W is for Weird Wikipedia Wednesday

If and when I die I’d hope my eulogy isn’t my Wikipedia page.

Half the world contributes to all the Wikipedia pages we now rely on. I have no idea who updates my Wikipedia page. Scary? Who cares? A combination?

Can you imagine if at my funeral someone read out loud…

“Prior to Big Brother, Song worked as a manager in product development at an investment bank in New York, NY where she had started as an executive assistant five years prior. Jun took a personal leave of absence to enter the Big Brother 4 house. After winning Big Brother, Song found out her father was a in a coma. He died shortly after.

After the show, Song started a sex business: http://jundishes.com/about-jun/

Song was one of the five Asian contestants in Big Brother US history and one of five female winners to date.

While vacationing in Dominican Republic she met Belgian Davy Goethals.[7] Goethals is a longshoreman in Port Of Ghent. Goethals, who was five years younger, initially rebuffed her as he was in a committed relationship back home. By the end of their trip their talks were so passionate that Goethals ended his relationship and began dating Song. Just six months later they married December 21, 2010 in New York City. The couple lived in Ghent, Belgium. Song gave birth to her first child Noah on March 21, 2012.[8][9][10] He was born six weeks early but is doing well.

Song used to watch Big Brother (U.S.) and continued to comment about the show on her own blog, JunDishes.com. She wrote a scathing letter to Julie Chen, host of the show.[11]Julie Chen

Song said she was not living off her $500,000 Big Brother 4 (U.S.) winnings as half went to taxes and the other half went into an apartment.[12]

People think I’m rich but I haven’t worked for three years so not a lot is left. If there was one thing that would help a lot. Davy works intensely hard to support me and Noah, but it is hard living off one wage. For now I am content as a housewife, but I hope to contribute more soon.

Song was learning Dutch and was a housewife/homemaker.

Song is currently dead.”


I imagine myself floating above my casket yelling that nobody updated my Wikipedia page. This should teach me to check up on my Wikipedia page again any time soon. Hump Day morbidity.

Always dishing,



  1. Shannon Drew

    That is crazy to imagine! I learned something..I didn’t know Davy was younger than you! If that’s even true?! I never believe all I read on there but scary some people do!

  2. kcsmum

    That Davy – what a guy. He turns down a tropical POA because he is in a committed relationship back home. Bwahahaha. And that Jun! She was such a passionate talker! Hopefully she had a huge life insurance policy so she can start contributing. 😉

  3. Your Confused Cuz

    That is HILARIOUS. I guess if I ever need to find out about your death, I can just check Wiki. And what’s this sex business they’re talking about?! Who are you!?


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