Bad Apples

My iPhone started its stealthy decline in life this week, and just this morning my MacBook Pro started dying too. I only recently converted to Appledom so this is the first time I’m actually experiencing Apple stuff dying. It’s not pleasant.

I’m using my husband Davy’s Mac to send this SOS blog. My original blog is now trapped inside my Mac, and I can’t access any of my writing because the trackpad isn’t working. With no usb mouse in the house I’m frustrated and left typing on this damed AZERTY keyboard belonging to Davy. I’m also recovering from an all-nighter partying it up with my husband just last night. Hung-over doesn’t even begin to describe my current state.

If I could make this blog cry like I’m crying inside, then I would. But I can’t, so you’ll just have to believe just how incredibly dramatic I’m acting right now.¬†Wish me luck that me and my Mac gets our shit together soon.

I can’t stand all these bad apples!

Always dishing,



  1. GaYToR

    Wishing you and your Apples a speedy recovery. Glad you had an all-nighter. Those were fun back in my day. Question: Is Davy hung too?

    Did you really expect me to let that one slip by? <3

  2. MisoSoup

    Do you have any official authorized Apple Genius centres like in North America? They’re awesome when you have any issues. If not, then you’ll probably need to get someone to open up your Mac and get at the hard drive to take it out and transfer the content’s out onto Davy’s machine. I’d stick with Windows [7] from now on. Even your neighbor’s kid will know how to fix a Windows PC.

    While I like the iPhone and have the iphone 5, I cannot recommend it if you don’t have the support nearby. Most people do run into some issues with their device during their warranty period. You’d probably want to look around and what kind of local authorized tech support you have before purchasing a particular brand of device. The best place to start is to contact your mobile carrier and ask them where they send devices in town for warranty repair. The new Android devices, especially from Motorola and HTC might attract your attention.

    Just remember, electronic devices these days are not meant to last, so tech support is even more important now than ever.

  3. MisoSoup

    BTW, it’s a good idea to start saving your blog on the “cloud” like Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. That way you can access it from any device connected to the internet. You can always move it back to local storage and delete it from the cloud later.

  4. I had troubles earlier this week, with my iPhone, my Mac and my (non-apple) Nikon digital camera. I wondered if I could blame it on the fact that Mercury is regrade. I was able to sort things out; I hope your solutions come easily, too.

  5. I understand bad apples… After two weeks, I told my hubby, either I was going back to windows, or else, the Mac was going out the window. From what everyone tells me, the Mac is a much better operating system, so I must have gotten a bad apple. I figured two weeks had to have gotten me over any transition curve balls, or else I’m too stupid to convert. So long, Mac…


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