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I’m thankful I was on Big Brother so many years ago, because I wouldn’t want to go on the show now. I don’t know if I could ever go back on the show again (Update: Here Goes Nothing). For a while I thought I would, given the right amount of compensation from CBS, but no. I wouldn’t put my friends and family through the hassle, and I don’t want to be remembered for going on the show anytime after this current season. Big Brother is becoming less and less CBS, and more MTV.

When they were casting for All-Stars in 2007 I was flown out to LA and I met with the gang at CBS again. I’d lost my dad to kidney failure in 2004, and my mother had tried to take her life as a result in 2005. I sat there with the producers and I answered their questions about what’s new and how does a second season of Big Brother sound to me. I felt like I was in a cave most of the interview, and I felt disconnected from reality. I was an emotional wreck since winning BB, but nobody knew it.

I answered all the producers’ questions but they knew my heart wasn’t in it. I’d already returned to work in banking since winning my season, and I’d also been running a little side business. I was focused on making money and running away from having to deal with death and depression in my family. Going back on Big Brother was not the right move for me. All-Stars happened without me, but I did judge a Food Competition that season with Marvin and Nicole. That was enough for me.


Since All-Stars I’ve stayed in touch with many people still on the Big Brother team, even after moving to Belgium and starting a family of my own. It’s their job to keep in touch with BB alum. CBS always has a way of tracking you down somehow even if the rest of us think you’ve gone MIA. It’s their job. For all those who think CBS doesn’t keep tabs on BB alum to use them if ever there comes a time, for anything, you’re wrong. They do. It’s their job, even for dinosaurs like me. Dinosaurs can be coaches too.

Their jobs must be getting harder in recent seasons with all the death threats and FBI-calling. I’m thankful my season was so long ago when less was at our vicious fingertips. I remember my cousin Miran, who was barely a teenager, had watched my season from home and ventured online to a Big Brother forum. In the forum I was being torn apart by rabid fans who hated me, and naive little Miran attempted to defend me. Quite innocently Miran thought that letting internet trolls know that she was related to me, and that she could vouch for me, would help support me.


Miran was chased off the forum crying, and traumatized. Growing up in a sheltered suburb of Delaware, Miran had never been accused of being “probably a lesbian who eats Jun’s pussy” or the like. I felt horrible. I still feel bad, but it’s funny to us now. That really was mild compared to 10 years later, today.

The internet is a wondrous place, but it’s also a clogged drain of anonymous hate to an extreme degree when it comes to Big Brother. It’s the reason I stopped watching Big Brother 15 and I know I did the right thing because my summer’s been peaceful. This is the first summer in years that I haven’t had my life threatened, or my family threatened, and my distancing myself from Big Brother has been better all-around.

I say I’d never go back on the show because nowadays some fans take it so far that people losing their livelihoods is not enough. Threats of rape and torture and death, and harassment of all kinds and outlets, has become the norm in recent Big Brother seasons. No amount of money or thirst for fame could ever make me get close to any of that, even if I know I’d win if I ever got back in the Big Brother house. I know I would, but it wouldn’t be worth my family having to have to go into hiding for months for their own sake.

It’s not easy to turn off the hate when it’s coming at you consistently in the public. Ignoring it is harder than you’d think, even though it’s the easiest thing to say. Some Big Brother alum choose to stick around and interact with fans while others drop their Big Brother experience and return to life. Some do both, and some do it better than others and for different reasons. The more you’re in the public eye, the more everything.

There’s a lot wrong with people who go into the Big Brother house, but they’re exponentially outnumbered by the lots going wrong with fans outside the Big Brother house. Fan rage escalates every year. How far can it go?

Always dishing,


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  • Jun,
    Thank you so much for this post. Some of these fans sicken me. It has been a dream of mine to do BB since I was younger. I just graduated college and no longer think I will do it. These people try to destroy you if they dislike you. Just know we all aren’t like this. They are messing it up for everyone. Have a great day :)

    • Oh there are some true friends I’ve made through fans. Thankfully there are fans who still respect themselves and others and make the BB experience a good one. I don’t think I would have ever applied for the show if not for 10 years ago :)

      • Here I thought this article was going to be more about the realities of BB and holding them accountable for their own misdeeds. The whole world knows there are sicko’s everywhere and no one in the public eye is omitted from their insane attacks. They aren’t just limited to people who appear o BB so I have to assume you knew the risks. In this article you speak of the death threats and so on that you and your family endured but strangely you wait 10 years to voice your concerns which makes me wonder how serious did you take those threats. Don’t get me wrong I sympathize with you and your family and everything you’ve experienced as a result of your appearance on BB, I just have to wonder if your speaking out now because your really fed up or is it because of the backlash “Helen” has received.

      • Shelly on August 29, 2013 at 12:39 pm said:

        I count myself as a true friend…and blessed because of it! This has been the most disgusting season of human display ever. I want on so bad and yet I am so glad I’m not tied to this season. I think BB should go away now..but it won’t. Too cheap to make every one says. Great article…and surprsing but awesome decision my friend. So what I never got to be ur AS2 campaign manager…as in gifting..it’s the thought that counts. :)

    • I applied to be on BB 4, 5 , 6, 7 and 8 . It consumed me for 5 years. It is all i talked about and thought about. I got called in for an interview for BB4. I flew into LAX and got a Taxi to take me to the Hotel that they were doing the interviews . I spent the night and got up early the next morning for the interview and in my head it was a No Brainer… They were going to pick me to be on the show. :) They didn’t….. I got my notice in the mail 3 weeks later saying Thank You for meeting with us etc etc, please apply again next year. So I did…. year after year after year. My son and I went to the casting calls in Sacramento, Bakersfield and at CBS Studios. I met / talked to a few of the house guests from previous years and I will always remember Marcellas telling me ” Be careful for what you wish for ” and then he said…. Laura, you are too nice to be on Big Brother. :( It broke my heart, but the older i got, i realized Marcellas was right. I am not a mean spirited person. I don’t believe everyone that goes in the BB house is, but I think when you are verbally attacked over and over again then your claws will come out. I am sure that would have happened to me and that i would have gotten pretty ugly in there and would have embarrassed myself and my family. So I have to say Thank You to Big Brother for not picking me. The fans would have called me lots of names I am sure and even though I might have been able to handle it back in my early 40’s, i am now 53 and I wouldn’t subject that to myself or my friends and family… It just isn’t worth it. I feel the most sorry for is Amanda’s, Aaryn’s, Andy’s and Spencer’s families…. I am sure their families wish they had never heard of Big Brother. :(

      • NewHavenMom on September 2, 2013 at 8:41 pm said:

        I agree. Don’t forget GM’s family. Not alot to be proud of. I can’t even get anyone I know to watch BB because it is so disgusting. Amanda and her sex, bullying and hate is deplorable.

  • T. Burke Hodgson on August 28, 2013 at 11:40 am said:


    Big Brother isn’t fun any more. Both the cast and the fans in the live feed chat rooms are mean and vicious. I thought last years series was great fun — particularly Ian — but these are ugly people with ugly morals or the lack there of. I hope the consequences in real life of their appearance on the show is severe. I also hope the CBS legal department is having a very nervous summer.

