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Big Brother Fantasy Team – Twitter Ladies

I know lots of people on Twitter, and some of them have nothing to do with Big Brother. I say this for the people reading this, who still yet complain that I write about Big Brother. I can’t imagine reading entire blogs written by people I claim to despise, yet some Big Brother fans do just that. They come here and they read my blogs and leave scathing comments, and sometimes those comments get personal and insult my family too. These people read my tweets even though they claim they don’t and hey…


Dear Trolls:

THANKS FOR THE TRAFFIC. As a blogger, all the traffic I can get is much appreciated. You feed my needs like I feed yours. 




In honor of the trolls and non-trolls out there, I’ve come up with a list of tweeters from both my personal life and Big Brother life. I’m covering THE LADIES first, and those with public Twitter accounts only because privacy is the only thing left we barely have left to ourselves. The ladies in this case can take a mild roasting from me, and that’s why I’d have them on my Fan Fantasy Team.

These are the ladies I’d put into a virtual reality Big Brother house, with the gentlemen coming in the next blog, even if they’d never actually go on the show in a million years:


Twitter Name: Clio the Leo

Twitter Handle: @Clio_the_Leo

Twitter Bio: Reformed Big Brother Feed Capper, Evel’s resident cat lady…

My Pick: Because Clio would be a great new kinda girl-next-door casting choice. She’s the Twitter Wikipedia for Big Brother social games. She’s packaged into a small blonde frame, but blessedly top-heavy and always smiling with her eyes. She likes to and can play diplomat yet she has views that are strong and unwavering. It would be interesting to see how she does in the actual Big Brother arena where she’s without her cats, and there’s no internet or ramen, and no local dollar store to visit. She can dish it but could she take it?!

crystalTwitter Name: Riotgrrrlzrock

Twitter Handle: @crystalthirion

Twitter Bio: Former TV writer/producer. Currently working on Environmental Biology degree at RSU. Mom to the most amazing 18 yr old with autism and 5 adorable chihuahuas…

My Pick: Because Crystal would be a great new kinda badass mom casting choice. She’s a new-age mother who’s done and is doing a little bit of everything to make life better for herself, her son, and dogs. I have no doubt she’d make big moves in the game and be a fun drunk. She’s a survivor and a hustler, and it would be great to see how that translates into Big Brother. It worked well for me.

DeeTwitter Name: Dee Dee H.

Twitter Handle: @deedee42066


My Pick: Because Dee Dee would be a great new kinda crazy mom casting choice. Just like me, and the rest of the ladies on this list, Dee Dee is just a little bit crazy in her own way. She’s a mom and true professional in her real life, and borderline frantic BB fan (varies depending on the BB topic or HG at hand). Her mischievous side would stir up some shit all the time, and there would be no turning over her mattress without more serious repercussions. Dee Dee is the biggest sweetheart and biggest bitch, sometimes at the same time but more times not.

ErinTwitter Name: Erin Quill

Twitter Handle: @Equill

Twitter Bio: Orig.Bway Cast AVE Q, Screenwriter: THE MIKADO PROJECT, QWERTY & K-TOWN P.I, Assoc Prod- THE SENSEI, CMU Grad…frequently hilarious w/no prompting…

My Pick: Because Erin would be a great casting choice, period. She’s one of many Asian theater goddesses out there who juggle life on stage and off-stage. She’d surely put racists in their place, whether the racists hail from Texas or Staten Island or Old Broadway. Erin is the type of lady who would win HOH and then belt out an original tune to perfection, and CBS wouldn’t have to worry about copyright issues. As long as Erin didn’t go showtunes-overload in the Diary Room, she might even get American’s Favorite at the end.

MiranTwitter Name: MiRan Chun

Twitter Handle: @miran_chun

Twitter Bio: From Him… through Him… to Him are all things. – Romans 11:36

My Pick: Because MiRan would be a great new kinda Korean casting choice. She’s also my cousin, but she’s on Twitter so all’s fair in Big Brother nepotism. I know what you’re thinking…she has a Bible verse as her Twitter Bio. She’s also athletic and naturally skinny which is totally unlike me, but MiRan and I are still related. Her innate sense to help others would probably make her a pawn every week, but she’d be on nobody’s radar…unless she was found out to be my cousin. This is highly probable.

