Taste of Belgium Giveaway 2 Winner

I asked last week of my subscribers…

What was your favorite childhood cereal and why?

It was the question to my Taste of Belgium GIveaway 2 in the series where I send you treats from Belgium.

It’s also my way of learning so much about you all, in return, and I enjoy most seeing so many of you take brain to blog and answer! I laughed so much and smirked a lot, and I thank you all for sharing your little slices of childhood.



Thanks Sparky for opening a door into your twisted Sugar Pops world. I’ll find a “Belgian” Raisin Bran-type cereal and send it your way! Please check back to your original comment for details on how to get in touch with me!

Always dishing,




  1. kcsmum

    Way to go, Sparkles!! I teared up when I read your entry the first time and again today. How fortunate are we to have those memories locked in our hearts forever. A perfect ending to your anniversary weekend. But I already knew you were a winner. 🙂

  2. GaYToR

    Congrats Sparky. That was definitely worthy of the win. Your memories of Corn Flakes reminded me of mine and the similarities are amazing. The only difference is my cereal was Post Toasties ® because that was Granny’s favorite. I am very lucky to have so many memories of her. We practically lived with her until moving out of state when I was going from 2nd to 3rd grade. She passed about 2 years later.

    But I was Granny’s little man and if she ate it, it was what I had to have. That went for just about everything except her prune juice that came in a green bottle.

    Unfortunately we lived in the city so there was no fresh from the tree or vine fruits and milk arrived in glass jugs. But… when we moved I got the full experience since we bought 220 acres of farmland in central AR. There I got the fresh fruit experience and our nearest neighbors, a mile away, ran a very successful dairy farm so our whole milk came directly from the vat where it was stored until the big shiny stainless steel milk truck came daily or maybe twice a day to haul off that delicious milk to the processor facilities to be separated, homogenized, and everything else imaginable for sale in the city supermarkets. It was a brief but memorable experience that I believe made me a more respectful person by knowing how fresh food grows and the hard work that went into it. We had a garden so huge I think we could have fed an army, except for the fact that my dad was a Marine for life. Semper Fi!

    1. GaYToR

      Oh. The granny I referred to was my great grandmother. I left that out. Her name was Clara Bell Hackler. She was named many decades before Clara Bell the Cow. I couldn’t leave that out.

  3. Anonymous

    Awe that’s so sweet. I never let my daughter have anything but oatmeal, but when I became too lazy to fix it, i gave her cheerios, never bought all that crazy stuff, but her cousin (my nephew) was spoiled and got all the weird cereal he wanted. Guess what, my daughter still prefers the oatmeal that her opa prepared to all the cereals in the world. She has no time for silly reality TV or me. She is busy raising 5 kids and working for the state as a lactation specialist and dietician. I did something right…

  4. Sparky

    Oh wow, just got back from a weekend getaway for our anniversary and found that I won. Yay. Thank you all for the congrats, etc. I will let you know how Belgian Raisin Bran differs from US if indeed it does.

  5. Congrats Sparky…. !!!! I lived to go to the grocery store with my Dad as a kid. He always asked me if I wanted to go with him. That poor man, he always asked my mom in a fake upset voice, “Why did I ask?” when we got home. Loved that man.


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