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I didn’t make that up, and I’d never take credit, but that’s the Twitter hashtag Helen went down in flames in last night. Now that Helen’s out of the Big Brother 15 house and gone to Juryville, I can officially say that I’m smug about it. Just like when I was glad neither Jordan nor Dan won their second seasons because if there’s ever a two-time winner of BB, I want it to be me. Just like I want to be the only Korean to have won Big Brother. Yul’s got Survivor and Big Brother is mine. There I said it, all in one blog. How selfish of me.

Despite it being 10 years since I won my season I still care very much about my experience and the subsequent years as a fan of the show. My mother, who’s never watched much of Big Brother since my win, has been watching this season. Because of Helen, and because Helen’s Korean. I wouldn’t be writing this blog if Helen wasn’t Korean, really, but that’s my prerogative.

“She’s not pretty face but not ugly face.”

This is what my mother said about Helen from the start, and it sounds fucked up but this is considered a mild compliment in Korean terms. Once my mother knew everything else about you, she always gave an impression of your looks. Koreans of my mother’s generation were big on backhanded compliments not to be mean, but to keep it real. I’ve probably inherited lots of that, evolved into snark.

So my mother knows Helen’s gone now even if she doesn’t know much else. Rice jokes aside she won’t be watching BB anymore now that Helen’s gone. It’s not reverse racism or right or wrong, it’s just reality. My mother would rather watch Korean dramas, k-dramas, which are basically soap operas with storylines around sex and/or social class struggle and/or gangs and/or the Korean War and more. I want to get back into watching k-dramas, actually, when I have the time never.

I won’t go back to watching this Big Brother 15 season. It’s been easier than I thought…dropping BB15. I thought I’d go into dramatic withdrawal and itch to follow again, but I haven’t. Good for me.

So from what I remember…

I’ll remember Helen as being a cryer and sometimes fake cryer, and her cheerleading and nail parties, and “everyone loves moms” bullshit. I don’t love all moms and neither should anyone else. Some moms suck.

I really liked Helen for not being botoxed or hair-extensioned or otherwise trashy. I hope none of this season’s bullshit messes with her career or personal life. I hope she wears her #STFUHelen badge of hashtag honor proudly, despite her spasms and shouting.


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  • Nancy Alexander on August 23, 2013 at 6:20 pm said:


    ? How much $ would it take for you to throw the comp to reenter the game? Don’t think she threw it and still questioning the hand at the foot

  • We’re on the same page. I had vowed to stop watching Big Brother, yet I still turned the TV on to that station (just didn’t watch…). Mid-episode last night, after I checked Joker to see what would happen, I decided I really just have zero interest left in these people. I didn’t even want the show on as background noise. I’m finally, really, done with the season.

    Bye, Helen, if/when you read this. I wish you the best post-show.

  • Sportylulu on August 23, 2013 at 6:47 pm said:


    Helen will see STFUHelen in her rear view mirror. her horizons stretch further than most HG. Thank God BB will only be part of her life. Maybe you can tell her personally how sorry you are she didn’t win this season of BB (I’ll give you an Ikea gift card if you keep a straight face) LOL

  • Anonymous on August 23, 2013 at 6:56 pm said:


    Jun, seeing how Aaryn and Elissa cannot come together for a common goal has led me to appreciate your win sin BB4. You were able to put persoanl feelings aside to wrk with someone you clearly did not care for.

  • I’m so glad she’s gone I myself felt like she talked in her DR’s like we ” America ” lol she talked to us like we were 4 yrs old! And as she talked to the other HG’s like they were 4yr old too! thank God I don’t ever have to hear her ever again I can’t stand Helen! So glad she’s crispy critter’s now I even did a dance when she fell I was so flip’n fantastically HAPPY weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ; )

  • I think she’s extremely smart and she has to be good at her job, which is politics, I think? The woman could talk anyone into anything! But as she started losing her control over housemates, she started coming across as extremely manipulative and I didn’t like that. I don’t watch the Live Feeds because my BB addiction takes enough of my time as it is, but I see (SPOILER ALERT) that Helen isn’t the juror going back into the game. This season of BB is less interesting because two people (now just one) are controlling everyone’s votes. It’s more fun when groups of people think for themselves…

  • I will turn on twitter while im trying to find or follow something else and I see Mortys or whatever so i know the highlights and lows but dont watch the feeds at all .. first time in 10 years. we are not watching the programs on tv nor after dark (joke that is). I dont care I wish they would give the money to charity rather than any of these people. i can see whoever wins going off the edge and bottoming out..

  • Shannon Drew on August 24, 2013 at 10:56 am said:


    I was sad to see Helen go as a person & ending her bb dream but she deserved it after getting rid of all but one of her loyal alliance members & keeping people who planned her demise this past week! She’s very smart,sweet & can’t wait to hear more from her post-bb! She’s no Jun though!! 😉

  • I really don’t think I could have listened to one more “you’re so awesome, you’re so special” speech without throwing up. And I hate to vomit more than anything else in the world. So I’m glad she is gone and I think Momz’ assessment is right on the money. Jun Song, your record stands alone!

  • I will miss Helen. I wanted her to win. She has a good heart, but that may have led to her downfall. She was a fine player but her strategies were flawed. She should have gotten rid of Amanda when she had the chance.

  • Jun!, Have you no mercy !? How can you leave the BB mass’s to plunder in an unguided fall ? Please, break bread with Helen or whatever it takes for you to resume leading with the never-ending Torch of BB insight.

  • Anonymous on August 27, 2013 at 8:49 pm said:


    I never really watched BB, but after seeing one episode, had hoped Helen could win. I thought her political strategizing & passion could benefit her, given BB success requires political manipulation. She would “cry a river” if it would help her to gain sympathy – perhaps that’s what draws the audience if not other HG. She appeared the most joyful about the chance of reentring the house. But now that she is voted off, like your mom I don’t care to see the rest of the season. Hearing the words “form an alliance”, as in Survivor, gives me a near seizure. Helen is a juror so we can at least see her again at the finale.

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