  • I’m glad you didn’t go back for all-stars. I know you’re the most hated houseguest in big brother history, but i’m not going to threaten you. Have a good day Jun. :)

    • I’m glad I didn’t go back. Am I really the most hated HG?! No way! Where can I get confirmation of that?! I’d need to add that to my bio…

      • I’m pretty sure that Maggie still holds the title. I don’t understand why because she played the hell out of the game in her season and actually deserved to win. I wasn’t a fan of her as a person but not every BB fan can put their personal feelings aside and judge someone based on their gameplay and that’s just sad.

      • just_a_dude on August 28, 2013 at 10:04 pm said:

        For what it’s worth, you were my favorite houseguest in BB4, and, in my opinion, the best winner thus far! (BB3’s Lisa is a close second in my book.)

      • Shelly Erb on September 2, 2013 at 3:22 pm said:

        Seriously?? The most HATED??? Not in a million gazillion years… Try Russell or the Hanz guy… and now… Amanda and Andy… Jun ~ you are classy and honest and you have a good heart… I loved you on your season and these “fans” who are so hurtful and mean-spirited need to remember that you are speaking about HUMAN BEINGS and think about how it would feel if you were spoken to or if it was YOUR family who was being spoken to or about… Come on people… I get not liking someone or not agreeing with someone ~ but can’t we be kind about it and not use personal attacks on each other… Peace

    • Oh, I don’t believe that at all…. until this year, I believe Evil Dick was the most hated… Now I think it is a tie between Evil Dick, Amanda and Aaryn…. Most annoying this season is McCrae, Andy and Spencer…. JMO though :)

      • Evel Dick has a ton of fans. Amanda will top him 10000 times over in the most hated department.
        At least Dick being an asshole was strategic. He never talked about wanting to kill people or “harpoon” there child

  • LoveableNiki on August 28, 2013 at 11:58 am said:


    Jun, when you initially stated on Twitter a few days ago that you’d never return, it caught me off guard being a Twitter follower for so long. Thank you for this post. I understand. I often tease my mother that I am going to apply. I actually downloaded the application last summer. I’m no BB3 Dani, so I’m not sure I would get far. (My mother says I’d be evicted first. She’s probably correct.) It saddens me the vile comments and thoughts that have surfaced this season. Thankfully, therapy is available to these HGs. They will need it.

    • Yeah. Sadly this season and recent seasons have pushed me away a little. It’s all good.

      As far as therapy goes…it’s not what it sounds like. Nobody’s holding your hand or available 24-7… These HGs will probably just go back to their lives…some of them jobless.

      • With the threats being made, there are petitions available to have a HG removed. Hoping this will happen, Jun. The season you were on my daughters watched it with me. Sadly now, I wouldn’t ever consider letting any kids watch. PG18 .

  • I always wished they’d do an “All Stars” where every previous winner came back and played. But with one in prison and others who probably won’t return (do you think they could keep Evel Dick in the house THIS time?!), it’s unlikely to happen. I liked that they did the first six seasons, THEN had an All-Stars, then went on with the original concept. I don’t like the mix-and-match they did the pat two seasons, even though the concept was great. But I know what you mean about Big Brother and The Real World. The Real World was good when it was real people, but when they started choosing only beautiful people and finding ways to get them into hot tubs all the time, I lost interest. There must be a demand for Real Housewives-type reality, but most of us like watching REAL people act genuinely. Once it feels scripted or everyone starts looking like they’ve spent the last five years in a Botox factory, people like me will move on to something else.

    • Anonymous on August 28, 2013 at 2:02 pm said:


      Jun, you are, and always will be a class act to me! I don’t blame you one bit for feeling the way you feel, nor do I blame you for stepping away from this season! I have loved this show from episode one in 2000, and I am deeply saddened that in the past few years it’s become increasingly like a looks & youth contest, instead of a diverse group of regular people who are willing to participate for the fun and because they actually love the game. I, personally don’t want another all-stars for season 16. What I would love to see is for CBS to revamp the show with regular folks, aged 30 & up. It would be refreshing to the platform for Big Brother, because it would redirect the show to a point where there is actual gameplay. Nothing that these people are doing this year could compare to what older & wiser people would bring to the game, because with age & life experience comes real deceit & treachery! I have wanted to be on the show for years, but the age demographic has been lowered too much & that’s a problem! There are many many super fans like myself who are in their early 40’s, 30’s & others who want it so badly, but won’t get that unless CBS changes something. It’s become a show about young hot kids, and that’s very unfair to the show itself, as so many of us apply, but get turned away because of our age or we aren’t “pretty” or “handsome” enough. Sure they may have cast one or two “average looking” people in the past few seasons, but it made no difference, as the “beautiful people” quickly got rid of them. CBS needs to mix it up, or I feel as if they will end up pulling the show, leaving us regular folks in the lurch with nothing great to watch during our summer. Just my opinion. Love to you, Dave, & beautiful little Noah!! Keep being the beautiful, loving, funny woman you are, as you are an inspiration & a blessing to us all!!

      • Anonymous on September 1, 2013 at 8:02 pm said:

        I totally agree with this poster’s comments and suggestions for a BB16 season. I have just been furious with this season in all ways, questioning why CBS doesn’t step in to help, then realized this is exactly what they wanted. Makes for good TV. BTY: my hubby & I are age 70, and we love BB. I’d like a season with an entire older cast. We could kick ass too!

  • I hope it feels good for you to make that decision and get it off your plate. I know I am way too invested for you to ever return!! Hahaha. It sickens me that “fans” often exhibit the traits they claim to hate in the targeted HG. I was so disillusioned when I first discovered recruiting. I could not imagine why CBS could not cast < 20 people from what has to be thousands who apply. And then I realized my naïveté. Money. Cheap "talent", inexpensive production, huge ratings. So why not make it "better"? They knew what they needed in a cast and damnit, they were going to "find" it. BB jumped the shark when they got too heavy-handed, IMO. I still love my BB. But where has it gone?

  • @nojobny on August 28, 2013 at 2:12 pm said:


    Another great post. I remember years ago, for a brief millisecond, I actually thought about signing up to be on the show. Then I found my first messageboard about BB -OMG they had every detail of the contestant’s lives. I wanted no part of that microscope. Now the scrutiny is 1000x worse.

    You’re so right to move forward. I’ve seen some of the vitriol you’ve gotten on twitter. I would hate to see that directed to Davy or Noah (since no one is off limits to the crazy cat ladies!)

  • For all of the mob mentality that goes on at BBUK evictions, it is all, as they say in G.B., panto. The crowd boos and cheers but at the end of the day it’s all in good fun. Like at a wrestling match. I am turning more and more to other countries BB shows for my BB fix. They are just more fun. I think I have turned my US feeds on maybe 10 times mostly for live comps. I’d rather watch the nightly UK feeds or the fun tasks and open feelings of AU’s show. Maybe because of these shows, I am still hopeful that our BB can regain what it has lost. Humanity.

