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7 Random Things I Did in the Last 7 Days

7 Random Things I Did in The Last 7 Days

1. Stopped using and deleted my Twitter and Facebook apps from my iPhone, and stopped blogging (until today).

2. Watched the film The East. Liked it.

3. Watched the first episode of the first season of Ray Donovan. Didn’t like it.

4. Celebrated Noah turning officially a year-a-half. What?! How can 18 months just fly like that?!

Noah got new bath toys as part of his celebration.



5. Travelled to Antwerp for a day with Davy.

6. Washed and dried a pen along with a full load of laundry. Somehow the ink only got on one towel. Amazing.


7. Watched the finale of Big Brother 15, online, and saw the cast reunite then disperse, among them in descending horror:

I’m not racist / I’m not a pedophile / I’m not a bully / I’m not a misogynist / I’m not a mean girl / I’m not a rat / I’m not a hypocrite / I’m not a fake / I’m not a coward / I’m not a bum / I’m not a bad guy / I’m not a bad girl / I’m not a bad person / I’m not a bore / I’m not a loser / I’m not just a surfer

One of them won the season, but all of them lost something along the way. Shit, some of them are losing every day. Helen’s got the right idea.

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