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Following Zero People on Twitter

I took a week off from Twitter last week, only to return to a timeline that grossed me out. It wasn’t anything specifically gross or overly gross, or about any specific tweeter. It was just a general feeling.

I tweet about it.


Then, 3 days ago, I actually did unfollow everyone. All 69 accounts I once followed were off my timeline. I was down to zero.

Some of the people I’d been following notice right away that they’d been unfollowed. Some of them let me know, and some of them didn’t. I even had some people unfollow me back as a result.



Right away Twitter suggested “some people you might enjoy following,” and gave me Barack Obama and Zap2it and Rachel Reilly. What a combination. I’ve never followed any of those three before, and I passed on the opportunity this time.

So I’ll ask you all:

Do you follow Barack Obama or Zap2it or Rachel Reilly? Any of you follow all three of them?

I should probably start following people again on Twitter. At some point. I mean, who does this anyway…following zero people on Twitter?

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  • Becky Nixon on September 29, 2013 at 7:44 pm said:


    I follow Barack Obama and He actually follows me lol I’m one of the chosen 600,000 odd thousand he does lol. Not entirely sure why he is following a UK citizen who has never been to the US!

  • Haha! That’s hilarious! I don’t follow them.. and I follow more than 69, though 69 sounds like the perfect number :)

  • I follow zap2it but not for any specific reason!! I dont follw Obama cuz Im Canadian and I would NEVER follow Rachel because I think she is a vapid air-head!! lol

    But I love following YOU Jun!! Follow whoever you want … or dont want!! People put FAR too much emphasis on twitter!! imo

  • Puh-leeze. Nope. Don’t follow any of them and don’t plan on it. They don’t hold a candle to you. Now I feel compelled to look at my list & see who is the “most famous”, “biggest asshat”, etc. Actually 0 following sounds kinda lonely. 😉

  • I think @honesttoddler is my favorite “follow”. It’s always lighthearted and comical. Makes me laugh no matter how bitchy I’m feeling that day. I follow Rachel, not sure why…

  • LoveableNiki on September 29, 2013 at 7:51 pm said:


    The Rock. The Rock follows zero people. You are in good company!?! I loathe the suggestions Twitter provides me to follow. I wish there was a Hell No button. Not for the accounts suggested, but for Twitter. It should know me better.

  • I follow all three of them XD but I only follow Rachel and Zap2It for Big Brother purposes
    And Obama just because he’s the president here in the US :)
    By The Way, Jun, you realize last Tuesday it’s been 10 Years since you’ve won Big Brother, what a milestone! 😀

  • Not a fan of the current pres dont need anymore things to belong to online and yes I get her tweets and shes mlldly amusing as long as i dont have to actually hear her voice. i mostly use twitter to get spoiler results of things before they get to Pacific time and to have something to read while sitting somewhere bored. i probably should dc the whole thing but oh well Im weak.

  • I left you alone and your twitter timeline while you were gone and to give you the space you needed when you came back. Yes, I noticed you unfollowed, also knew you had your reasons. I respect that and will wait and see what awaits with Jun. :-)

  • Jun….I hope you’re okay. Even with your recent hiatus,(and all your followers on Twitter and/or Blog missed your wisdom, your sense-of-humor and intelligence) I feel you’re hurting in some way. Please remember you are loved…and you only have to look up and then look forward because this too will pass. If you need more time…..we’ll all be patient to welcome you back with open arms so you can “keep dishing” with that beautiful smile of yours…….love you, girl!

  • I am new to Twitter – was seeing some posts, and I just wanted to put in my “2 cents” – and you have to have an account to do that – so I joined (last week). Of course, since then, I’ve started “following” people and things that I really enjoy (like your tweets – nice!) – but – as I am still “new” – I haven’t figured it all out.