  • James Baker on August 28, 2013 at 2:48 pm said:


    Hi Jun, CBS is kind of in a Catch 22 when it comes to Big Brother. If they play to diehard BB fans they will completely isolate the game from potential new fans, if the pander to the masses and cast a bunch of strong personalities that make watching compelling or that evoke polarizing opinions, the natives get restless about the game. So it’s really no win for them. I agree with you though, seems like this season more than most has brought the crazies out both inside and outside the house. I would propose that CBS take a one year hiatus and send Kass and Grodner on to other projects and maybe try BB 16 in a couple of years with new production and casting and see if they can recapture some magic because this season has just been sad.

  • I stopped watching 3weeks ago. I think the game is no longer BB as it was. The HG are even worse than in season 8. Racism threats etc. It became to much for me. I’ve seen enough of that kind on VH1 and Mtv. It’s not Big Brother game anymore. How can Alison Grodner allow all this crap? I hope this is the last season I will never support the show again by watching live feeds or watch the episodes. They have rules after the people they hate or love in the production. Like last season they let Willie go though they should let Joe go too. My god even his coach (so called) provocted him. The production knew exactly how they should do to provoke him out of the house. In Chima’s case the had no choice but to let her go (they wanted her there but she started misbehave in such matter they had to expell her.) This years production favorite is Amanda Aaryn and GinaMarie and probably Elissa too. But it wasn’t the viewers that voted her MVP for the week it was all CBS like it was CBS that nominated Amanda just to get her angry.
    That girl is mental and should not be there. I even “like” Aaryn more than her.
    I watch clips on YouTube (Amanda making a fool of herself) and keep Free update online. I don’t need to watch and I don’t want after this very nasty season that really shows that it’s Big Brother that pressures the player making moves they don’t want. They pressured Jen last year to save Dan.
    Thank you for writing this June. Now I know there’s nothing wrong with me hating BB15 .

    Take care from Scandinavia

  • I agree that the Internet is a “clogged drain of anonymous hate to an extreme degree”…and not just about Big Brother. The faux courage of an avatar and screen name give people license to display the worst that humanity has to offer about entertainers, politicians, athletes, and even their neighbors. But I agree that there is something that has happened to stoke the fires of fan rage surrounding Big Brother and other reality shows. I saw it when my 11-year-old son was watching with me the night the Judd was evicted and when we discovered the Helen was responsible, my son pointed at the TV and screamed, “You B***h!” That was a stellar parenting moment that I tried to turn into a teachable moment by talking about editing and how it’s just a game and we don’t really know any of those people well enough to judge the entirety if who they are. But an 11-year-old doesn’t get that so he’s not watching anymore. I really wish I could walk away from it myself because I haven’t watched a single episode after which I didn’t feel the need to go shower AND brush my teeth, but I confess I’m still tuning in…not because I’m rooting for anyone, but because my husband and I have watched this show together for so long that I have a sentimental attachment to it as our summer guilty pleasure. But the guilt is getting to be too much…if you can get over any attachment that YOU might have as a former houseguest, then maybe it’s time to get over mine.

  • Yeah, fans are assholes. To be honest, I think that this is the Internet in general. When people are anonymous, they think can be as vile and disgusting as they want. It’s probably for the best if we ignore people like that. They’re just a bunch of cowards anyway.

  • Dear Jun,
    thanks for sharing this. I’ve been watching since Season One. I’ve always wanted to be a part of Big Brother. I know in my heart I’d never play like a lot of players have played and are playing this season. I used to Love Big Brother. I liked you on the show. I never had a problem with you hon. :) I was happy when you won. :) but, now, 11 season’s later, I think I’m done. Simply because they choose to leave Amanda inside the house. They’ve removed players in past seasons for being a threat to someone’s well being inside the house. why can’t they do that with Amanda? why, because she’s not physically acted upon her verbal threats? are they waiting for her to act upon her threats? are they willing to let Elissa die inside the house just for Ratings? I pray to God that’s not the case. I, as well as thousands of other Big Brother fans Fear for Her safety. She fears for her Safety, inside the house. So much, she feels the need to lock herself inside her HOH room, just to protect herself from Amanda. What happens next week when she can’t lock Amanda out, to keep her away from her? what then? must she be forced to just wait til no one’s watching, at just the right moment, and then die in her sleep because of the Threat that Amanda made about slitting her throat while she’s sleeping? I do not want to see it come to that. Why is CBS allowing Amanda to stay inside the house? isn’t it in the Rules that if Any houseguest is made to feel like they are no longer safe inside the house, then the one that’s making them feel that way, would be removed immediately from the game? if so, why are they Not removing Amanda for doing just that!? they’re basically saying it’s Ok for Amanda to Terrorize Elissa by keeping her inside the house and doing nothing! this is Why I no longer want to be a part of this show. this is Highly Unacceptable. I’m glad your not inside the house now…. simply because I’d hate to see you going thru what poor Elissa is going thru. If Amanda wins, as is the rumor going around that she’s been predertmined the winner, I’m Done with Big Brother & I’m Done with CBS for Good. Sorry this is so long… but I needed to Vent. and thank You for your time, and for sharing your story. I greatly appreciate it. and I don’t blame you for how you feel about them now. I honestly don’t. not after this Season. God Bless You & Keep your family Safe & well.
    Love You, Eve

    • Nancy Alexander on August 28, 2013 at 4:40 pm said:


      I really don’t think El feels threatened by Amanda. If so she wouldn’t be lol in her face. And I think the reason she’s locked herself in hoh was to have a peaceful place that was quite and serene to do her yoga then take a nap. If she felt Amanda’s threats were real she would have gone to the Dr and told them. She’s a smart lady and knows Amanda is all hot air

  • Nancy Alexander on August 28, 2013 at 4:35 pm said:


    As you know I adore you and as you know I don’t care for Amanda. Last pm when people were threatening Amanda’s parent on twitter I made the comment most parents don’t raise their kids to act this way and it’s not their fault that she’s accountable for her actions not them..I got my 1st threat. As a mom I know and you know we raise our kids to be polite and kind to others. My son is 20 yrs older than Noah and it hurts you as a mom when you see or hear your child be unkind and you correct them and reason with them why we don’t hurt people or be rude. The man’s next post after threatening me was his wife was in labor and headed to hospital. God help that innocent child. I still defend Amanda’s parents of being innocent of her actions, she did it not them. This coming from an Elissa fan

  • This is why you are one my favorite alums. I’ve never seen your season, but simply because of your Twitter and this blog you’ve became of my favorites. Thanks for being real and enjoyable unlike the HG’s I’m currently living with. I know I’ve got big lips, but I’m not trying to suck ass. I promise. Enjoy your day!

  • well written article as a die hard bigbrother fan, thanks you for giving so much back to the fans . if you ever go back you would rock it ! i will always have love for big brother one of my favs shows! and would never stop watching cus its soo addicting! anyways thanks jun for everything whoooooooooooooooooo
    kid shacky!

  • Jun, you weren’t above trashing people yourself when you were a special consultant to BB CBS some where along BB 5 or 6. You only tucked tail and ran when some of the posters turned it back on you.

  • Great post, Jun. I have been a huge fan of BB since Season 1, and miss the days of smarter players and more interesting seasons. I also miss the days of fans not being rabid & out for blood. :(

  • I happen to come across your blog because britney haynes retweeted you. never knew who you were, but going through your blog, why do you keep talking about bb in every single freaking post of your blog if you hate BB so much. obviously you wouldn’t be where you are if you had never been on bb. if you have given up on watching bb bc of all the things that have been this season then stop talking about it. but yet you still continue to talk about bb bc without it, you’d be irrelevant. (as evident by you; saying your most viewed post was about you no longer watching bb anymore)

    just saying don’t bite the hand that feeds you, hypocrite.

