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Lost Gia

I wasn’t planning to write today, because my family of three is currently fighting a stomach virus and I’ve been complaining about it all day on Twitter. I stopped complaining, about everything, when I saw tweets about the death of Gia Allemand. Superficially, I had a huge girl-crush on Gia from afar and I found her so naturally beautiful when she on the television screen that season of The Bachelor.

Because of the reality television part of my life, I saw Gia pop up in photos at reality t.v. animal fundraisers more recently. I started to believe she was beautiful on the inside too. It’s nearly midnight here in Belgium and I was ready for sleep but I caught news that Gia’s death was a suicide. Suicide?

I couldn’t go to sleep. I can’t sleep.


It’s not because Gia is a celebrity that a loss like this is so big, but it is a public loss. It’s big when any life is lost, and lost to suicide. It happens, but it just doesn’t always make the news. I don’t know the level of pain you have to feel to have take to take matters into your own hands, and attempt to end your life…

I don’t.

I didn’t ever think that someone I loved would try to take their own life, but it happened. My mother. She failed. She’s still here today and life is more precious because of it, but we never ever talk about it.

Gia, well Gia is gone. Life support and loved ones around her couldn’t bring her back. I did not expect to learn her death was a suicide, but I’m reminded again that it’s always shocking. That’s what suicide is.

I realize I’m dehydrated and slightly feverish so I’m very emotional, but I’m incredibly sad for everyone Gia touched in her life. I only wish strength and more strength for those closest to Gia, because grief comes in different waves. We say suicide is selfish, but so is everyone around us. These stories are far too common in what seems like a slow spin out of control.

Please remind someone today of how much you love them, today.

Rest in peace Gia.

Always dishing,


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  • No matter how bad things have been at times, i could not take my own life. I just couldnt. A good friend of ours, best man at our wedding, did and it was just so devastating.I can not imagine the feeling to go there.
    I agree with you Jun, we need to say I Love You each day..You just never know.

  • kate72046 on August 14, 2013 at 11:41 pm said:


    Beautiful blog, Jun. I lost my gorgeous grand nephew to suicide a year ago last May 19. It was so devastating to learn that a young man, 27 yrs old with a wife and 2 yr old little daughter who worshipped her daddy, had hanged himself in their basement closet. He was not found for 30 hrs. I still cry for David daily. This old auntie loved him with all her heart. The damage that has a tsunami
    effect. The hurt is forever as are the wondering what I missed…how could I have stopped him. Maybe one day soon when I am in Heaven I will learn those answers. RIP Gia

  • karenrakay on August 14, 2013 at 11:44 pm said:


    I will be honest. . When I said the headline I said. .are they writing about a mindless contestant.. then I saw her..I was saddened..she was a beautiful girl …Jun. thank u for sharing

  • Anonymous on August 15, 2013 at 12:32 am said:


    Sadly Jun, I like your mother didn’t succeed, and the pain of mental illness is so devasting that your mind goes into a different sphere..death becomes the only light to end it. When you are in the vortex, the last thing anyone could call Luis selfish..you feel if you end your suffering it will ease the burden of hose you love as well. I am in a different place now..but I will always remember that utter and total feeling of blinding despair and total lack of any joy or hope.

  • OMGosh. I hadn’t heard about this tragedy. I also liked Gia very much on TV. She seemed as happy & carefree as any other lovely young women. Jun, your words are so true. You know the situation in my family this summer and I can tell you – it is awful. There is no way to make sense of it, no way to spin it and even thinking about accepting it and “moving on” makes me physically ill. I hope everyone reading this treats each day like it could be their last. Especially if there are younger people in your circle. Hug them a little tighter and make sure they know there are always choices. It’s an uncomfortable discussion but you don’t want to feel the pain of not having it. I hope you, Davy & Noah are on the mend. Pedialyte and Gatorade are your friends!

  • I two had a huge girl crush on her and like yourself felt she was as good on the inside as out. Suicide is a subject that scares me because I live with it everyday. I came home several years ago to finding my now ex husband minutes from death with our two young children in tow. I then realized that depression is an illness and needs to be treated much like cancer. We worked on it together but he really didn’t and doesn’t want to get better. I feel for anyone suffering because there is always hope. I now have to deal with my two kids having those same genes and it scares me. The are both teenagers and I preach to them about awareness . Prayers o Gia’s friends and family.

  • Natalie Counts on August 15, 2013 at 2:23 pm said:


    I never realize that Momz tried to end her life. That must be so hard to deal with, but it makes me so glad that she is here to enjoy her beautiful grandson!

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