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When I blog here on my site it’s always less than 1,000 words of free-writing using a topic inspired by my interactions with you, online. When I do my longer writing sometimes I spend up to three hours on just one paragraph, over the span of a few days, to fix it. I say fix and not edit, because my writing just feels broken to me sometimes. When I sound like I’m writing instead of reading more like I’d speak, I know I’m not being true to myself. I edit later, but up until then I’m just fixing, and sometimes fixing myself as a side effect.

I’m naturally dramatic so I’m naturally implying that I’m broken. I’m not really, but like I said this is free-writing. Writing is therapeutic to me.

I often get questions around my writing, in general and specifically around how and why. How to do it better and why I do it, and these are from new writers to experienced writers alike. I’m new at this, but I share my experiences because I learn from others’ too, and writing shouldn’t be a secret. My thoughts…

How to Write Better

Write every day. Go back and read it out loud as if it’s new to you, even if you’ve worked on it repeatedly. If you stop because something’s not right about it, then you’re on the right path. If it sounds like a Pulitzer your first read, then welcome to your personal diary. Be brutally honest with yourself about what feels wrong about your writing. Is it the placement of words and paragraphs or is it missing meat to bring it to life? If you can’t be honest with yourself, then you can’t fix it. Sometimes when I write I sound like I’m trying too hard, and usually I end up cutting an entire piece because I’m that honest with myself. For example, I don’t conjugate enough. I also noticed I’m sometimes repetitive in my writing, and not because I couldn’t focus but because I didn’t trust the reader to get my meaning the first time around. It’s something I catch and delete and continue I work on and it kills me to delete writing I spent time on, but I delete. Something better will come along in my writing mind. It’s okay to cut and paste writing somewhere else, to save for later, if you have issues with the delete button.

Why I Write

I used to say I write as an outlet, and that’s true but it’s generic. I also used to play the piano and sing, as outlets, but I don’t anymore compared to before. So what is it about writing over music for me? I don’t know, but I know when I play piano my mind will still wander towards words. Actions speak louder than words, but the action that words can cause is something incredible to me. It’s something that keeps me humble as a writer, despite my ego in other arenas. Although my language at home growing up was Korean, it’s English that fascinated me most and right away. I don’t write in the thousands of words in Korean or Dutch, but I do in English. I write because I love the English language. Why I write about certain topics is an entirely whole other blog.

Earlier this summer I published a handful of guest blogs here on the site, and what I was not looking for was perfect grammar or solid punctuation. I was looking for things that weren’t there yet, and that only you writer could know about. I wish I’d had more time to spend with all the writers I have “on hold” in my guest blogging queue, but I don’t unfortunately right now. I wish I had more time in my day to feel less rushed. Some days I put my panties on the wrong way. I hope this blog has helped some writers out there. I’m always down for reading revisions!

Oh, and I don’t apologize for bringing up my twisted panty story somehow eventually.

Always dishing,


Always dishing,



  1. Anonymous

    Jun. Your writing has snap, zip, and grit to it, an unfiltered pinch into what’s churning inside you. It’s fresh and enlightening, with biting insights to ambush the reader. You are not predictable. Which makes you damn fun to read. Just Jack

  2. GaYToR

    Thank you for taking a ‘teaching day’. I think I asked for some information one day not long ago. I carried a 4.0 in all my English classes but I loved writing the most but that was XL decades ago and I had focus on my side, not to mention youth. I love the way you describe tearing apart a paragraph when doing serious writing. I can do that. I just don’t anymore. I think Twitter and so many things, both before and after, but all internet has lessened writing abilities for many of us.

    I remember my first attempt at writing a book was done with pen and legal pad. When I was happy with every single word and punctuation mark it was sent to my manual typewriter.

    Your blog today reminded me how much fun that experience was and makes me want to start again. Maybe this time I will at least submit it to a publisher. I always have enough to say to create multiple volumes.

    Thanks again and Happy Labor Day, or as we say in New Orleans, Happy Southern Decadence! You and Davy would love the decadentness more than Mardi Gras.

    But back to Labor Day. I expect you to have another day of labor before this time next year. ;-p~


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