Blog versus Book

I get asked lots of ifs.

I’ve been asked often in the last year in particular, if I’d ever “consider writing a book.” As a blogger my answer is maybe. As a writer my answer is yes.


I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve always hated writing up until a few years ago. When I stopped hating it I loved it right away, and it explains pretty much why I do it every day. I write a daily blog here, and then I write just to write. Maybe it will become a book and maybe it won’t, but I put time into it every day.

I knew nothing about blogging or writing a book. I still don’t know everything except for how hard it is to devote time in your day to writing anything at all. What I share here on my site, via blog, is sometimes personal and intimate. I open up here to share, but also to flex my writing muscles in between writing for my book. I don’t know if I’m doing it right or wrong, because I’ve never written so much in my life before. When I write each blog I treat it as a warm-up to my other writing.

A blog can be taken down or edited at a moment’s notice. Sure you can print it, and there will be traces of it forever on the internet, but my writing here is virtual. Your reading of it is fleeting even if you take away more than just words. Here is where I check in with you and you check in with me, daily, if we wish.

A book, however, implies ownership and ownership implies pride. For the reader and a writer…a book is bigger than blog. My respect for writers and authors is great, and in the age of self-publishing and faux celebrity tell-all best sellers, more people should have more respect for good writers and not the bullshit shades of bad writing. I’m all for capitalism and making your buck your way, but half the authors out there are less acclaimed and more self-proclaimed. Anyone can write a book, but not everyone should publish.

I honestly don’t know where I fall on the scale of good writing versus bad writing, and as a writer you should always be questioning this to keep yourself honest. I know that I’m more interested in writing a book than I am building a home catering business or returning to banking, as a career move, but I stay humble. I stay honest. I write every day. I enjoy my slice of cyberspace but I strive to feel the weight of my book in my hands. The reason I don’t talk about “writing a book” is because I don’t want to just talk about it. I want to do it.

I imagine it’s like that for most writers.

Always dishing,



  1. T. Burke Hodgson

    Hey Jun! If you write a book, you can plug it every five minutes and give copies away as fantabulous prizes — hmmm! Wait a minute! Don’t we know somebody like that?

  2. I used to write a daily blog that was well-read (it was the days of MySpace, when bloggers could find a large readership in that closed community). There was an immediate gratification. I could SEE that people were reading and interacting. But as someone who has a book coming out with Simon & Schuster in March 2014, I can say there’s something about knowing your book will be on shelves. I wonder if you couldn’t use your reality show experience as an outlet for fiction somehow. We live in an era of reality TV and I think there’s a reason books like “Hunger Games” are popular. I don’t think many of us will ever fully understand what it’s like to be on national TV. It’s a topic that’s fascinated me since my sister introduced me to The Real World back in the 90s. It’s probably also why The Truman Show is my favorite movie. There’s something there…and only someone who has been through it can write about it in a way that gives it justice.

  3. Anonymous

    Well stated Jun. Every writing that you do, whether blog, twitter, or email, is preparing you to write and finish your book. Writers MUST write. Everyday. Good writers know this. Good writers like you. Just Jack

  4. Anonymous

    Jun. I’ve been questioned as to why I have not written a book on our season together on Big Brother, BB4. The answer is that I had too much fun, enjoying all of my fellow House Guests and the whole, varied experience of the show. I have no axe, no bombs to hurl. Which would make a dull book. You can’t publish a book about how a plane landed safely at JFK. The plane must crash. There are no crashes in my past. Only soft touchdowns with plenty of runway ahead. Just Jack

  5. Markson

    Don’t let it go to your head or anything but you are an excellent writer and I can’t speak for everyone but I think you’d do very well. If I’m being real at worst I think you may struggle with mainstream success in the market place because it’s like people don’t read anymore unless your book is a movie. Despite this I’m certain it’d be a captivating read any real reader would love. This blog is better written than a lot of popular books out there today. Have you even tried reading 50 shades of Grey?!?! It’s Psychological torture. If I had tried to dive any deeper into that mess I’m quite sure my brain may have hemorrhaged.

    You’d be great and I for one would love to see your name on the cover of your very own book. I could actually go on praising your writing for a few hours but I will now STFU at risk of becoming Helen.

  6. Meghan @catmeghan

    I like your writing because I feel like it’s how you would talk if we were chatting 🙂 it is intelligent yet easy to read….a rare combo.

    1. Jmantyger

      Well stated Meghan! I couldn’t agree more. I love to read media where I feel the author is taking to me rather than at me. Jun does that; and, she has always been entertaining and even thought provoking. Plus, she makes me laugh. Like cajuns drinkin’ ‘shine round a camp fire…


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