    • If Jun never EVER wrote about big brother again, she would still retain most of her followers. Jun is more than BB. Jun > BB. For a while she wrote about it because she was paid to do so. People enjoyed it and she gave them what they wanted. But her writing encompasses so much more than a quick perusal of recent topics will show.

  • Jun,
    what a great post, I agree this season is unlike any other Big Brother Season in my opinion, After watching your season on YouTube I was a fan of yours, I like how you won’t go back to Big Brother and want to be remembered for who you were and not go on now and become somebody your not just to please a group of people. It sickens me that so-called fans today have to hate one another for liking who they like. I always like Big Brother in the fact that you watch the strangers enter a house and you know nothing about them but then end up knowing everything about them and become fans of them and cry for your favorites being evicted. Then get emotional when the winner is announced. But this season I think the cast was a series of misfortunate casting. I think this season they tried to cast the young players, but then super-fans were in the mix and what they said led them to cast them and it was mixed up casting. I think these super-fans would do much better in a different season. But the this is the time they auditioned and got chosen because of what they said about this is the only time they could be on the show because like Helen wants to have more kids and better job and won’t be able to be cast later on.

    I don’t understand why “Fans” have to go out of their way to find information of the family members and treat them as if they were garbage. I don’t do that, I know this is a game I pick the houseguests that I like and root for them and the ones I dislike I love to hate sort of thing that is all.

    Big Brother is summer reality show where you can get involved in so many ways, Fans please don’t turn on the hate, Keep it fun and remember the true reason you became a Big Brother fan in the first place.

  • Anonymous on August 28, 2013 at 7:03 pm said:


    I can’t blame you for not wanting to come back Jun cause the casting for the last few seasons has been horrible. This season may have been better if not for the automatic MVP twist going to the only person with a Big Brother family connection. They either cast a bunch of brain dead zombies like BB14 who were willing to throw money out the door for their precious coach (the Final 4 screw-up) or were willing to do whatever their coach wanted them to even at their own detriment. This season the overloaded the house with A-types (I wonder why they never put A-types in the house with returning players….hmmmmm) that were just going to explode all over each other.

    Robyn Kasting proved she can put a good cast together (Canada) but it seems like she doesn’t have the same power with Grodner running the show. Do you think Grodner is the reason for the downfall cause Shapiro seemed to run a better and less production manipulated game? Sorry to see you never again playing Big Brother but will always listen to you snark-out the hamsters in the house.

  • Great decision not to ever go back! The fact is – you won! Most people will never even get close to being on a show like that and you accomplished that to the max! No need to prove yourself again nor put your whole family through the trauma of it all – too many jealous haters out there. Bravo Jun!

  • seems this season that you are allowed to threaten peoples lifes for the sake of higher ratings but do it on the outside then the police get involved. to get families involved for what their kids are doing is wrong in my book.

    last season frank berated ian on a constant basis but no threats of death or rape were said, this season shouldnt even have happened. who is to blame? CBS is to blame for allowing people to speak their minds, slapping a disclaimer at the beginning of the show is just a cover up for- we like the racism,threats,bullying etc in the house because more viewers tune in to see what is going on. in my opinion i think its sad to exploit people for the sake of ratings but then again the Hgs chose to go on a reality show for a chance to win big money and possibility of fame, but was it worth it?

  • You ” know” you would win? Yeah okay, haha. But yeah BB fans can get quite nasty, especially nowadays, just read the bb15 hash tag.

  • scott whitmon on August 28, 2013 at 7:27 pm said:


    Its sad to me that its gotten so easy for people to show how stupid and vile they can be . I’m a huge BB fan and have opinions on HGs . But I can’t imagine the need to threaten someone’s family or try to get then fired . It makes me embarrassed to be a fan of the show when I read that kind of thing .

  • Anonymous on August 28, 2013 at 7:34 pm said:



    • I don’t like caps or that you anon but I agree with much of what you said and the guys that pointed out “you know you would win”. You have bashed MANY hg and know you decide it’s mean and cruel to do so. Guess what? It was mean and cruel when you did it too. You have witty moments on twitter but your are SOO vain and at times racist it’s hard for me to read some of your tweets. BTW I don’t follow you. Just see your tweets on Jokers. But every ones initialed to an opinion and to change their views. But I also see some of the things you tweet about ppl in your town. Also cruel, very mean, vain, judge mental and racist. So I don’t see a huge change in you.

  • I love this letter and its one of the reasons why I adore Jun… I have been a fan of Big Brother since season 1. I have started watching feeds during season 10. Late bloomer for the feeds but I do recall following forums especially during Season 6 of Janelle, Kaysar and the Nerd Herd … As I watched the feeds each year I tend to always find one or two house guests to “hate on” which is normal…. I also tend to forget about it when its over and think its funny how, as cray cray they appeared on the feeds, they became integrated into the Big Brother “family”. I disliked Shelley and Kalia when the trashed talked Rachel but once the season ended I saw there was no “hard feelings” at least not publicly…. I grew to like Shelley and Kalia in the twitter world and thought how they really must have had to deal with the hate of others once out of the game… This season Is the first time I found myself disgusted with 90% of the house… I found myself shocked by the homophobia, racist comments, and just plain vile talk. I hate the word “C**T” and have never heard it used so much by one group of people.. As a 50 year old gay man in NY I have heard a lot… but nothing like this cast of Big Brother folks. I have been guilty in calling the House Guests “Parasites” “fame whores” and my favorite “Vile Waste of Human Flesh”. I have cancelled my feeds but realized I had an addiction to this show when someone sent me a free link and I again watched… After speaking to several people who have played in the game of Big Brother I have realized my name calling in Facebook groups and twitter only contributed to the hate of these people. I would never dream of threatening someones life or even calling, harassing or threatening a family member of one of these people… I had to look at these people and realize whether real or fake or scripted or rigged… these house guests will have to deal with the real world when the game is over. Most will be forgotten by the masses and only remembered by the die hard BB fanatics (am i one?) … I realized I would no longer say the house should be fumigated, these people need to be exterminated yada yada… I actually have begun to feel sorry for them. Especially my home girl Gina Marie, who because I know where she is coming from, I can see why the things that come out of her mouth are falling. I will no longer call her a parasite but what she is is an uneducated young naive girl who is a product from her area in Staten Island….. its sad. I wish i was in the house to shake her up and speak to her… Much Like Elissa tried to do last week. ALL in all I don’t hate these people …even Amanda and Aaryn … I think they have some serious issues that they will need to handle in the coming weeks. Part of me also will now always question the game of Big Brother and just how much is REAL ? How much is stunt casted? How much is production prompted ? etc. I thank the former BB players including JUN for giving us this insight… Jun you will always be my number one BB gal!
    Johnny – Gianni862 on twitter

  • After reading this I’m really turned off by big brother. I mean this season has been bad enough with all the disgusting comments from the contestant but now I see how some of the fans are just as bad as the contestants. This really changed my view on big brother. All the years I wanted to go on but now I feel like it would be a terrible decision for myself and my family.

