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I Had No Fear

FacebookI take so many blog topics thrown at me on Twitter I decided to go with a Facebook request for today’s blog.

I was never technically a madam because I never ran a brothel. My girls never had sex.  I’m okay with “mamasan” but I was never called a madam. There is a mark on my About Jun timeline in 2005, and it says I “Started a sex business while returning to work in banking, in the same time frame.”

This is true, but “sex business” is vague.

I ran, for a period of time, a high-end private body rub service. What does a high-end private body rub get you? Essentially, if you can afford it, you get massaged by a college-aged naked girl of your choice of any color and then you flip over and get a hand job at the end. Depending on how much time and cash you have you can spend as much time as you want with your body rub girl, but there’s never any sex or any kind of penetration. It’s not a brothel. It’s a body rub studio. No full service. Period.

Who gets these body rubs?! What kinds of girls give these body rubs?!

I didn’t know anything about any of this either, but now I do. I’d joked in the Big Brother 4 house that if I won I’d “open a brothel, but a classy one.” I was 1000% joking, but then I did win. I returned home and spent the last year of my dad’s life together with him, and relied on some of my BB winnings as a cushion. After taxes what’s left of $500,000 is more like $270,000, and there’s no clever CPA loophole around it.

My father died a year later and by then I’d invested most of what was left of my prize money, in a condo near the Grand Central. My mother was broken and terrified and my brother was still in college. I had a good salary and bonus that year, at a global bank on Park Avenue, but I needed more money. My mother wasn’t all of a sudden going to sprout full-time working panties overnight, and her mental state wasn’t good enough to work anyway.

I put on my Cancer crab shell, and focused on making money so my mother would never worry. I turned to Craigslist, which I’d done before. I clicked on random “gigs” ads but none of them paid enough of anything. So I roamed over to “Services” and further to “Erotic Services” which doesn’t exist anymore, by the way. I called a number listed for a job called “phone girl” assuming it was phone sex stuff, which I’d done once before for Christmas money. A woman answered, and I assumed a woman would answer. No more assuming anything from that point on.

It turned out phone girl was really “just a receptionist who books body rubs for clients on the telephone.” If I booked appointments I got a percentage of the cash coming in. I was asked if I’d ever done this before and if I had a problem with it and I said no and no, and I was basically hired. The next day, after working on client presentations and sitting in on quarterly investment meetings, I packed up and headed to the “body rub studio” to meet with Craigslist Woman.

I was so calm walking into a random apartment in a random midtown high rise, in my long wool coat clutching my LV Luco bag on my shoulder, and I was calm introducing myself to two very clean but suspicious looking people. One was Craigslist Woman, and the other was a slim Asian guy (Craigslist Woman’s “assistant”).

I got a lot of information, and had to regurgitate as much as I could for them. They asked me if I wanted to be a body rub girl, and not a phone girl, and I stupidly asked if they meant I’d have to give body rubs. That’s what body rub girls do they’d replied, laughing, but I wasn’t offended. I was flattered, but I said no thank you I just want to make some quick cash answering phones and booking appointments.

I had no fear. I had not mourned my father. I had not confronted my mother about her mental illness. I slept a few hours a day every day and threw myself into some mourning craze through making money. I kept it all a secret.

When I wasn’t working or putting in overtime at the bank, I was giving my sexy voice and booking appointment after jerked-off-penis-appointment. The sex underground in New York City is open 24 hours a day, and we worked in 8 hours shifts just like any other 24-hour business. I made good money. My mother didn’t question my financial support because she thought I was just doing better off than I really was.

Just a month later I was a body rub girl, and voluntarily. I wanted to open my own place, and I couldn’t do that without knowing what each girl goes through in that compact room identical to every other body rub room in the studio. I needed to touch and smell what the hell was going on, and how girls managed to cheat the house out of money. I studied and slowly built an infrastructure of my own.

I got to know all the girls, from having been a phone girl and then as one of them, and I hand-picked the girls who’d come with me when I left to open my own place. I had no fear. I didn’t care. My father was gone and I did not accept it, and instead I threw myself into something he would tell me to stop doing.

I did end up opening my own body rub service.

I had no fear.

Always dishing,




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  • you know i have mad respect for you doing what you feel you had to do to make sure your mother was well taken care of and even thou i am sure your dad would not have approved of the method i am sure he was pleased to know that he helped raise a daughter who truly understood what it meant to be there for their family and to not let them suffer no matter what… mad props girl i don’t think i could have done it but that doesn’t make it wrong.

    • It’s still surreal to me that I was able to shut everything off and do it, but looking back I was in a place where I just really didn’t care and went with my gut on every little thing. Thank you for your message. Wrong or right I did it hahaha no turning back :)

  • Wow Jun I think it is so awesome you shared this! I had always wondered about this business but its hard to get a clear idea of what it was really like. Thanks for always being so honest!!

