My Secret to Blogging Every Day

I set a goal at the start of this year to blog every day this year, and without a big announcement because I didn’t want to jinx myself. I didn’t want to call it a New Year’s resolution because we all know those fall by the wayside and run down the gutter until it backs up into your throat the next year. New Year’s resolutions suck.

I gave myself two weeks of vacation for the year, and blogged for part of it anyway, and I even took one sick day after I blogged saying I was taking a sick day. My goal of blogging every day this year has been so far so good, and bad too. We’re now a week into October…

This shit isn’t easy.


Thanks for the question Ms. S…


Blogging every day takes a lot out of you.

What does it take?

Besides coming up with a topic daily, and covering it in around 500 words, you have to make it interesting to someone besides yourself (and/or your spouse). You also have to come up with some sort of “Featured Image” thumbnail photo to represent your blog, and come up with a title for the blog itself. You have to add tags to it too, and not too many or too little because Google is fickle. You have to hope people read it, and relate to it or connect with it in some way, whether or not they leave a comment. You hope they’ll share it so someone else somewhere else may read it to, but you really shouldn’t focus on what you want people to do with your writing. You should just focus on writing.

My secret to blogging every day is simple.Β I never force myself to write about anything that isn’t coming naturally. I could be this far into writing a blog, and if I feel like it’s a bullshit cop-out topic then I start again. I save what I have in draft, and step away. I start with a brand-new blog. It’s why I blog sometimes in the morning, and sometimes very late at night like right now. It’s a process. The process is speedy one day, and slow as fuck the next. Some days I feel like the clock is ticking and I need to get my blog done, even after the fullest day of cooking and chestnut picking, and packing away our summer lives to make way for colder seasons and the end of the year.


My inspiration comes from whatever piqued my interest or pissed me off or made me laugh during the course of the day. Each day. Rarely, it’s about current events or news. Sometimes it’s an answer to a question from one of you, and sometimes it’s just a recipe. When I have absolutely nothing I want to write about, then I’ll usually do a contest giveaway. Most of all, it’s real and in real-time. Best of all, there are endless possibilities to write about…if you’re not caught with writer’s block. Writer’s block is like the equivalent of erectile dysfunction for men. If you’re not sick with a cold or exhausted or otherwise unable to write…or you never fight with your spouse or your child’s never had chickenpox, then blogging every day might be easier.

Despite my dramatics, when I write I stay true to myself. As a blogger it’s easy to be swayed by your reader, and instant feedback is both encouraging and discouraging.Β If I find myself being insincere, or I’m relaying something in a voice that’s not my own, then I cut it out. My writing voice is in my sole ownership and I never want to lose control of it.

If you choose to blog, whether daily or weekly, or something in between…

ThenΒ don’t half-ass it.

There are already enough blogs out there in cyberspace cemetery.

Always dishing,




  1. Tell me about it! I blog eight hours a day for a living, for business owners who want to get content onto their websites but don’t want to be bothered with writing. But when it comes to writing my own blog, most of the time I’m just stumped as to what to write. I did write every day for myself back in the mid- to late-00s and I know when I was blogging every day, it was a lot easier. Topics would come to me throughout the day. I think the more you write, the more inspired you feel to write!

  2. purrwing

    My stepdaughter is blogging everyday for the month of October. She blogs about her life in Ireland. Not always, that’s just what she is doing for her October challenge. I never thought about it before, but as you listed all the things to do in a blog, I realized that’s what she does too. Anyway, I enjoy both blogs. πŸ™‚

  3. Karen

    Something tells me that you don’t do anything half-assed, Jun. I can appreciate that, and your always fascinating blogs. I’m very glad your appearance on Big Brother piqued my interest so many years ago. Otherwise, I never would have thought to seek you out on Twitter, and thus, learn about your blog.

  4. Again, thanks for not being selfish. I assume with so many blogging you would want to keep what makes it work for you to your self, but nope. Guest bloggers, blogging advice, and writing about real things right now. “Never forced” Your a smarty pants Jun, who hates pants.

  5. Jun,
    I just recently found your blog through my ❀ love of Big Brother (since Season 1-I skipped 1 or 2 seasons when I was too broke to have cable)…also, I recently became an ‘active’ Twitter-er (is it ‘Tweeter’?) to follow some of this season’s HG’s. (What a crazy season of BB) I literally have only 1 follower, my loyal fiancΓ©, because I set the account up solely to help me in the online game I used to play. I am pretty much ‘old school’ and, as a teacher, I haven’t had much time to fiddle around with actually posting tweets. I’m still getting the hang of hash tag #’ing (when to do it & what to say continue to be 2 of my biggest quandaries with the entire concept of Twitter), and I am not sure my tweets even get read by the person with whom I am trying to communicate! For real! I guess I need more practice, and, just like anything, I’ll figure it out in time.

    My question to you is, I’ve been thinking about writing a book…targeting an audience of middle school aged children who have autism. I have many years of experience teaching them academics, life & social skills and have come to learn that there aren’t that many good ‘age appropriate,’coming of age’ chapter books (think Judy Blume or Sweet Valley High books for BOTH genders…with pictures; autistic people are extremely visual) that are actually interesting for them. My question (finally!) is: should I pitch the idea to a publisher first before I write? Or write, try it out with my current students before I talk to someone? Also, do you have any idea what publishing company might be interested in this type of book? I love ❀ reading your blogs & would appreciate your guidance, experience, and expertise (since I admire your style of writing so much)?

    Thanks for always dishing for us!
    Best wishes,
    @cathbishop (I follow you on Twitter & like you on FB)

    P.S. I think I finally placed this reply in the correct place (this is where I wanted it to be all along…& I’m sorry about the multiple posts…like I hinted @ earlier, I’m new @ a lot of technological stuff (Twitter, comments on blogs, etc).
    P.P.S. It would make my day if you would be my 2nd Twitter follower! πŸ˜‰ Thank you in advance!

  6. I commend you for blogging every day. Your blogs are never half-assed. I’m considering starting a blog. I definitely won’t be half-assing it. It’s awesome how you come up with thought provoking, insightful, and meaningful blogs on a daily basis. I don’t blame you for your decision to give up blogging on the weekend. πŸ™‚


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