    Oh – and I have ZERO followers. Kind of sucks in a way (boo hoo!) – ha! But – my “friends and family” are on Facebook, so they get the “real deal” – So now – with anonymity, I can post on Twitter how fat I am and how much weight I have to lose and how much progress I have made and my really “dark” thoughts on the days when I have them – without my Father or Daughter calling me to see if I’m OK. Ha ha! (Should I create a “fake account” and follow myself so I at least have ONE follower? LOL!)

    I have always loved your insightfulness that your blogs portray – stay true to you – and if you choose to NOT follow anyone – then so be it!!

  • I don’t follow any of them either. Twitter is fun at times but of late has gotten nastier and uglier. I seldom post anymore, but do read my timeline most days or at least parts of it. One has to do what makes one comfortable and if following no one does it for you, it is ok by me.

  • I can’t remember the last time I was on Twitter, so I didn’t notice your unfollow, though if I had, I would have been sad about it before finding out why. I like twitter, but the available apps are not friendly to me. I loved Tweetdeck, but it is gone. I go there on the rare occasions when I have time to kill…

  • Yes, I noticed that you unfollowed. I’m hit or miss with updates. Feast or famine. I don’t base my worth on # of followers. I follow you because I enjoy your updates. My life won’t end if you don’t follow back. It is nice to have you back though.

    Ps… no. I don’t have any desire to follow the 3 mentioned.

  • I noticed when I attempted to DM you. I usually toggle your timeline to see what mischief you are up to and don’t note follows/followers.

    I follow a variety of people, news, tv shows, sports teams and members, etc. The make up of this group changes often with a few I am steadfast about.

    Twitter buds I would miss a lot if I ever stopped tweeting.

  • I follow President Obama and Zap2It. There isn’t enough money in the world to get me to follow Rachel. Most of those that I follow are BB related. I’ve made some good connections with people on Twitter and for that I’m thankful. I feel more strangers care about me on Twitter than my loved ones do on Facebook. They’re too busy living their fabulous lives to concern themselves with the likes of me.

  • Of Course I miss you Dear Jun but I understand you needed a break!! Was my TL messy? Always 😀 I think Zap2it followed and unfollowed me once and we follow each other with Rachel because we have mutual friends and she is entertaining :)

  • I follow Obama and Rachel. Kathy Griffin is the only person I know of who follows zero people. Btw I’m sorry you’re having a shitty month. Things will get better. I can relate to being grossed out by a TL. I was so excited to forget about BB15 and all the horrible HGs after the show ended but a lot of people who I follow kept tweeting about it. You and kcsmum are two of my favorite people who I follow. :)

  • @nojobny on October 1, 2013 at 2:26 pm said:


    Heck yeah I noticed! I noticed quite a few things.

    • You took a week off. (Longest week ever).
    • I saw you weren’t to thrilled about what you came back to. I think it must have been that kind of week because I was thinking about a purge. I think I even replied to you about that.
    • I saw you unfollow/follow/unfollow me again and I knew the purge had commenced.

  • I dont know why anyone takes their life and throws so much of it out for the worlds idiots to stomp on. Im a chicken who has been bullied much of my life so I minimize my risks.. I dont share alot anymore. however I need the internet as i spend so much time alone that I follow people and read about other peoples life cause I dont have much of a life of my own sometimes.
    We have moved long distances multiple times and once the initial excitment wears off it can be terribly lonely. and dealing with the day to day differences of society in a strange place is fun for vacation but can wear you down. What you did moving so far away and to a world that doesnt even speak your language and then being so incredibly vulnerable by having a child takes a huge amount of strength and guts. I hope that you find peace with your family. If you choose to share it with us great but if you need to shield yourself and your family by doing something else with your life you have the right and the duty to yourself to do it. its great to share with you but I sure can understand if you just want to make us go away. its your life and you have to live it the best you can for your son. if you share great and if you dont thats ok too.. in the end its whats best for Noah. he is the only one in this who has NO say about what happens to his life..

