian girl, you’re my Asian girl

New Year’s in February (February?)
That’s fine with me (I guess)
Yeah, shark soup (What? Fuck it, we’ll eat it)
Oh, tradition, tradition, tradition, yeah yeah
Baby, you’re my Asian girl
You’re legally (best kind)
So baby marry me
Come on sit on my lap (right here baby)
Or we’ll send you back
And you age so well
I can barely tell
17 or 23?
Baby doesn’t matter to me…

There’s more but I’ll spare you.


I lied. I needed you to see the actual music video. I didn’t watch it in it’s entirety because I didn’t have to. It was nothing new to me except there was actual money spent on this particular piece of racist bullshit masked as satire. At least give me something new and fresh from the racist agenda! I want to laugh with people and not just at them more often.

They, Day Above Ground, have gotten nowhere as a result of their big debut and deservedly so. They obviously can’t sing so they wrote cute racist poetry as a joke and in the name of music, and while I did find some of the imagery funny I couldn’t help but to turn it off because it was so outdated and unevolved…it seems to be the trend with me as of late…much like the racism that’s been passed off as humor and ratings-bait in the current Big Brother 15 season.

“I love your sticky rice…butt fucking all night!
Korean barbecue…Bitch, I love you!
I love your creamy yellow thighs…oooh your slanted eyes
It’s the Year of the Dragon…Ninja pussy I’m stabbin’!”

Yes, well, as an “Asian girl”…

I too love my sticky rice and sure sometimes I like to butt fuck all night just as much or less as the next girl. I marinade a mean Korean barbecue and love my own creamy yellow thighs, I do. I love the slant in my eyes and I know when it’s the Year of the Dragon because it’s the year I pushed my dragon baby out of my ninja pussy. What’s a ninja pussy, exactly?

It doesn’t matter because it seems Asian Girlz has hit it’s peak in piquing people’s interest, and it turns out nobody really cares about the severely ignorant attention-seekers called Day Above Ground. I hope they spent their life savings producing that video, and learned some vital lessons in risky investing. Then there’s Levy Tran…the very sexy Asian young lady in the video…




I believe her. I don’t think she’s a part of some undercover racist ploy to end the importing of green tea and feng shui maps…she just made a bad decision for little money that she’s now paying for online. I forgive her, even though I didn’t need an apology to know this is all just a sad mess.

I don’t think Levy has the capability to send Asian women back 50 years, because she’s just not that important. I respect her rush to apology, and sincerity following the YouTube debacle. Good for you Levy. Stay away from garage band losers prone to latent yellow fever.

But while I was researching for this blog I did manage to find this gem…


At first I thought this David dude was really my brother Danny, and there was some secret life on the internet I didn’t know about. David seriously kinda looks and speaks and freaks out just like my brother, and his intonation is very similar to Danny’s too when he’s on a rant. I turned to my husband Davy and asked “Doesn’t this guy remind you of my brother Danny?!”

Davy’s response? “I’m glad you said that and not me.”

We laughed. You have to be able to laugh. And I realize that’s a lot of “D” names for one blog.

Always dishing,





  1. Jerry

    My question is, how could you listen to that drek long enough to know it was racist?

    When did such foul mouthed crap become acceptable as music?

    I guess I’ve become to old to understand our current pop culture.

    1. Jun Song Author

      To tell you the truth I listened to the first few lines…then just looked up the lyrics. I couldn’t watch the rest of the video. Our current pop culture has rejected this song so I’m feeling okay. Thank goodness it wasn’t a hit! 🙂

  2. Nancy Alexander

    So happy to read you turned it off too. Also listened to David’s rant and I was going to ask you the same thing…most racist folks end the sentence w/but I’m not racist. I’ve yet to hear anybody, all races not just whites, say racist comments then end it with “I’m racist, racist as they”come.” I’d also like to add why do white’s get all the credit for racism? Racism comes in every color and both genders yet we get all the credit. Just food for thought. Just because I love and crave fried rice, or wonton soup or my fav fried wonton’s or enjoy watermelon doesn’t make me racist. It just means I love good food. Called Panda’s last pm and my sweet friend asked if I had company coming over because I ordered so much…nope been sick and haven’t eaten much and I’m craving my favorite foods so I ordered half the menu. We are all God’s children (yes I believe in God) and I don’t give a damn where you’re from, what color your skin, hair or eyes are just be kind to me and treat me with respect and you’ll get the same in return. How sad my life would be without the love and friendship I have gotten and given without my friends who aren’t white. Sorry guess I need a blog too. Love ya GF!

