Smiles All Day – Goodbye September

Today’s blog is brought to you by Noah. Noah, and his smiles all day, to be exact. If you need a little help getting your own smile on right now, then this blog is for you.

September was uncanny. Of all the months of the year it’s the one with so much awareness around diseases and death, and I don’t know if it’s related or just inflaming a turning point towards the holiday season. The more you’re aware the more you’re keeping track of everyone around you going through a hard time.

Everyone seems to be going through something, but with more intensity than usual, this month. By “everyone” I mean my family and friends and fans alike. By “everyone” I also mean me, myself. As much as I share of my life online I absorb others’ lives infinitely more. I blog about some of the people in my life, and their life’s situations that surface in my writing.

Today on my mind in the morning and daytime and even now, is one friend whose smile knocked me over in its dazzle and splendor the first time we met.

She’s hurting. I know her hurt. She’s numb. I know her numbness. She’s down. I’ve been where she is right now, and it’s complicated. Life is sometimes so complicated. But her smile when she’s down outshines my own on any day and so I blog her in love and hope she gets back to her smiles.

Noah’s pretty contagious, so I hope you all enjoy with me together some of his smiles all day…

Laugh111am Smile: Noah getting a kick out of seeing me in the iPhone sticking my tongue out at him. Davy’s driving next to me shaking his head at my silliness. Davy laughs anyway because Noah’s laugh is contagious.

Photo21pm Smile: Noah picked a lemon off the plate and chomped on it, which led him to shudder from head to toe, which then led to me and Davy cracking up. Noah then cracked up at us cracking up.


3pm Smile: Noah’s fearlessness and love of animals works out here, and he even brings me along for the smiles. Davy could have been in this photo, but he was busy taking the photo so he could laugh at my being scared of the horse at first. I’m sorry. I’m just not that into animals.


4pm Smile: Noah just squealing about getting a cookie treat with fresh whipped cream on it. This is after he just had a fresh diaper change post-poop. Simple.

I wish life was that simple, but then again life wouldn’t be as full if it was so simple. Let’s smile to a better October. I’m always here.

Always dishing,





  1. I needed this today of all days. Yesterday, one of my sons dearest friends (12yrs old) came home after school to find her Momma dead and her Dad is deployed. She is with us until family can come from out of state or her Dad can get here. This blog like the last 24 hours just remind you to enjoy the simple joys throughout your day.

    Thank you Jun.

  2. Anonymous

    September was a terribly crappy month for me as well. I am glad it is gone and thank heavens for your darling Noah. How can anyone not smile around such a happy boy. You and Davy are doing a great job and there are not words enough to let you know how much joy and peace he brings to me. Thank you, my friend.

  3. Most needed smiles from Noah and yourself. Thank you 🙂
    September certainly was a bitch month…it ALWAYS has been for me. Looks like for whatever reason, we’re not alone. The band Green Day comes to mind and I have been saying and even singing each year the same thing: “Wake me up When September Ends”. As a caveat, October tends to finish what wasn’t completed in September, however with a brief pause until Hallows’ Eve is gone.


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