I Didn’t Take Any Photos Today

I spent the day surrounded by women with mustaches and mullets, and men wearing sweatshirts with silk scarves. I saw flip-flops being worn with fur vests, and countless relentless other hot mess wonders and…

I didn’t take any photos today. None. Not even one. Zero.

I’ll just let that sink in.

I’m still letting it sink in myself.

I don’t even know how this happened.

Let’s discuss…

Always dishing,



    1. Jmantyger

      Amen Mappy! A couple of months ago, was dealing with a sick niece. Had to make a 2 am run to Walmart for her. It’s an entirely different world in there once the sun goes down. Nasty business. Saw a guy on a bench as I walked by the shoe department clipping his Howard Hughes looking toenails. :O

  1. Hamcode

    I’m so confused. What have you done with our Jun? Where are you holding her? How much is the ransom to get her back? Who do we send it too? Do you take Monoply Money?

    Sits and waits for the REAL Jun to stand up

  2. Anonymous

    Are you going to take a day off every week now? It’s fine if you do, but just let us know.; Otherwise we worry that you are ill or have been kidnapped, or lost your phone.(Of course we know you would just steal Davy’s!) Not even a pic Of Noah being shocked that he hasn’t seen you take a pic all day?

  3. I did not take any photos today either. I thought about it but decided I just don’t feel like it. Of course my day was not as interesting as yours. Cause I think I would rather like to see mustached women, and men wearing silk scarves and furry vest. Oh I think I will just go over to awkward family photos for a good laugh. And I will look forward to another day when you post pictures of your sweet Noah and his beautiful smile and your interesting life in Ghent.

  4. Rebecca Nixon

    You have been too long without these kind of people, you were awestruck. It was like the first time you ever saw a weirdo, you completely forgot cameras existed. Too busy swan necking! LOL


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