    • There’s NO way to know what it’s really like unless you’re in it :)

      It’s impossible to get it out in one blog but I think this is a good start…

  • Rebecca nixon on August 16, 2013 at 10:51 pm said:


    Well said Rebecca, totally agree. X very interesting! I like that you never just expected to open a body rub business without learning the ropes first, cos I’m sure there is many people who wouldn’t do that!

  • You did what you felt you needed to do. If this helped w/extra money for you & your mother so be it. If this helped you come to terms w/your father’s death so be it. We all deal w/life’s issues differently.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • wow, I find it a bit funny and weird how I can come to your blog, read your words and find a new reason to respect you a little bit more every day despite being a total stranger. Crazy. Hope the family is doing a bit better. You take care Jun.

    • Thanks Markson. I share here because it’s my site and I also write in my free time. I write it all out. Writing is like my diary room! :)

      The family’s back to 100% and the virus has moved on to other households haha. Thanks for always stopping by!

    • It happened twice, but they weren’t super fans. It wasn’t funny at the time but looking back holy shit ha!

  • Jmantyger on August 16, 2013 at 11:48 pm said:


    Great story Jun. NO DOUBT in my mind you would be successful in whatever you chose to do. Now if you could just come up with some sort of cat lady or Shrek repellant…

  • Thank you for picking my topic! Shows where my mind was, I assumed “Madam” even though you never said it, lol. And you’ve given me an idea of how to make some extra money… 😉

    • I don’t think most people think about the intricacies haha!

      Thanks for opening up this part in my writing. Love that you asked!

  • When family is at risk we do what we must and I admire that. I think your father would have approved, After all he and Momz did make all sorts of sacrifices for their family when left Korea to begin a new life. In the end it is the fact that it was done out of love that is the most important thing.

    • I don’t regret it, but I question myself still. ; ) Thanks Sparky for your kind words. I don’t know what my father thinks, and sometimes wonder!

  • See. I told you there would be a wide audience for the book!! Probably a good thing Momz didn’t know about the side job. You would have had to endure daily lectures about staying away from “the butt in the back” since ALL roads lead to anal sex. Glad you’re feeling better. xo

    • Different ways, but mostly taking extra cash while alone in the room with the client for “extras.” Hell no.

  • Very interesting! You are a very strong,fascinating person. I love it. I’d enjoy reading a blog about when/how you grieved for your dad & helped your mom with her mental illness. Or maybe you already did or it may be too personal. I just love your writing & always learn something. :)

  • Holy Crap I’m shocked… Why I dunno…Jun I’ve followed you thru your pregnancy, birth of Noah, blogs on BB, visits to porno shows, and love you for sure. This one shocked me though, naive Canadian girl that I am….I guess a girl has to do what a girl has to do to make a living in NY? Or did I just miss the point. Ok no fear. Seriously no fear?

    • No. Not a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

      No girl wants to work for cash in the sex industry. It takes a conscious effort to shut your emotions off for money. Every young lady did it for different reasons.

      When my dad was taken from me I was so angry and sad but I could not and would not show it to anyone. I happened to have people around me who were not there for me, and nobody was going to help my mother so I took a plunge. I don’t tell everyone I meet about this, although I am sharing it now here, but I can’t change what I did.

      No fear. I had no fear because I was in a reckless and hateful place for a while. I understand your shock. I’m still shocked that I did it.

  • Daniel Quick on August 17, 2013 at 7:58 am said:


    Well look at that, you do learn something every day. Hhhmmmm, I think I like you even more now. More for the entrepreneurial, go getter attitude than the hand-job thing…. but that’s pretty impressive as well.

  • What?? That’s it!?!? Where’s the deets on your OWN Rub Business? I need more, somehow :)

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blogs, Jun! Please never stop!! (BTW, Moya says to say hello to you! And sends her love to you all!)

  • Jun, I too have followed your moves and your life for awhile. This is a new one from you. There are so many times in my life and I am older then you that I’ve said I wonder if I could do that???And I’m referring to similar things to opening a sex rub business and I tucked them behind me and never did them. I think its great you’ve done the things you’ve had to do and for YOUR reasons. When I’ve thought of doing things its always been for money issues to support my family. My problem is I felt like I’d only begone to read the blog you stopped half way into the story. Wheres the rest. Im intrigued.

  • Not sure if someone asked you this already so forgive me if I’m asking again – but have you watched the series The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt? If so, wondered if you felt it was a fair representation of the business. I’m so fascinated with different ways to make money – and, yes, you must be fearless to do so!

  • The doctor said I couldnt live another year, the judge gave my kids to my exhusband and I got $5 a week aliamony for kissing his ass for 13 years. And I lived in a dirt floored shed. I did some stuff that nobody really wants to hear about but you do what you need to to survive. that proves your strong and I love that about you. You understand.

  • I work in the body rub business Philly I’m also a student. I think more than a few people would judge me if I told them what I really did but I have no regrets. In a few months I plan to open my own place out here. I previously worked in New York. The money I make doing what I do will set the foundation for my other dreams of graduating debt free and my whole life ahead of me. I fucked up in school and flunked out I went back and paid my own way no one can take that from me

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