  • Vainglorious. Not a surprise. I don’t follow you but I see your tweets because of the hamsterwatch timeline of all former Big Brother HGs. You post so profusely, and in such a dull, self-centered manner, I’ve taken to skipping over the multitude of little Jun Song faces… face after face after face. Interesting but not shocking that you would spend your entire waking life on Twitter, basking only in your own thoughts and opinions, and just go ahead and unfollow every single person you obviously really care nothing about. You seriously didn’t have one REAL friend on Twitter?? Being on the site without following a soul, especially posting so copiously about yourself, is pure masturbation. I’m so glad you never change your Twitter photo so I can continue skipping over your voluminous and vapid tweets.

    I don’t even know from where my hostility toward you is coming! I liked you on season 4. And I think you’re funny. But I guess I’ve just been incredibly disappointed to discover how unlikable you are as a public figure. (Maybe at home you’re a hoot.) Tweet away. You apparently have very little else to do but espouse your disinterest with a site on which you clearly spend the vast majority of your day. From one mom to another… I think the stay-at-home thing isn’t for you. You’re smart and should find a different way to close up the black hole in that big mom brain besides being obnoxious.

    • Jun actually posted this response on twitter and labeled it as “trolling”. When in reality, it’s the best reply and a honest response. The truth hurts and some people deny their sense of grandeur, so they feel the need to label others. She’s not The Rock, but she is as absurd as Kanye West who at least followed his baby mama, she’s not even following her husband.

      I love Twitter and OFTEN wonder why stay at home Moms are posting every 3 minutes instead of giving their children that time. It’s one thing to find time away in your day to post, it’s another thing to post everything, continuously throughout the day.

      Oh, and this isn’t trolling, this is an opinion from a real person. Get it straight.

      Jun, clearly you need some mental stability and help. Go seek it out, then Google “Trolling”.

  • Wow Ronda, you seriously need to unplug and go find a life. To waste the amount of time you just did to come to someone’s own website and purge yourself of all that irrational hostility at their expense is just, well, creepy. You might want to seek counseling or up your dosage.

  • Oh noooo! I just posted a question to you, Jun, on another of your blogs, about advice on writing (the piece you wrote on how you get your inspiration to write every day). I ended my lonnnnnng reply with a post-post script asking you to follow me since I was new at “Tweeting” and responding to blogs. I had NO idea that you had previously un-followed EVERYONE! See? I am new to all of this…I read your tweets every day (& even ‘favorite’/comment on them!), and didn’t notice that you had 0 in your following box…until I read this very blog just now!! Now I feel rather silly for asking you to become my 2nd follower. If/when you decide to follow peeps on Twitter again, please, please consider following me. I’m not a daily poster nor do I post about what I’m eating or what I do all day…I simply would like that “1” I have in the ‘follower’ box to say 2 (plus I would be honored if that 2 represented YOU)! I definitely understand if you don’t re-follow anyone & ignore my request, but I sincerely DO hope you read my previously-written reply on your piece (about how you get your inspiration to blog every day). I posted some questions about writing/publishing which I am very much looking forward to your response!

    I’m curious. Is it difficult to read the more ‘unfriendly’ replies to your blogs? For instance, both “ronda” & “Becho” had negative replies to this blog; I see that you obviously didn’t delete their replies (I would’ve been tempted to do so FOR SURE) nor did you reply. I personally find that both to be quite interesting & befuddling! I enjoy your tweets & your blogs, although I’m relatively new to all aspects of both (tweets/blogs). Any little ‘shortcuts’ or ‘tricks’ that you might have regarding either type of social media would also be very much appreciated. :)

    I don’t follow the President, but I DO follow RR (I was curious to see if she was as self-entitled as her sister appeared AND if she could spell…haha, really!!) Finally, I don’t follow Zap2It but I may start. I follow many of the past BB HG’s, and celebrities like Ellen (she posts cool musical guests & clips from her show), Steve Martin (I’ve loved his work for 2+ decades & I’m acquaintances with a lifelong friend of Steve’s), and Sting (my fave musician).

    I hope to hear back from you soon!
    Your little Noah is THE cutest!!

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