Out Sick

Noah awoke with a fever for the second day in a row, and we attributed it to his teething because his gums have been swollen for days as more teeth make their way through his tender gums. His fever got worse today, although he’s still been eating and drinking a little bit here and there. Noah’s fever hit 102.8 and his skin was so hot to the touch.

Thankfully, Noah’s pediatrician made a house call within the hour to check him out.


Noah wasn’t thrilled about being poked and prodded, albeit gently, and he let us know it. I’m grateful that house visits by doctors are so common here, and reimbursed in near entirety as part of a strong healthcare system. Noah most likely caught something from a friend at daycare, and I don’t envy any parents dealing with a sick child.

Hours later medicines have been prescribed, and administered, and Noah’s tucked into bed for the evening. There’s the inevitable second wave each time Noah catches something viral, and either my husband Davy or I also always get sick. This time it’s my turn.

I’ve visited the toilet more times in the last few hours than I have all last week. I’m out sick. I’m hoping Davy stays healthy out of the three under our roof.

I’m writing to you from my bed, where I’m dramatically propped up by a pillow with what energy I have left. I’m hoping for a speedy recovery so Noah’s recovery can be speedy too. See you on the other side of whatever bug has caught my household here in Belgium!

Update: Three hours later, and Davy’s sick. Oh boy.

Always dishing,




  1. Awww, I am sorry you got it too! Hope you’re back to your normal, spunky self by morning! If not, please call your doc for your own visit to get yourself something to make it more easier for you to heal. Healing hugs are winging their way to Belgium!! Hope they reach you feeling much better 🙂

  2. Sparky

    Ah yes the joys of a small one bringing home every bug he catches. No fun for sure. Rest up plenty of fluids and if all else fails call in the grandma reinforcements. Feel better soon.

  3. GaYToR

    Bless both of you and good thoughts for Davy to stay healthy so he can change both yours and Noah’s diapers. It’s never fun being sick but you can bark orders and know you will be obeyed with a smile (probably fake but a smile is a smile.).

    Poor Noah. He has to cry until someone randomly hits on his current need.

    Speedy recovery for both of you and God give Davy the patience of a Saint.

  4. Poor little guy! I was totally shocked to learn, after moving to rural France 2 years ago, how common it is for doctors to make house calls. Why we do not avail ourselves of this service, I don’t know, because 2 of my daughters had horrible cases of the chicken pox recently (they don’t vaccinate against that here) and I felt kind of bad taking them out in public. Feel better soon! Summer colds are the worst.

  5. Jenne

    The only good thing about what you are going through right now is that in a few years you and Noah will never be sick. When you have a child in daycare they seem to catch all the bugs, virusis while they are young. By the time they hit 7-8 your home free. Knock on wood I haven’t been sick for a long time like years because while my kids were little I was sick every time they were. Good luck and love to you both.

  6. Nancy Alexander

    Feel better to your family. I’d offer to blog for you but it would be about the smarmy, snark Bb hg. Love and well wishes my cyber friend!

  7. Love, hugs, & prayers to the 3 of you. Feel better soon.
    You’re so lucky to have a good health care system. In the US, questionable??? w/ the new affordable health care starting in 2014.
    Take good care of yourself. Love ya Jun

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry Jun. What a bummer! The most worrisome problem for our children is a high temp. I know that it’s hard for you and Davy to watch Noah suffer. I’m glad that you’re in a smart country with medical coverage for everyone. We’re getting there, slowly. Slowly. Just Jack

  9. Sorry to hear that you’re now all down with the bug!! 🙁

    But on the bright side, your healthcare system in Belgium is kick-ass!!

    You can’t even get a housecall in the UK anymore. You have to book an appointment at the
    surgery (usually for a few days later)!! And if it’s considered important enough for a housecall, then they make you drive yourself down to A&E at the hospital instead!!

    Hope all 3 of you feel better soon!! 🙂

  10. GaYToR

    I ran across this one just now as I was subscribing to comments from another blog of yours. I may not comment every day but I ALWAYS read. Seriously one of the highlights of my day. Hope everyone is back to good health by now, 2 weeks later… Well, maybe I don’t get to read EVERY day and especially the past month because Danny is doing more on FB and not letting me have the laptop when I snap my fingers. I used to have him so trained. I don’t know what went wrong. I’m still going to marry him anyway,.. as soon as we save the money to move to NYC or at least go there for the legally required Marriage License waitiing period. But moving there is in the works also,

    Anyway… I can’t believe I forgot to mention how shocked I am about doctors making housecalls there. I remember when ours did that in Dallas but that was before President Kennedy’s assassination. One has nothing to do with the other. It’s a reference of time. I know I’ve had a few doctors I would love to get them to make a housecall but it wouldn’t be because I was sick. Have a fever? Maybe. Sick? No. Well maybe my mind… actually I’d do my psychiatrist in a heartbeat. :-O TMI?

    Yes, I am a Chatty Cathy tonight (for me) morning (for you).


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