Slowing Down on Weekends: Guest Blogging Opportunity

I’ll be blogging Monday through Friday, but at this time I’ll open up weekends to any of you aspiring bloggers out there. Even if you’ve guest blogged here before, feel free to submit again. No real experience necessary as long as you keep it real.

Bloggers. Keep in mind your guest blog would be 500-600 words, give or take. Anything longer should be kept for your own writing.

Use the Contact Jun link to get in touch with me, and put “Guest Blogging” in the subject line.



I’ve realized now for a few weekends that blogging on Saturdays and Sundays is becoming impossible. Not that I don’t have time to blog on the weekends, but i’d rather make time for my family. My husband Davy and I are baffled every day at how fast Noah’s growing into his very own personality. I don’t want to miss it if I don’t have to, and especially on the weekends. Quality time.

One of the reasons I love living here in Belgium is because of the copious amounts of time spent with family. Ghent is not that much different from other cities in Belgium, although every city in Belgium believes they’re the best city. It’s cute how many rivalries there are.  The distance between home for the Yankees and the Red Sox alone, would get you from one end of Belgium to another with some time to visit France or Germany.

Compared to America, Belgium’s business plan as a country and social plan as a people is polar opposite. The United States is running bright 24 hours a day, while Belgium is not a 24-hour country at all. By and large, businesses all over Belgium big and small are closed by 6pm, save for night shops and fry shops and a few supermarkets. The almighty McDonalds is even closed before midnight. There are night shifts being worked sometimes, because Belgium’s time difference with other parts of the world calls for it. This is all possible because Belgium is a small country.

On Saturdays, hours are shorter if shops are open at all. On Sundays, there’s one pharmacy and one supermarket and one book shop open in every “town square.” Bakeries and cafés are open on Sundays, and farmers markets too. It’s a slower and steadier pace in social surroundings, and you take your time drinking and sitting and chatting. obody is sitting around on answering work emails or tweeting furiously over coffee. Here, quality time is of the highest quality.


If I’m lucky I get to eat my little cookie accompanying my coffee or hot cocoa at some café, before Noah snatches it up and eats it himself. I don’t remember the last time I’ve actually eaten my own cookie in Noah’s presence. He truly is a little cookie monster.

Admittedly, I arrived in this country a New Yorker. I’m still a New Yorker at heart. I’ll cut you down in public if you hurt me or someone I love, but I know something has to give if I’m going to put firm roots down here. It’s probably why I didn’t take any photos last week. I’m turning Belgianese! There were freaks and geeks all around me begging for a Twitter upload last week, and I took zero photos. My iPhone was not attached to me like life support, like usual.

I’ve been trying to balance everything on my plate these last three years.

Marriage. Pregnancy. Motherhood. Homesickness. Forgiveness. Memories. Loss. Assholes. More. More. More.

Everything good and bad have added up to everything I’ve ever wanted. I take none of my blessings for granted. It’s why I’m slowing down on weekends. I look at it as an opportunity for some of you to take on this next leg with me.

Always dishing,




  1. vivi howe

    I know lots of americans love living in europe. I for one was a european and you can’t pay me to go back and live there on a permanent basis. I find those countries depressing. Great for vaca an extended trios, but living there…no way. I do miss my family, the bakeries ana tge food. I know that’s a lot to miss, but in the end I love y life here. I understand that living in new york probably comes closer to the places in europe and living like sardines is normal. Oh and the social services there are great to an extend. Maybe when I am real old and need their social services I will take advantage of the system and die in a care center. Until then, maybe a vaca.

  2. Ahhhh, the memories of stores being closed on Sundays! That used to be used for family time, and I remember those days with a smile on my face. Enjoy your family time, Jun! The time goes by so quickly! As for the weekends, I’m glad you’re going to ‘step back’ for a couple days a week to be what seems to make you the happiest—a wife and mother!

    1. Jun Song Author

      Thanks Catrina! Exactly! I love being a doting everything ha! 🙂

      I wish I had more hours in my day but I don’t. I think weekends will be something different to look forward to. I promise to choose great writing!

  3. "Pepper"

    I must say I really enjoy your blog posts, as well as all of your Twitter updates, too. You always have a way with words that give me an interesting visual of life in Belgium. It’s funny how we all think our cultures are the same, but really there are so many unique differences.
    I’m excited to see some guest bloggers on here! I’m considering submitting to become one, but I’m a rather new reader of yours and I don’t know what to submit. I’m also 16 and an aspiring writer, so it wouldn’t be wrong if I submitted, correct? Thanks for your response!

  4. @hilarios

    I would love to hear from someone who decided on a whim to pick-up and move. Bonus points if they left the US. Triple bonus points if they left the US and had nothing set-up at their destination.

    I have lived all 28 years of my life in Wisconsin and have been in talk with the husband to try something new.


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