  • Jun, why does it seem like the crazies are at an all time high this year. I don’t blame you for not going back & subjecting your peeps to all of that. Like you I’ve pretty much given up on BB15 & have been just reading BBDish. Some chick was on there yesterday wanting to start a petition to get Amanda kicked out & went on some rant about Amanda working for CBS & that it’s all rigged for her to win. Spouting off about lawsuits & threatening bodly harm. It’s crazy!! I like the “old days” when most folks just watched the 3 nights on TV & had no idea what was going on the rest of the time.

  • Anonymous on August 28, 2013 at 8:47 pm said:


    Yes the fans comments can be vicious, but this season the fans were provoked. Normally, the fans are upset because of game play and/or because they don’t personally like the players. BB15 is different. Fans have the right to be upset. The racial comments offends many. In my opinion, the mean comments made by fans are in defense to the racial and degrading comments being made by the house guests.

  • Jun, I wish every “fan” of the show would realize that people outside of the game are off-limits. Time and time again, it is hard to join in on a chat on the live-feeds or post a tweet about the game. There are “feeders” who condemn the personal attacks on the HG by make personal attacks about the HG. I just don’t get it. Since there have been a lot of remarks made by HG this season that are full of bigotry, it does not do anyone any good to contact outside family members by making threats what-so-ever. Social media has done more damage to the Big Brother game due to the “fans” of the show. Instead of attacking, threatening, or wishing harm to HG or his or her family members, why not take these moments to educated and have a civilize conversation about the themes going on. I love watching the live-feeds because I get more out of the game play and I understand the HG better. As for the bigotry comments made by HG, I can only hope that they will learn from this experience. Many of them have already been punished by losing their jobs and even some respect by their friends and family. It is not up to me or anyone else to make threats against family members or antagonize the family to get a response. No one else knows what it is like to be in a place where every single move you make is taped except for those who have actually been a HG on that show for the last 15 seasons. My mother and I talked about the other day is that HG who seem to be “enemies” on his or her season are not that way after the game. I am sure there have been past HG who kind of drop away and do not have a connection with the BB world anymore. As much as I would like to see you play again for an All-Star season, I can respect your decision not to play again. I do enjoy your tweets on Twitter! Thank you for a well-written blog.

  • Interesting comments, good read. I have watched every season and I too turned it off around week 3. It is disgusting the way the fans treat the HG’s. I keep asking how can fans get so upset and go to such drastic steps to make the HG;s life miserable. Then I ask myself how can CBS let the HG’s do what they have gotten away with this summer and not expect some one to get upset. I have watched BBAustralia and the HG’s are disciplined for making any form of strategy comments to other HG’s. I have never seen bullying, name calling, yelling, rubbing some one’s clothing article up their ass or manipulating other HG’s. They are also discipline if they break the rules, 3 strikes you are out of the BBAustralia house Why isn’t CBS calling these HG’s out? Is this what is upsetting the fans to take such drastic steps? You can talk racism and say it is inappropriate all you want like Julie Chen did on “The Talk” but the only way to stop it is to take action. CBS put a disclaimer on their live feeds and at the beginning of the show. BIG DEAL. In my humble opinion CBS doing that is saying, sorry folks you may find this defensive but we have a tv show to run here and we have to do whatever it takes to get our ratings up so tough shit. CBS has lost the concept of what the show was meant to be and will allow the house guests to do whatever they want and let them say whatever they want. Like many other shows that loses the concept maybe it is time to say good bye to BBUSA before someone really does get hurt.

  • Good for you :) I’ve never watched your season, but I can already tell there’s a reason why you won. You are a strong and intelligent woman. Keep doing ya thang <3

  • You can count me as a fan and most important a repectful fan of the show and people. This season is in a class by itself. The earlier seasons consisted of ordinary, regular individuals with ordinary regular jobs. Something went wrong along the way when models, hopeful actors filled the show. Not everyone is in perfect shape and looking for more exposure for their modeling and acting.
    What is it when people come into the house and have sex. Come on people you are playing for $500,000. I miss the game play, I miss the alliances (secret & open). I miss the talks of trying to figure who needs to stay or go. You don’t put up and vote out people for personal reasons. The decisions should be based on what is best for you. I miss regular people like Chicken George. Who didn’t like Chicken George.
    I don’t understand death threats inside and outside of the house. People should go in and play the game and remember it is a game worth $500,000.
    I still like to follow some of my favorite players. I follow because I care and because they made the game fun.
    The hate needs to go inside and out of the house. Why can’t we just have fun like we use to.
    I think BB should go back to everyone playing for the veto, it was more fun to watch.
    The nasty behavior is horrible this season and I quit watching. I want the Big Brother of the past back where I like some, dislike some, but never truly hated anyone.

  • jezziebezzie on August 29, 2013 at 1:30 am said:


    I can’t even believe what this has all turned into. I engaged someone yesterday to explain the FBI was involved to someone seemingly unaware without realizing that they were playing dumb & had directly contacted one of the HGs family. I was sickened when I scrolled back & saw what they’d typed.
    I do think CBS/Producers bear some responsibility. If they had similar rules in place for hate speech as in other countries (BBUK S8 for example) then the 1st to say something horrible would be gone & the rest wouldn’t think they could so freely speak the way they’ve continued. (I hope that will be addressed for next season.) At the same time, I think the feedsters wouldn’t have been quite so divided & whipped into a frenzy if players got kicked out. In my mind the blows inflicted upon Candice will impact her longer & were much harder than any Willie dealt to the Chef last year.
    That being said, there is NO excuse for what’s been done. There’s no excuse to threaten a family member or try to interfere with a HGs personal life in any way, shape or form. Particularly while they’re in the house & unaware of what’s happening.
    I’m so sorry for what your cousin went through during your season. And sadly, you’re so right. The immediacy of the technology makes it even more invasive today.

  • Jasmine Voosen on August 29, 2013 at 1:59 am said:


    Jun, I watched your season and you rocked. Keep taking care of your family and telling it like you see it. If others don’t agree, it’s their issue. :)

  • Matt Jones on August 29, 2013 at 10:33 am said:


    First things first – you’re just so damn sexy Jun. You are welcome to come marry me if you ever find yourself in need of a new husband 😉 haha Now, on the topic of the article, I really enjoyed reading things from your standpoint. I can totally see why you have had more than enough of BB. The “cat ladies” of BB online forums have gotten to be so ridiculous. Apparently, Amanda’s family is now receiving death threats, Silly.

  • Is it really that bad? How many threats do people actually get? Is it just a few? Or are we talking thousands? No one should threaten someone over a tv show. I would never do it but you have to wonder how bad could it be? only 7 million people watch and only thousands watch live feeds.

  • Hello Jun. Yes the BB concept started out good but has morphed into something I do not recognize. I understand the strategy,lying,wheeling, dealing and yes maybe even the pots and pans of Evel D. I do not condone the bigotry, racism, slurs, death threats (on the show itself), destruction of personal property, the child porn that was discussed on this season, sexually explecit scenes, personal attacks on fellow hg families, BB has become legal porn in this sense.

