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Pray for Tilly

I’m sick with a cold and feeling a little high from all the cold meds I’ve been swallowing or spraying down my throat, and up my nose. Not to mention I drank until drunk last night, which I shouldn’t have done. So I feel like shit, but I know there’s someone out there feeling shittier than I am. I don’t always, because I’m so self-absorbed in my own drama and how to make it comical so I can tweet about it. On most days I get away with it.

I whine about my misery of body ache and stuffy nose. I’m prone to dramatics over my sore throat or slight fever, and overall feeling like shit. Then some days, like today, I’m hit in my face with a hammer to remind me that this stupid cold is fucking nothing compared to cancer. CANCER. It took my grandfather, and other people’s grandfathers and grandmothers, fathers and mothers and countless others. There are stories of what cancer has done and is doing to people all over the world, and sometimes some stories hit you harder than other stories. Somehow tragedy weighs differently on your mind depending on who is suffering, and it makes sense. We care more about people we’ve invested more into, personally.

Today in particular I found out that Big Brother alum Britney’s baby, Tilly, was diagnosed with cancer. It’s weird, because the relationships Big Brother alum have with each other are so varied and so different and so dysfunctional to varying degrees. I don’t know Britney except for what I got to see here and there on television or on live feeds. I’ve never met Britney, and I’ve only tweeted with her a few times. Good tweets and not faux I love you kind of bullshit. She likes certain BB alum I don’t like, and vice versa. In the past I took my share of digs at her, but she’s one of the rarities in the BB alum world who can roll with the punches outside the BB house.

Outside the BB house. That’s where all of us former Big Brother Houseguests lead our real lives. Some of us are more active in interacting with Big Brother fans, and some of us disappear back into our real lives and never look back at BB. Britney’s somewhere in between, and she’s shared with the public a very private part of her life:




I read this hours ago and felt a rush of emotion. I cursed myself silently for ever having complained about a stupid cold. I grabbed my little Noah up off the floor where he was playing, and I squeezed him against me with both of my arms wrapped around him. I wished I could do the same for Britney, but I know she’s got her husband for that and many loved ones too.

I still felt helpless I couldn’t do more. Then I saw a long-time Big Brother fan and good guy, Brendan Cooney, started a fundraiser going. Pray for Tilly on GoGetFunding.





I’ll be the last person to hold your hands and sing in harmony about how glorious the Big Brother family is. I’m admittedly very choosy on where I send my money, as we all should be. But I know Brendan will make sure that:


Like I said, I’m affected by Britney’s story because she and I have one degree of separation called Big Brother.

Whether the money raised goes directly to her, or to cancer research, it’s helping someone. If you can give, please do. Prayers and well wishes are wonderful and worthy of love and thanks. Giving a dollar or more if you can spare, can raise the odds in favor of research and healing.

It’s not all about me or you, or Britney, but it’s about saying fuck you to cancer by doing more than just feeling bad about it.

UPDATE as of Saturday, September 28, 2012: There is a website up and running, by Britney and her family. #TogetherForTilly, at http://togetherfortilly.com/

Always dishing,


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  • Myra iuvara on September 15, 2013 at 9:25 pm said:


    God bless you jun. he gave you the talent to touch many with your words. I hope people hear them as I have. #prayfortilly

  • Heartwarming post.

    PS: I laughed at this “She likes certain BB alum I don’t like, and vice versa.” So obvious it’s a dig at Ragan LOL

  • Thank you Jun, I wanted to donate but didn’t know who to trust. I’ll be donating & praying for Tilly, Brittany & their family.

  • Bless you, Jun, for thinking of others, even though sick and nursing a drank-too much lol! Take care of yourself with positive thought, vitamin C and lots of fluids. I was also sad to hear of Tilly. Thanks for spreading the word. Cancer is a horrible disease; It took my Dad, plus I’ve seen many suffer with it.

  • vivien howe on September 15, 2013 at 9:53 pm said:


    I lost a great deal of my family to cancer…to be precise…my mother when I was only 23, my sister in 1994, another brother 2 years ago and six month later my oldest brother (that one was a brain aneurism) and three weeks ago again another sister…(my dad died of old age having survived concentration camp during WWII being repatriated to a very cold country with 7 children and then California here we come). Anyway… Cancer sucks and it is painful, very painful for the person who has it, but also painful for the ones standing by who can’t do anything but be by their side and try to laugh as much as possible…No I hardly ever complain about my life, because I am blessed everyday with what I had and have… I am so saddened to hear about Brits baby… why children? I don’t understand it..

    • So sorry for your tremendous losses, Vivi. Your story opened by eyes! I will stop complaining about my brothers and hug them tighter – because I can. Thank you for sharing. I wish you peace – of mind, body and spirit. ((Hugs))

  • Brendan Cooney on September 15, 2013 at 10:26 pm said:


    Thank you so for this post Jun. Big Brother fans, like any family can be cruel to each other, but this just goes to show when it matters most we can band together and do something amazing!

  • Oh no… this is terrible news I hadn’t heard about until now. Oh, how I hate to hear that word cancer. It has taken away my husband just last December and my brother three years before, as well as relatives. This news breaks my heart. Britney was my fav hg during her season. Her fans know just how much she wanted a baby. Prayers for Tilly.

  • CancerSucks on September 16, 2013 at 12:48 am said:


    I have Neurofibromatosis type 1 its like a type of cancer i really. hate it, Cause people look at me and laugh at me

  • I have a good friend who’s son got cancer at the same time my son got diagnosed with autism!! her son died … my son is still alive!! and we are both still dealing with it!! I donate to autism and cancer research … I just wish I could do more!!! sigh

  • Yes FU to cancer. Trying to help my Mum deal with it has been a challenge like no other to date in my 55 yrs.

    Jun, my respect for you as an individual continues to grow with your on-going honesty about yourself and who you are without excuses. Your willingness to own who you are regardless of the whys or why nots is SO refreshing with all the BS in life.

    Thank you for laying this out about the legitimacy of this one donation vehicle. It is beyond apalling that there have been scams set up in conjunction with such a horrendous plight for this family to already have to face. It is absolutely criminal for people to exploit anyones hardship.

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