Big Brother 15: Final 3


This never-ending Big Brother 15 season is down to the Final 3. I have nothing invested in in any of the remaining 3 Houseguests and I don’t care who wins. I cannot comment on who played the best game because I dropped the show mid-season.

I can tell you that this final three of Andy the Rat, GinaMarie the Racist, and Spencer the Misogynist now join these ranks (I’m leaving out Season 1 for relevancy):





Season 2: First Round HOH: Nicole / Second Round HOH: Will / Final Round HOH: Nicole evicts Monica / Season Winner: Will with 5 out of 7 votes

Season 3: First Round HOH: Lisa / Second Round HOH: Jason / Final Round HOH: Lisa evicts Jason / Season Winner: Lisa with 9 out of 10 votes

Season 4: First Round HOH: Ali / Second Round HOH: Jun / Final Round HOH: Ali evicts Robert / Season Winner: Jun with 6 out of 7 votes

Season 5: First Round HOH: Drew / Second Round HOH: Michael / Final Round HOH: Drew evicts Diane / Season Winner: Drew with 4 out of 7 votes

Season 6: First Round HOH: Yvette / Second Round HOH: Janelle / Final Round HOH: Yvette evicts Janelle / Season Winner: Maggie with 4 out of 7 votes

Season 7 (All-Stars): First Round HOH: Erika / Second Round HOH: Boogie / Final Round HOH: Boogie evicts Janelle / Season Winner: Boogie with 6 out of 7 votes

Season 8: First Round HOH: Zach / Second Round HOH: Dick / Final Round HOH: Dick evicts Zach / Season Winner: Dick with 5 out of 7 votes

Season 9: First Round HOH: Ryan / Second Round HOH: Adam / Final Round HOH: Ryan evicts Sheila / Season Winner: Adam with 6 out of 7 votes

Season 10: First Round HOH: Dan / Second Round HOH: Memphis / Final Round HOH: Dan evicts Jerry / Season Winner: Dan with 7 out 7 votes

Season 11: First Round HOH: Kevin / Second Round HOH: Jordan / Final Round HOH: Jordan evicts Kevin / Season Winner: Jordan with 5 out of 7 votes

Season 12: First Round HOH: Hayden / Second Round HOH: Lane / Final Round HOH: Hayden evicts Enzo / Season Winner: Hayden with 4 out of 7 votes

Season 13: First Round HOH: Rachel / Second Round HOH: Porsche / Final Round HOH: Rachel evicts Adam / Season Winner: Rachel with 4 out of 7 vote

Season 14: First Round HOH: Dan / Second Round HOH: Ian / Final Round HOH: Ian evicts Danielle / Season Winner: Ian with 6 out of 7 votes

Season 15: First Round HOH: GinaMarie / Second Round HOH: ? / Final Round HOH: ? / Season Winner: ?

With GinaMarie having won the First Round of HOH already, what can we take away from BB statistics on First Round HOH winners and correlation to Season Winners?


Most winners of the First Round HOH went on to win the Final Round HOH, but only half then went on to win their respective season. Maggie didn’t win anything during final rounds of HOH and she still won her season. Any which way you cut it this season was 100 days too long.

Do you have a pick to win?

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  1. Well…Andy has managed to manipulate his way through the game. As horrendous as his fashion sense is, maybe he should win. But, unfortunately, in a lot of cases the best person doesn’t make it to the final 2 because the winner opts to take the person who is the lesser threat. Season 6 is a prime example. Many people rank Janelle as among the best players of all time, but she’s never even made it to the final 2 so the jury could choose her. I don’t particularly care for any of the top three–but this isn’t the first season I’ve felt that way. We’ve had a few good seasons but, having watched the whole show all the way through in the past couple of years (minus season one!), there have definitely been other seasons where the contestants drove me crazy. (Anyone remember “Cowboy?” Nails on chalkboard.)

  2. Thistle

    There’s a two-thirds chance that a horrible person is going to win money, and that pisses me off. (I don’t know that Andy is a good person, but as far as we know, he’s not racist/homophobic/etc.) This season needs to be over and gone.

  3. After McCrae was evicted last night, I cancelled my subscription to the live feeds, deleted my DVR’ing of Big Brother After Dark, and stopped checking hamsterwatch, mortys, and bbdish. I like what Evel Dick tweeted about this season. The jury should refuse to vote for anyone and instead vote to donate the half a million to anti-bullying, anti-racism, and gay rights charities. I’ll be watching the finale ONLY because I have a BBChat room on facebook and organized a ‘finale night’ at a local sports bar for next week. WORST.SEASON.EVER!

  4. Andy has played the best strategic and social game of anyone left (he played the best social game overall and 2nd or 3rd best strategically overall). And he’s hated by the fans for completely irrational reasons. Therefore, he needs your support!