    To listen to a contestant saying “I want to choke them till I feel the bones crumble in their throat” and other various personal attacks is unacceptable. I can’t imagine how I would feel trapped in that house with another hg saying “I want to cut them up”, “I want to kill them”, “rape”, “stab”, “put their personal parts in their mouth”, etc. These statements are not only directed at fellow hg but children and family of the hg.

    My thought since CBS feels they can hide behind a disclaimer, is to contact the sponsors of the show/CBS and inform them that this is not a show they should invest in. Not the families of the hg. CBS can put up a list of disclaimers but in reality they are teaching the viewers, (teens, college, and some times younger) that being a bully is not only ok but profitable. We wonder why our youth has gone nuts?

    The casting of hg is seriously lacking. Psych medications should be a red flag to investigate further before they place some one in the house. Sharing of drugs is illegal and that has happened this season, probably not the first time.

    I disagree vehemently that the public fans contact family members outside the house. They are innocent bystanders and have zero control of a chronologically designated adult in the house. Even though a number does not make you and adult.

    Production has rules that the hg sign, an agree on, and they have penalties for activities that can get control of an out of control guest. The hg have blatant disregard for themselves, the fans, and production. They shout out to production “f… you”, “I hate the fans”, etc. Never have I seen a penalty nom, stipend punishment, or carried a out reprimand on an inappropriate hg.

    Public outcry can be taken seriously now so that is one benefit of the internet. Directed appropriately it has the possibility to be effective.

    You can not go on the internet sites and have a decent discussion of opinions without being bashed and harassed, so the fun has gone from the supporting fan sites. Some of those sites even insight more hate.

    As far as anonymous posts, some are usually by irate fans that are out of control themselves, others are more likely to protect themselves from harassment and bashing because of a difference of opinion. “If it’s not my opinion, death to you” type thing. No one can seem to agree to disagree in a dignified manner or allow some one else to have an opinion.

    I too have stopped the live feeds, stopped the AD show, and glimpse now and then to see “with hope” if some kind of change has taken place. Thus far it hasn’t so I am ending my viewership with this season. Which will be easy since I will be starting my travels to visit all of the states and see the sites. No tv in the Grand Canyon, etc. When I settle back down BB will not be on my list of must see tv shows any more.

    Your decision note to go back on BB, appears to be a sensible one. No amount of money is worth the nightmare this show has become. I remember when the hg would laugh and dance and play along with the planning and scheming. That BB is gone. I doubt it will return. BB—other countries seems to have a handle on their hg and control what is acceptable and what is an ejection from the game. Kick out the bad seed and enter a new hg if you need to.

    Thank you for bearing with my rant.
    Good luck and God bless in all you do.

  • Jesstears on August 29, 2013 at 9:31 pm said:


    What gets me about BB now is they will allow racists remarks and beds being turned over but they won’t allow a little head butting to take place. Aaryn’s word could insight and if they did, who would be at fault, Aaryn or the others?

  • Sooooooo, if you are done with and saddened by Big Brother, then why not dish about something else? Why even promote it at all, or blog about it any more? I don’t understand devoting time and energy to something that no longer serves you, and you claim your life us happier without it. You have managed to stretch your 15 minutes out into a decade, so why not pursue other interests that represent less negativity to you? I am sure someone as talented as you are has other interesting things to share with your fans. Best of luck to you, and I will be interested in hearing about new and more important things from you!

    • I do believe i’m allowed my own dramatic exit after a decade of involvement with a show that gave me half-a-mil haha. But I get your point. 15 minutes is nothing and I never saw my interactions with decent fans as “fame”but it’s a television show so it’s been public.

      I actually do spend copious amounts of time blogging about things other than BB…

      Thanks for the vote of confidence and backhanded slaps on the butt :)

      See you in the future!

  • Anonymous on August 30, 2013 at 2:06 pm said:


    Wow! That is crazy and so so hard to imagine people saying/threatening such horrible things…it is truly sad. I hope you and your family are happy and doing well now! Thank you for such insight into the BB world I knew was insane but just not how much…

  • Don’t you think the houseguests get worse too? That in turn makes fans worse? I know we’ve had vile HG other seasons but watching the feeds this season I hear threats of rape,killing daily. I heard Amanda say she wanted Elissa to get her throat slit & the blood used as lube to rape her..I felt physically sick. Nobody is innocent but the casual way she makes these comments scares me. I guess people on general are going downhill. Sad!

  • Anonymous on August 31, 2013 at 8:31 am said:


    I tend to agree and disagree with your post. But before I do that, I must profess to you Jun that you have always been my favorite bb winner, as I’ve watched through the years since I was 13 years old. You’ve always been the smartest and only winner I actually wanted to win a season. I used to dream of going on the show until I realized fame is not for me and I prefer to be out of the limelight, so to some respect I think people accept (just like celebrities) when they agree to join BB that there is a possibility they may be harassed, stalked, or shed in a negative light (not that it’s right but its inevitable to some extent). I am glad you came out about the stuff and struggles your family went through and it sucks as I am sure Candice and Howard and all these contestants will feel form the backlash after this season is over. And yes, this season sucks – totally agree, but I really don’t think it is a decline and BB has gone crappy on us in total. Don’t equate this season with all seasons, don’t lose your love for a show that reminds us of humanity on a small scale. I loved last season. I hated season 9. It’s hit or miss based on casting. And this is unfortunately a miss. Same goes for the world I guess…. hit or miss. Not all people are great out there and some people will be bullies and mean girls (and sadly racist too) even more so if pressured in a house, BB is a microcosm of reality on a smaller scale. The fans are reality as well on a larger scale. So don’t give up hope on the show. This glimpse at the world that is Season 15 is a terrible one.

  • Richard Wilts on August 31, 2013 at 5:26 pm said:


    rawilts Jun i’m a big fan of yours most of the time didn’t like when u attack Jenelle because she left her baby to go on BB . of course when i mention that to u on twitter u block me But here is how u fix BB you let America choose who goes on the block and who is evicted every week that way the HGs will have to respect each other if they want to stay off the block and if they act like an ASS America will put them on the block and at the end of the game America and the World votes and decides who wins… by the way frist prize should be 1,000.000 second prize 100,000 third prize 50,000 Jun i,m still a big fan of yours i use to love reading your twits God bless u an your family

  • Anonymous on September 1, 2013 at 7:48 pm said:


    this show is rigged and Allison Grodner is friends with amanda… thus, she will win come hell or high water! Used to love this show but cant deal with the producers manipulating this game any more!

  • I watched the first episode online the day after it aired and haven’t watched since. I’ve been a fan of the show since season 8, but I’ve done a 180. It’s trash, nothing but trash. When most house guests are wanna-be actors/models, people who apply for every reality show in existence, the appeal is lost. People forget that it’s supposed to be a social experiment, but that angle no longer exists. It’s about who can be the loudest, most obnoxious attention whore, or which guy can be the biggest douche. They cast low rent people for this very reason, anyone who believes they genuinely look for decent human beings when casting is going on, is simply naive.

