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All of a sudden out of nowhere I’ve been getting contacted about blogging and many of the questions are around where to start and how to do it. Valid yet vague questions. Blogging is a personal experience, if you so choose to start the path of blogging. I’ve covered some of this already if you do a quick “blogging” search on the site.

Being a good blogger is different than being a good writer, and they can be mutually exclusive. Blogging is just a snippet of life with a point. If there’s no point then it’s just your online diary.

I’m a blogger by day and writer by night, and my one piece of advice to bloggers would be:

Be prepared for everything and nothing when you start to blog.

I checked the stats to this this morning and still my top three blog posts of “All time,” as of today 2013-11-04, are about Big Brother:



Big Brother AlumBig Brother Hiatus, and Big Brother Diary Room FAQs are 1, 2 and 3. Incidentally 4 and 5 are also Big Brother-related.

As a blogger I have no control over what anyone reads or comments on, or shares or sends me love and hate mail about. Even though I know my highest readership is Big Brother-related, most of my blogging is spent on things like my childhood or my son Noah or maybe:

Reasons I Might Not Like Going to Your Home

1. It’s dirty. Not messy, but dirty like I didn’t want my child to sit on your floor, or my ass stuck to your sofa because your sofa is dirty, or I held my pee in until I left your house just to avoid using your bathroom.

2. It smells. Whether it’s your pets or mildew or trash or smoking, really, whatever it is that’s making your house smell like shit.

3. It’s dangerous. I don’t like risking my life on your wobbly stairs, or wayward nails jutting out of your walls, and I don’t want my child picking up your pet’s feces dropped in multiple places on the carpet.

Or blogging about people like Laura Ingalls Wilder, all of whose Little House books I read. I’ve watched every Little House episode and special and movie too, but more importantly I’ve read all the Little House books. I lived in Walnut Grove in my wildest imagination, and Laura Ingalls was my muse. My childhood was picture-perfect but scarred once or twice, because life isn’t always fair. We all have an escape and for many of us it’s through reading. It was for me. So as a little girl I read Laura Ingalls Wilder, and countless other authors, as I loved the English language as soon as I was introduced to it.

I hated writing for most of my life and up until just a few years ago. Now I can’t live without writing every day, although I could probably live without blogging every day. It’s not as glamorous as some may think. As much as I enjoy it, and enjoy what a real forum this site has become.

It’s hard to make your blog fly unless you have the kind of exposure and manpower and money behind it like all shades of celebrities do. I’m self-aware enough to know that my site wouldn’t have the traffic it does, had I not won Big Brother. As a blogger, I’ve learned that controlling my site’s design and content and subject matter is all the control I actually have. It’s a lot, but then after I hit “Publish” it’s up to the universe and world wide web what happens. No more control. You can delete, but then you’ve already lost control then.

Be prepared for everything and nothing when you start to blog.

Always dishing,



  1. I wish others would read all your blogs. Although BB gave you exposure, it is the snippets of your personal life, your attitudes and views of every day life that have me return day after day. You are not afraid to tackle any subject and in my mind, that makes you relevant and brave. Your words always evoke an emotion, and many times, many emotions in one reading. I share and RT your blogs because you should be read. Here’s to another RT and share!

  2. Yes! Great advice. I love your blog and I love that not only did you win Big Brother and I enjoyed watching that season, but now I read about this part of you that is so much more than a reality TV champion. I’m with you in that I have to write every day, I just have to (regardless if I ever publish it on my blog or not). Thanks for sharing, Jun.

  3. I haven’t been writing much since I left college. I missed it so I decided to start a blog. I’ve been writing almost every day. I was having trouble with a topic and then I remembered your secret to blogging which is never force yourself to write about something that isn’t coming naturally. Great advice!

  4. Thistle

    I came for the Big Brother and stayed for the… well… you. It’s so interesting to have a glimpse into your life, one snippet at a time. You tell your tales well!

  5. Like some of the others, I came because of BB, but stayed because of you. You share yourself so honestly that I am amazed – and favorably impressed. You’re like, ‘to hell with all of you if you don’t like what I say!’ lol


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