Heather’s Daughter

These are excerpts from a few different blogs written by someone I know, Heather:

My gorgeous, stunning amazing, twelve year old has an eating disorder…

     She ate today without pushing and without a fight. I realize that we’ll have more bad days than good days, but I relish the good…

Yesterday wasn’t as good as the day before. She didn’t eat breakfast, lunch and picked at dinner. She said dinner, stuffed peppers, her request, was too filling…

     She talks a lot at dinner, as if to distract us from the fact she isn’t eating…

I think there is a light at the end of this very, very, very dark tunnel. She’s such a bright light, I wish she saw it in herself…

     She’s starting to layer her clothes more. She wore leggings, a skirt, tank, shirt and jacket today. So many clothes for such a little body.

Not that I ever thought it would be easy, but this, this is hard…

     We don’t have family support. We have friends, but I don’t want to expose too much of her story if she isn’t ready…



Everybody always has advice about everything. Sometimes the best advice comes from the least likeliest of sources. If you’ve had a daughter or son or friend, or a brother or sister, whomever struggled like Heather’s daughter is struggling…

I’m hoping there are some of you who may be able to share something with Heather, or recommend some real nitty fucking gritty books to her, as she starts on this path.

Always dishing,



  1. Thistle

    I’m hoping that Heather looks here. She mentioned needing comments, but I can’t see a way to leave comments on her blog. There’s a ‘send feedback’ button on the corner of the page, but that looks to be for if there’s a problem with the site.

    Her blog was such a sad read! I wish all the best luck to her, her daughter, and the rest of her family.

  2. Anonymous

    Disinterest in eating has been linked to a zinc deficiency, anorexics have a huge zinc deficiency and zinc has been used to treat anorexia nervosa with amazing results. With a deficiency of zinc in our body it leaves food tasteless thus eventually loss of interest, it can actually leave food tasting quite unpleasant thus leading to a loss of appetite.

    My son had no interest in food much of his life, he is 9 now and 55lbs. I started him on a colloidal zinc supplement a couple of weeks ago and there was a huge improvement in his appetite almost immediately and has so far gained 3 lbs. You can purchase colloidal zinc either online or in a reputable health food store. Hope this helps!

  3. I too was going to comment on Heather’s blog, but to no avail. Sometimes (not always) anorexia can be a byproduct of lack of feeling control in other aspects of life. I’m not entirely sold on therapy or medications, but it’s worth considering. The thought in the person suffering with anorexia can be that while other aspects of their life feel like they’re spinning, they are able to control their food intake, their exercising, the way they look. It’s possible that a change in perspective towards other aspects of life could positively impact the eating disorder. Possible.

    1. Thistle

      Hmm. From my home machine, I can see a ‘no comment’ or ‘# comments’ link that lets me comment. From my work machine, I didn’t have those links. So unless you changed a setting in the last couple hours, there’s something up with the site that doesn’t let everyone see the comment link.

  4. Anna

    Having been a dancer most of my life, I struggle with the same demons. Most of my adolescent life was spent eating just enough to survive even substituting some meals for paper. Today at almost 32 those demons are still alive but they don’t run my life. It’s a fight every day to feel skinny enough and I cant lie, I still dance the line of healthy and unhealthy. Even pregnant I was at the gym twice a day. My hope for this young girl is that she find the confidence that I never found and throw dirt in the face of those demons. I never had my mom or family to help me but she does. ❤ Wishing you and Heather luck in this battle. ❤

  5. Anonymous

    I just did some research on two young women who formed Project HEAL. They both had anorexia. One was diagnosed at age 10. Please have a look at their website. Both are college seniors now. Maybe Heather can get some hope and inspiration by reading there. Maybe Heather’s mother can find help by getting in contact with them or their mothers. This is a devastating disease. Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran are the two founders. I wish this family all the best. It’s so hard to find help. http://www.projectheal.org

  6. Anonymous

    Also, I wanted to say that there is a You Tube video of these young women speaking at Penn State Hershey school of medicine. They tell their story of battling their disorder. Both had severe problems, but today are healthy and feel no danger of relapse.


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