    As I said before, I haven’t watched but the first episode of this season, but I check Jokers every now and then and I’m aware of the controversies of the season. This isn’t anything new, the show hasn’t regressed to the point that people believe it has. It has always been this way. The reason the racist/”homophobic” (what a ridiculous word) comments were made into a big issue this season is the same reason everyone knew about the Trayvon Martin incident. We live by double standards in America, the media especially. Black people and gay people are off limits, anyone else is fair game. A perfect example of this is when Chima repeatedly called Russell a “muslim extremist terrorist” multiple times during her season. Did CBS blow that up? Did that make TMZ? No, of course not. Why not? Because Chima is black. Why did we hear so much about Aaryn, GM, and even George Zimmerman? Because two are white and one is “white-hispanic”. Love when the media invents a term when an agenda needs to be fulfilled. I guess we have a white-black president then.

    The point I’m attempting to make is that BB has been straight trash for quite awhile now, the controversial comments made this season are nothing new…they’re just being blown out of proportion because of the double standards that exist in this country. The sooner you people stop watching this horrendous show the better, I promise you’ll be better off for it. Don’t reward AG and CBS with your time/money for intentionally preying on and exploiting mentally unstable people for financial gain.

  • Great post Jun. Just wondering, I noticed through past comments/posts that you aren’t too keen on Julie Chen. What’s your thoughts on her?

  • Jun…I can say this in complete honesty, during season 4, and even re-watching the season I was never a fan of yours. Not that it matters, and at the same time it was never personal like I would want anything bad to happen to you or anyone. As someone watching the show we all had players we would pull for to win the game.

    Your honest perspective on the show prior to and since BB4 is much appreciated and exposing your thoughts is a comfort. As we all age and mature we gain a better understanding of who we are, how we treat or talk with others, and a real emotional connection in and out of our own personal lives.

    I did not want to see you on BB7 for the simple reason the players on that show would have been anything but beneficial to any type of game you would have played. Look at Allison, Diane, Jennifer, and Jase as an example of strong “players” who were just brushed off because they were not a part of that specific in-crowd.

    I applaud you for over time getting on with what is important in your life and family. BB4 was the summer of 2003, 10 years later your obvious expressions of the games evolution should be read by all, thank you.

  • the difference with bb is the live feeds …no other reality show has that..that just brings out the crazy obsessed people to choose who they what to hate on…i don’t like julie chen who was an mistress of moonves and broke up his marriage to question anyone’s else character flaws in a ambush stlye..will chen read amanda , ginamaire..chinese remarks on air or all the boys foul mouth remarkes…julie chen can’t pick who is the scapegoat the season..cbs hired jeff schroeder who made gay remarks on his bb season…cbs survivor is bringing back vile racist colton this upcoming season…cbs is the hypocrite and acting like they don’t like it but their action say they don’t give a crap as long as they get good ratings

  • It makes me sad to know that BB alum are hassled even years past their seasons. I had assumed that once the next season started, the previous housemates were not on the front burner and people would mellow in their feelings. I’ve been in the BB world since the beginning and this season is different. When 2 housemates lost real jobs, and TMZ had it on their front page (as well as main stream talk shows, etc.) I knew something was different this year. A few weeks into the season, when I heard (or read, I can’t remember where I saw it) that you had stopped watching Big Brother this summer, that mattered to me, because I’ve enjoyed watching you on Dick at Nite through the years as well as your blogs and commentary. I know how much you like the show and for you to stop watching it – it confirmed a lot of what I was feeling about this season. I have watched BB since S1 (with feeds) and this season is a turning point for me also. I like the feeds to see what’s really happening and comparing that to the CBS edited show. As the years have gone by, the forums have turned into a minute by minute dissection of the houseguests. Rarely is anything positive spoken about. This was the season of sheep and for the first time ever I would literally get angry, watching a core group of people spending a stress free summer. My friends would say ‘isn’t that the point of the game?’ but there is something different about this season. I have already decided I will not pay for feeds again (after paying for them every year since they were black and white and free in S1) and after reading your blog, maybe it’s time for me to have a BB-free, peaceful summer too. I spent weeks angry as the feeds played and that’s not something I want to contribute to again. Big Brother changed this summer and I no longer am entertained. Thanks for your blog Jun – I’ve always appreciated your views on the show (you, James Rhine and Evel Dick are the combo I really look forward to on Dick at Nite). Thanks for letting us comment and not all of us that have watched the feeds are nutty – but speaking for myself, this season could be my last. Very disappointed.

  • Hugopetty on September 3, 2013 at 6:59 am said:


    Wow! What an excellent point. That is exactly how I feel about this season. My family and I have all said “Remember when this used to be so fun every Summer?” The new hate-fest feel of these shows just isn’t fun anymore.
    Jun’s article is awesome and so well said. Every fan should read it.

  • Jun, I started to watch during your season and I still feel you are the best winner there ever has been since. Casting should stop seeking out people like Kaitlyn, a bartender who didn’t even know what the show was and just cast people that come from the auditions. They always have a few different races and always someone gay, why not have all different ages like they use to. Jerry was always one of my favorites players because he was in his 70’s and wasn’t cast for his looks.

    It is a total shame that people go to these auditions who might be a little overweight or a little older than 30 and not be cast because of it. It’s total discrimination on CBS. Alison Grodner and the whole Kassting team need to be replaced.

    I don’t know why Julie Chen is surprised by this seasons Houseguests. I would think She who is married to the President of CBS might be able to change the way CBS does it’s casting or if not, maybe this show should not come back for 16.

  • forget rabid fans – sadly, it seems the HGs were the ones spewing the threats and hate. (in between sleeping and slobbering over their food!)


    • I agree Blah! It’s unrealistic for HGs to spew hatred and not expect hatred in return. I don’t think it’s wrong of them to lose their jobs if their behavior isn’t in line with what the company expects or wants to be associated with. I do think death threats to HG’s are extreme and unacceptable. However, these HG’s have invited lots of problems upon themselves with their own mouths. I don’t think the HG’s families should be mentioned or involved in anyway. This year, the HG’s started the death threats inside of the house upon each other. Such a sad season. I hold CBS 90% accountable for the HG’s behavior. I believe they encourage it by casting.

  • Much love and respect to you Jun, I completely understand you’re reasoning and agree with you 100 percent. After this season I have a feeling CBS is going to have a lot of damage control to do, I’m honestly surprised that they’ve announced a 16th season at all. This is one year that I wish they’d do a follow-up special say 3 months or so after the finale, just to see if any of the players have had any changes of heart, or to hear of all the backlash they’ve received. Not that I want to hear about death threats, by no means, but I want to know that what we saw on the feeds resonated with at least SOME of the houseguests, and they regret things that they’ve said and done. Tall order but I think the fans were subjected to enough hell, we need some sort of closure.

  • Bobby flynne on September 15, 2013 at 6:25 am said:


    Thanks heaps for this post Jun! It honestly angers me how far big brother fans take it sometimes. It’s like they’re trying to fill the void in their own lives by screwing over someone else’s!! Case in point: Danielle from big brother 14. And the funny thing is, the psychotic fans who are leaving death threats to Andy’s, Aaryns and amandas families, while also trying to get them fired from their jobs, are the SAME ones who are complaining about the racism going too far because its “personal!” Practice what you preach you hypocrites… Attacking someone’s family and job makes you a much more horrible person than any contestant on a simple reality tv show and no amount of comments from your imaginary fatass cat lady friends on jokers updates and the like will ever change that. /Rant. Sorry about that, I just get infuriated sometimes by the nerds who get too involved with the house guests personal lives.