ShellyATwitter Name: Shelly Alexander

Twitter Handle: @lezbionic

Twitter Bio: Lesbian. Dreamer. Let me entertain you. If you choose to follow me, be advised, I will lead you. Astray…

My Pick: Because Shelly would be a great new kinda lesbian-next-door casting choice. She’s a superfan of Big Brother but admittedly disenchanted with recent seasons and overall state of BB affairs. I believe many long-time fans would share her sentiment at the moment. Shelly’s not your average anything, and her personal goals and struggles make her stronger every day. Her level of empathy would make for good social game, and her paranoia would provide endless entertainment.

SpicyTwitter Name: Spicy

Twitter Handle: @spicypants

Twitter Bio: Former Big Brother SuperPass Host/ forever a fan!

My Pick: Because Spicy would be a great new kinda badass brunette casting choice. There’s always AT LEAST ONE dark-and long-haired beauty in every cast of Big Brother. It’s a thing. There’s always one, and because of a deep dark secret CBS has…that I can’t share with you now.

I digressed, sorry…

Spicy is a ball of energy and personalities, as in multiple, but in a good way. She’d be on the other side of the BB wall for real after covering the show for so many years. I think Spicy would do better as a real HG and not just for “Media Day” when she was voted out FIRST. This would be her chance to redeem herself, and see what she thinks of herself on live feeds footage after the show! I’m biased because I worked with her at Reality Nation, but they don’t call her spicy for nothing. Me like spice.

STTwitter Name: ST

Twitter Handle: @Hidden_Gold

Twitter Bio: Comfortable with consistent inconsistencies. Sarcastic is my default state…

My Pick: Because ST would be a great new kinda Jewish-girl-next-door casting choice. She’s one of the most sarcastic people I’ve ever met on Twitter or ate hummus with. ST’s got pretty good taste in men and pencil skirts, and would hate being under the microscope of Big Brother. Therefore it would be a riot to watch ST running around paranoid in the house, and then overanalyzing it all for us in the Diary Room. We’d get to see if her smarts can be put to a win in the Big Brother house.

I could have added more, but I’ll stop here.

Always dishing,


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  • Hell freakin yeah!! You know I have to post this link on fb, right? I mean like have too/have too.. What a surprise to wake up too! Screaming a few “Oh my God’s!” While Amy showered and I read..and she had no idea..what I was exclaiming OMG’s about was part of the fun. :)

    I know and have interacted with some of these gals as well. Which one shall I align with? Ha!

    Acurate beyond belief on me. Paranoia nailed. Wife cracked up which underlined the truth in it.

    Thank you for the honor, my friend. :)

    All of your blogs are a delight to read for me. Naturally this was much more joyful. Muah!

  • Well, you definitely hit the CBS hotness quota! These ladies are beautiful. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite! I think this could spawn an all girl F4!! Can’t wait to read the pics for men. Now you’ve got me thinking. :)

  • purrwing on October 3, 2013 at 4:57 pm said:


    Secret?! CBS has a secret?! You know a secret that CBS has been keeping?! You might tell us the CBS secret someday?! #teamMiRan

  • Dawna Arndt on October 3, 2013 at 5:38 pm said:


    Some… Excellent choices. I loved you on BB then became a fan of your blog! I like your approach to the haters! Fuck um & leave um! Hahahaha!

  • vivi howe on October 3, 2013 at 6:16 pm said:


    I don’t twitter and none if these ring a bell (maybe ms cleo), but then I could be wrong and I am thinking about the astrologer who advertises for a dollar a minute I will tell you your future over the phone. So yes she would be great entertainment and spread paranoia all over the house. Anyway I digress…so from what I read about your cast is that they are all “the girl next door” type. I like the edge you use to describe them June you gave me another great read. Carry on.
    Not rwally anonymous, just always to sugn my name. Mrs H or simply viv, vivi, vivien.

    • That is too funny! My work life changed my ability to be on Twitter as much..so my auto enrollment in a horoscope app posts for me daily. I never even read them! Honest. I tried to remove it once but I was unsucessful. I used to be far more engaged on twitter. Time to get back! :)

  • Hilarious as always. My husband would probably say you pegged me with the “multiple personalities” thing. 😉 Great post! Oh, and F the trolls. “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” And you’re pretty juicy.

  • My girl Dee Dee! I’d totally stan for her and like, attack people on Twitter on her behalf and like, create tribute vids and her pic would be my pic!

    Ok I wouldn’t because who does that? Lol

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