  5. Anonymous

    Nope. occasional look at jokers just to see what is going on…quit watching the feeds a while back…I have no interest in these contestants and on occasions I turned on the feeds, all they did was bash another houseguest (usually the same one). I couldn’t stomach the pigsty they are living in and watching Spencer (shudders) or Andy’s whine to be honest…dare I say one of a former bb contestant Ragan actually is defending him and that we lie if we say it is NOT because he is gay, what a cop out.. It has nothing to do with him being Gay, I want to scream at Ragan…it is like the same statement that Aaryn used…well it’s because I’m from Texas people from Texas say it all the time… I wish I could give him (Ragan) a piece of my mind…anyway…my rant over. As always Jun I enjoy your blogs.

  6. Sadly, I have every season committed to memory … 1st place, 2nd place … sometimes 3rd! lol this season is as bad as its been since BB9(the writers strike winter season) when Adam won(the guy who called autistic kids “retards” and was later arrested for using his $500,000 to buy oxycodone!! lol)

    I dont really like any of the top 3 this season, but I was happy when McCrae was voted out … he is a decent enough guy, but a win for him would be vindication for Amanda!! and who wants that?? lol

    Bring on Big Brother Canada … *crossing my fingers and hoping for better*

    ps – mappy?? Michael that placed 2nd to Drew was Cowboy! nobody used his real name! lol

  7. VickiH

    Who should win? None of the above. However, I know someone will be a winner. I actually think since they have all been vile and have floated to varying degrees, that everyone of them has a compelling argument for being voted the winner.

    Spencer has been on the block 8 times and counting, this is key, because he has little blood on his hands. His alliance was blown up early and he had no alliance for quite a while.

    Gina Marie, last female standing, but most importantly took out Amanda.

    Andy, I don’t agree as much about his social game as some others do, but he butted in to every conversation there was and flipped on Amanda.

    I have no respect for any of them, and they along with some other house guests will have a difficult time once they are out of the game, especially in the reality of social media.

  8. Tawny K.

    I thought this season was very dramatic! Fun to watch. Although I don’t think the remaining 3 people deserve to win either. If I had to pick one I would pick Gina Marie. I would definitely not pick Andy. He is such a little tattle taler. Plus he let everyone else do the dirty work and never wanted to be the bad guy. What I don’t understand is why people in the house trusted him so much. You have to give it to McRae. He guessed that Andy would turn on Amanda before it happened. Too bad McRae hid behind Amanda most of the game. I think he had the smarts and maybe could have won more competitions.
    Also, I don’t think Aaryn is that bad. In fact I liked her. Everyone makes mistakes and she admitted to hers. I would have liked to see her win.

  9. I’m rooting for GM. She has made the biggest moves in the game. She’s also the lesser of the three evils. Words can’t describe my dislike for Andy. I don’t know why some people think Andy has played the best game of the three who remain. He sat back while the strong players took each other out. No one put him up because they didn’t think he was a threat due to his terrible performances in comps. The zingbot called him a floater for a reason. If GM makes it to the final two, I’m pretty sure she’ll win the game. Honestly, I’m ready for this awful season to be over and to forget that this season happened lol. Bring on Survivor : Blood vs Water! I hope you’ll be doing Survivor power rankings for Reality Nation again. I miss your power rankings and our discussions about reality TV. 🙂

  10. For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone can think GM is the lesser of 3 evils. She’s the worst of all of them! And it’s extraordinarily funny that people are complaining about floaters on Jun’s website. Jun INVENTED the floater strategy.

    Furthermore, I’ll leave it to no less an expert than Ian Terry (though some think he may not have deserved to beat Dan last year, he’s assuredly an expert on BB history), who on more than one occasion recently has said that if Andy wins, it will go down as one of the top 4 wins in BB history.

    He’s right. Andy has played an extraordinarily difficult strategy with mastery. He has done more than anyone else in the house to win the game, with exceptional skill.

    1. Tawny K.

      Whether or not GM is the lesser of 3 evils, she’s actually won more competitions and spoke her mind and shown loyalty, and made the biggest move in the house (evicting Amanda). She isn’t afraid of anything. Andy was afraid the whole game. He would stab people in the back and pretend it wasn’t him, hiding behind bigger players. To me that’s a terrible game and not a strategy at all. Zingbot is right. He was the ultimate floater (along with Spencer, but at least Spencer had to endure going on the block so many times).

      This should be a warning for future Big Brother players: Get rid of floaters!

      1. Andy was loyal to McCranda and the Goof Troop for most of the game. Not only that, his spy work kept them in power. Amanda would have been long gone if not for Andy. Do you think it’s really easy to be a double agent? Helen thought Andy was working for her, but he was loyal to Amanda as long as it benefited his game. When she no longer was, he turned away from the power to form the Exterminators. That’s not what a floater does. That’s the opposite of a floater. It was an extraordinarily strategic move.