  • In all honesty, I really did enjoy this season IF you took out all the hatred this cast had. It just baffles me on how vile some people are. The people who I was rooting for on Week 1 are the people who I don’t like no more because of their actions. I just wish things went back to when it started where you put a certain amount of different strangers in a house to compete for a big cash prize. That is probably why the international versions of BB I enjoy since they do that while here they don’t. Plus they enforce the rules while on here they just get a small slap on the wrist and let them continue on. I guess when something that has lasted for so long people will do anything will grasp for anything to gain viewers and such and I guess promoting the nasty behavior from some of these housemates is a way for that.

    As for the fans, I feel like some of them take it to the extreme especially when Shelly got bombarded with threats and everything for evicting “America’s Favorite”. I understand that you will be upset that the person who you were rooting for got evicted, trust me when Helen got evicted and lost her shot to come back in the game I was upset since I was rooting for her, but you don’t see me sending threats to someone’s family because Helen couldn’t keep herself safe. It is just sad to see how vile people can get over something they have no control over. It also makes me scared to try out for the show because I could try to get someone out and that person could be the one everyone is rooting for. So because of me getting them out everyone hates me and wants to make my life a living hell once I get out of the house. That is something I don’t want to experience for playing a game neither should anyone else. People just need to understand the perspective of the situation that these people are put in. If you have a shot to win 500K you will do anything for it and if someone is in your way to win it, by golly you will do your best to get them out. I wouldn’t want to spend 3 months of my life stuck in a studio to hand someone money that I really want. This isn’t a charity, this is a game.

    Enjoyed the post Jun and I’m glad that someone is finally speaking out about this giant mess that BB has turned out to be.

  • I think the problem with this season (and the “fan” response) boils down to casting. They’re not going for different viewpoints (age/race/economic status), instead they’re just turning it into a Fame-Whore Love Connection nightmare. Personally I think that the level of inappropriate comments by people was only so bad because there were so many people openly expressing them, I think it just grew into an inferno of horrible statements so quickly because there wasn’t really anyone trying to say “Hey this is wrong” (at least not anyone who wouldn’t then say something horrible themselves). As long as the statements aren’t rocking the boat in the house, then nothing changes.

    I guess what I’m saying is I hope that the producers learned from this that having a few loudmouth contestants can be entertaining, but if you get a mob of them it becomes a mess. Granted the ratings went up so they might not have learned a lesson at all, but if they got back to the times when they actually had an age gap between players of more than 15 years, I think the show could be amazing again.

  • I loved your season. I never understood why the other HG disliked you (Alison I could understand). Glad to hear that you are happy and doing well.

  • I was a huge fan of BB up until the season of Dick. The show was so blatantly skewed in favor of him it was nauseating. The Americas player was a snooze up until the week Dick was scheduled to be evicted and suddenly the Americas player was forced by vote never verified to switch up the vote. From there on the show tanked. After his foul threatening rabid dog performance ( now called strategy ) casting must include screaming, crude, freaks of nature who are fully aware they are cast for this purpose and willingly play to type to the point they corner other contestants threatening them and screaming at them for hours. Although it’s nothing but bullying if you call it “strategy” and it creates some sick P.R. for the show it’s acceptable. Meet these freaks after the show and they slop so much sugar you quickly realize it was a type cast for ratings which means it was as jun suggested.. MTV.

    I loved season 4 and thought Jun was the winner on week 3. I appreciate the sneaky, manipulative, control freaks that don’t need to show that control but simply implement it while they sit back watching every thing fall into line the way they have perfectly scripted it. To me these are hard working BB players that we won’t ever see again. Although Dan was a bit of fresh/misty air.

    The great Dr. Will in my opinion was more D.R. manufactured then actual truth. It was a given Nicole was shooting herself willingly sending each friend out the door while keeping him in the game. He got lucky during the waterbed key challenge and suddenly he had a chance and they ran with his pontificating in the D.R. about being a puppet master. I never considered him that good at the game. Nicole was just really bad at it. During all stars he had a prior cast and his loud mouthed buddy to hide behind and in the end in one quick move the girl he thought he was using tossed him. Dan I believe would have avoided that moment. JMO

    For me Danielle Reyes remains the queen of this game. Even without the larger check to her name. Never nominated. Never in danger and literally controlled the outcome of every single vote. She had both Lisa and Jason taking her to the end. She listened so carefully to each person she knew how they ticked. Even the implementation of calling Roddy the devil came after a conversation with Jerry first pointing out Roddys creepy control of so many in the house similar to the anti christ. And she simply regurgitated it to let the house marinate on it to get him out. I thought it was brilliant. Getting Marcellus to not use that veto was also methodical brilliance and she did it based on an early conversation at night when he admitted his weakness had always been a desire to be loved by all. All she had to do was assure him he didn’t even need the veto as there would be no way someone so loved by those remaining in the game would ever vote him out. Unfortunately her game was too methodical for a jury with too much information. Roddy couldn’t stand being defeated and along with that bruised marcellus ego worked that jury into a frenzy to make sure the very person who ran that entire jury to the door one by one didn’t get the larger amount of money. It’s a shame because for me she is the ultimate player of this game.

    I caught “the scandals” of this season and just rolled my eye’s. Although the powers that be would swear they didn’t approve of the comments and behavior you have to wonder if the real thought was .. RATINGS! What a shame. The concept starting from season was incredible. What it has become is a mess.

  • In reading these comments, I am encouraged. Maybe the pendulum has swung far enough now that we can agree. If enough of us are frustrated with this ever increasing hostility, we might be able to change it.

    If CBS won’t impose limits, then we fans can do it ourselves. By our own behavior, we model what is acceptable. We cannot blame CBS when we do the very thing of which we accuse them. Can we join together in setting some boundaries for each other and for ourselves? Can we agree on some basics? Hate speech and threats are not acceptable. Family is off limits (including real-life facts such as addresses and phone numbers, info on spouses and children).

    What I love the most about BB is that it is a microcosm of ourselves; it is about relationships and power, how we get it and how we keep it. It’s fascinating because it is the ultimate challenge, the human condition. We each have strengths, and we all make mistakes. Remembering this, can we make room for everyone to participate, and make it safe to play and safe to watch? I hope so.

  • I find it ironic that you wrote an article about how the horrible things that people say on social media about the BB houseguests. I have seen you on podcasts and read your tweets and YOU are the biggest hypocrite. I guess it’s ok to continuously call Vanessa a junkie? That’s only one of the numerous nasty things that you have said about houseguests. So either get some class, practice what you preach or stfu.

      • I love you Jun. You and Evel Dick are my 2 favorites on twitter. You don’t hold nothing back.
        Just a shame that some fans take this shit to seriously. Sure I hate quite a few former housemate cough Cough Andy and Frankie but I don’t go out of my way to track them down and threaten them and wish harm on there family.

        Keep dishing Jun. The feeds suck this year and reading tweets is the only thing keeping me entertained.

Feel Free to Dish!