Back to School: Children in Belgium

If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the world where there’s such a thing as Back to School, then you know it’s happening now. We all live different lives but share the same excitement for certain things, like Back to School. It’s a special and terrifying, and big milestone. For whom? The student, no matter what age, but also the parent especially of little ones.

Having lived in Belgium since January 2011, I’ve gained new friends and family and with their blessing I write this blog. They are extensions of my life through my husband Davy, whose Belgian Back to School memories are just like my American ones despite our thousands of miles apart in our childhood. Nobody thought Davy would ever marry or become a father and here we are in 2013, married and parents to Noah.



Noah’s been loving his first summer as a toddler, and climbing on top of everything in his barefoot path.

I share with you today what Back to School looks like in Ghent, Belgium this week. Our closest friends and neighbors have shared with me their Back to School pride and joys, their girls and boys.

Sharing our Noah’s present and future here in Belgium are these masterpieces:


JamesJames, age 7. He’s gone from pre-schooler to too cool for school with his golden mop of hair. Sir James is as clever as they come, and I can’t believe how much he’s grown. His curiosity grows in so many ways, and he’ll be a force to deal with in a very good way in the future. Veel succes James!



Riebe, age 11, left. Douwe, age 8, right. Brothers! These two young men are the most well-behaved young men I’ve come across in a very long time, and most importantly Noah trusts them both. Riebe and Douwe are always around to lend a helping hand and watchful eye over those younger than they are. It’s rare, and I love that about these two. Jullie zijn de beste!



Ella, age 5. She’s an incredibly charming and bright ray of sunshine and lover of balloons on the first day back at school. Ella’s eyes light up like firecrackers when she laughs, bigger in mischief but their spark is unforgettable like all good things in the world. Ella is going places!



Senna, age 7, left. Hanna, age 4, right. Sisters! These little ladies are sweet and sassy for a reason, and that’s because they live in a home of creative and open minds. A house full of love. I adore their mom’s PIET moodshop in the city, I confess, because it’s some very cool stuff I now own. I still wish I’d looked as cool as Senna and Hanna for Back to School when I was their age. Zo zo mooi en in de mode!


QuintenJelleQuinten, age 3, left. Jelle, age 5, right. Brothers! They’re inseparable and adorable together, and apart, and were among the first to share Noah’s toys together with. Boys will be boys, and these two are so lucky to have each other, squealing and laughing themselves to sleep and waking up together in the morning. Jelle and Quinten are all about affection, and it’s sweet to watch. Zo schattig!


Cherish this school season wherever you may be. I have so much respect for parents everywhere. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Always dishing,



  1. Diane

    So sweet and I love Senna’s pink skirt, very cool. All the colors are so bright! I wish there was a elementary close to me where I could see all the fun outfits. Instead I have the sullen high schoolers who wear black and thier pants falling off, although the girls are a bit more stylish, not to many bright colors, LOL.

    1. Jun Song Author

      Ha! Sullen high schoolers indeed 🙂

      Girls ALWAYS have better clothes than boys! Hahaha! But I love dressing Noah up 🙂

      Senna’s skirt is perfection!

  2. Our rentrée scolaire was Tuesday: BEST DAY OF THE YEAR. This year’s was a milestone because it was my daughter’s first day of maternelle. The best part probably came at the end of the day, when the teacher said that this daughter, who basically runs the joint at home (and does so at something like 100 decibels), was well behaved and a little bit SHY.

    Yeah, just wait until you get to know her, lady.

    Wonderful pictures. Very similar to our first-day pix! I love what an incredibly big deal the First Day of School is in the little towns over here. I don’t really remember it being such an “event” back in America.


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