        GM could not have evicted Amanda if not for Andy. That was his move, not hers. She put them up on the block because Andy gave her the numbers, and the Exterminators told her to do it. She may not be afraid, but she doesn’t do anything without being told or without having the numbers on her side. She’s a coattail rider, the least strategic type of player.

        Rachel saying “Floaters get a life vest” is the worst thing that ever happened to the strategy side of Big Brother. Ever since then, it’s become illegal to have any strategy other than win comps. That’s like saying the only person who should win Survivor is the one who gets the most water and builds the best camp and keeps everyone fed, not the person who plays the game.

      2. floating is just as viable an option as any other … whatever gets you to the end with enough votes to win is good enough!! Rachel and Brendon started this anti-floater campaign – it doesnt mean they are right!! imo

    2. You have no idea what you’re talking about and neither does Ian. Ian’s the one who gave himself credit for inventing the quack pack when in reality they brought him into their alliance. I couldn’t care less what Ian has to say. Search Andy on twitter and you’ll see what everyone thinks about him.
      There’s nothing exceptional about Andy’s game. Everyone hates him for MANY reasons. Btw why didn’t you reply to my comment instead of bitching about what I said in a new comment? GM is not the worst. Do you even watch the feeds? I have watched the feeds since the beginning and I can say without a doubt that GM is the lesser of the 3 evils. My guess is you’re gay and you don’t watch the feeds because if you did, you would know how horrible Andy truly is.

      1. 1. I’ve watched the feeds. The internet hates Andy because he “whines”, “cries after backstabbing people”, “looks like a rat”, “cries when he’s targeted”, “refuses to get blood on his hands”, etc. Not one of those is a reason to hate him as a person, especially compared with GM’s “n-word insurance” and all the hateful things she’s said throughout the season. Andy’s playing a game that requires lying and manipulation. GM is classless.
        2. GM is a coattail rider, and her one claim to fame (putting Amanda and McCrae on the block) was not her idea, nor was it something she could have done if not for Andy.
        3. The internet is full of mouth breathers who wouldn’t recognize good strategy if it hit them in the head.
        4. Rachel is a terrible BB player. She lost the first time she played. And production had to save her from certain eviction the second time she played. Fact.
        5. It’s not just gays who recognizes Andy’s strategic brilliance.
        6. I’m not gay.
        7. If you’re going to say such things, you really need to change your profile photo.

    3. “We have GinaMarie, the fast talkin’ girl from Staten Island, who—personality aside—has probably played the best game of the final three.” That’s a quote from Rachel Reilly’s blog! Rachel was a much better player than Ian. She happens to be absolutely correct. 🙂

  11. Carolyn

    I choose…death! Huh? What? This is one of those ‘death is not an option’ choices? Dammit. OK, Andy. GM has probably played the better game overall but I just can’t overlook so. damn. much racism, conspiracy thinking, anti-adoption remarks to a woman who was adopted, and overall hatefulness. Plus what the hell was with that chest piercing? Ewwww.

  12. Shannon

    I am hoping Andy wins. He worked hard from the first night on! He pulled off so many lies,deals,won some comps & socially played amazing! I’d love GM is she wasn’t racist. She is bad ass at this game especially comps. It’s a damn shame! I would hate to see Spencer win. He did his social game & was on the block a lot but never feared for his safety or campaigned at all. Sucked at comps. However he made it this far & like the other two..he can & should win. Of the 3 I like Andy the most but I also think he played the best game.

  13. Paula

    Definitely want ginamarie to win. She plaed the most decent game and am sure she can use the money as she lost her home in hurricane sandy and lost her job after some racist comments on bb

  14. Will

    One quick thing I can add to this analysis: generally (with two exceptions, season 5 and season 12), the winner of the final 4 HoH competition (the HoH who automatically qualifies for the final 3 and presides over the eviction of the fourth place houseguest) does not end up winning the game, for whatever reason.

    It seems like it is an unlucky HoH to win.

  15. mikki moose

    I want to care. I really do want to care, but I don’t. Still, I love BB and if I must pick a winner I pick Andy. Andy has played a decent “floater” game, not nearly as flawless as Jun’s, but well enough to win (not fishing for a Team Jun t-shirt, but if you must…).

  16. Anonymous

    “I really want another woman of color to win Big Brother”. You want someone to win, not based on their game play, competitiveness, or their character. You are only concerned about the color of her skin. Heaven forbid a Caucasian should win. And you call GM a racist.

  17. Its not that he whines, look like rat, backstabed hg, cries when put up on the blog, etc., its because of his vile, disgusting, scumbag comments about Elissa after she left the BB house. Talking about her looks, husband and especially her 8 yr old wa uncalled for. That is not part of the the game but shows how immature, hateful he can truely be and so jealous about someone (Elissa) good life. His post interviews replies about those vile comments about Elissa , such as ” just venting his frustration”, etc. is full of bullshit just like he is. It showed your true colors inside, like your outfits… YUK!


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