    1. Jun Song Author

      Hahaha. It’s true hahaha. “But I’m not racist” is classic 🙂

      I for one appreciate your “blogs” because it’s always real life you’re talking Nancy. Thank goodness for good people like you otherwise I’d REALLY worry about our world 🙂

    2. Sara

      I’m with you, Nancy.

      What really baffles me these days is that anyone under the age of 40 can be that close-minded. Doesn’t racism and bigotry stem from ignorance? How can someone with the benefit of an education, TV access, internet etc in a multicultural society allow themselves to become that stupid.

      As an African living in Chicago – a metropolis – I often shake my head when I realize how people of all backgrounds enslave themselves by only staying within a certain area and not looking beyond their backyards. I frequently buy produce from Chinatown markets and sometimes people ask me if I’m not scared to eat the produce I buy there because “you know, it’s Chinese and could have lead.” When I’m in a cheeky mood, I respond with a billion people can’t be wrong.

  3. Ursula

    I had not heard word one about this song until your post. I agree with everything you and Dann… I mean David said, but dayum, that stupid chorus is fucking catchy!

    1. Markson

      about as catchy as herpes! There used to be a time where racists at least made an effort to provide a decent performance and some showmanship. Racists these days are pretty lazy and unimaginative…ninja pussy? lol…oh man these dudes are dumb.

  4. MarluvsBB

    I must live a sheltered life, or maybe I’m just wrapped up in BB feeds…. I hadn’t heard of the song either, but after reading about half of the poem, I knew I wasn’t going to bother. I won’t give them an additional hit.

  5. based on the lyrics … I passed on the video!! and I hadnt even heard of the song til this blog!! lol My son is 1/2 white, 1/4 filipina, 1/4 east indian … AND he is autistic!! Im too tired to get upset … lol

    1. Jun Song Author

      It’s scary the level of insensitivity there is…people just don’t think enough about their actions anymore…

      It’s awesome your son’s got such a great dad though 🙂

  6. OMG – David said it well and SO funny! Yea, I couldn’t watch the whole video either – thank God for his rant. If your brother is anything like him, then Danny needs to do standup or have a youtube channel!

  7. Anonymous

    Jun I love you and your blogs…just found out about you on jokers when you said that you were going to quit watching bb 15. (I hope you are still secretly watching it though) I now get your daily blogs and you crack me up. If I could write like you, I’d say the exact same thing…muwah.

  8. Markson

    -sigh- it’s getting to the point that I’m getting mad at myself for caring so much about what ignorant people think. Not how they feel mind you, I just always think if a strong enough logical argument were put together outlining their own stupidity bigots everywhere would slowly one by one change their thinking. Wishful thinking on my part.

    Talk about a double whammy, not only does this band stink beyond belief but they decided to add a racist cherry on top. Who came up with this marketing strategy? Sing terrible and just for added measure insult an entire group of people because you guys are obviosly so popular in the charts already!

    Glad you added the second vid because that was actually funny and I think I might subscribe to his channel now after I finish scouring the internets for Levy Tran videos in which she is not surrounded by racist dudes who probably can’t tie their own shoes unassisted.

  9. Okay, I know I’m way late to this one. The lyrics make me need brain bleach, but if you turn off the volume in the video you see an incredibly attractive Asian woman with a cage filled with her pet white boys who she let’s out occasionally to service her. They appear to be happy, loyal pets. Yeah, I say go with no sound and for your brains health, don’t look up the lyrics.


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