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Finding Weird Shit About Myself on the Internet

I didn’t go on Big Brother for fame or to pursue acting. I just wanted to win and bring home $500,000 and say I did it. I got fat because instead of working 9 to 5, like I would have been at my job, I ate. Then I munched at night. I ate and stress ate and then ate some more while running the kitchen ALL summer. CBS kindly aired a montage of my weight gain, and if I was a producer I’d have done the same thing. I’m not embarrassed about it all as much as I’m reminded that reality television looks frivolous from the outside, but on the inside shit gets real. I’ve touched on this before.




I gained weight. A lot of weight. I won the whole season, at least 15-20 pounds heavier than I was when I entered the house. I was contacted by radio stations, including Howard Stern, the day after I’d left the Big Brother house. I was asked if I’d eat a tub of ice cream live on-air as the fat chick who won Big Brother. Needless to say I declined, and 10 years later I’m glad I did. I went back home to New York and I eventually lost all the weight again sometimes crash dieting towards the end. Not good.

I’m not the only BB alum eater or porker, and there will always be the fans (including Evel Dick…you know who I’m talking about Dick!) who never let some of us forget.

I’m bring this all up today because I had to watch some of my Big Brother 4 footage when Fans of Flanders was at my home filming the other day, and I cringed looking at my thighs and belly. It was a part of my summer. If I’d ended up going back for All-Stars I probably would have gained weight again.

Having chosen to put myself on television and continuing to keep myself visible to the public now means from time to time I find weird stuff about me on the internet. I’ve had rant blogs dedicated to my me and my early death and all forms of written threats. Since cutting most Big Brother blogging and tweeting out of my life (link to my interview with Buzzfeed), especially after this last season of Big Brother (link to my interview with The Daily Beast), the BB catladies have remained quiet and the hate has died down (it works!) but I know they remain out there watching and waiting…

So I decided to Google “jun song big brother weight gain” for the purposes of finding a fat photo of me in the BB house, and stumbled upon this gem…


A choppy creepy photo montage of my life up until Noah’s birth.

I find myself unable to write after watching that, and you too are probably unable to put into words where this blog just went.


Let’s discuss this video and its existence…

Always dishing,


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  • People think they are so clever. I didn’t even think a couple of the pictures were you(?) if you’re going to make a creepy-ass montage at least find enough legit pictures. And the meaning behind test tube dude? Ick. PS-just mistyped by email as “.vom” so it didn’t post. Freudian slip.

  • Yikes! There are some weird ass people in this world. I think I would feel somewhat violated if a stranger did a video montage of me. It’s just weird period.

  • Creepy? So what’s to creep. It’s just a lot of pictures of a pretty girl. Must be a ‘girl thing’ to obsess over minor variations in weight. It takes a LOT of extra weight to unyummy a pretty girl for most guys.

  • HA! Why are we all so critical of our weight gain? I know I have a problem also. As a female impersonator I have every size from 14 to 26 in my closets or in storage, but through it all I never see myself as anything but a 26W in the mirror. But weight gain is never obvious as we pack on the lbs. It’s when we look back at photos of the past that we actually see it and it can be quite an eye opener, or clincher if we try to deny.

    The important thing is you took the weight right back off. How long did it take to get those 15-20 lbs to go away? And what is the real number? I know 3 or 4 years ago you once told me it was “7 or 8 lbs” and I guffawed silently and let you think I actually believed that. 😀

    How much weight did you gain while ‘in the family way” and how long did it take you to get back to your svelte self?

    Seriously, be you 90 lbs or 250 lbs, you will always be Jun, a woman who knows what she wants out of life and will always find a way to achieve it. You will always be loving and caring with just the right amount of sass to keep those of us who know you in whatever capacity continuing to beg for more.

  • Made no sense to me and agree with @kcsmum at not looking like you. WTH was that about anyway?! BTW some women would love to look like you did at 20 lbs heavier.

  • Whoa! That video is … at a loss for words… almost 😉

    Heavy, thin; now or ten years ago, you are a lovely woman.

    I’m curious who the random guy was and the two women, as well as who spent the time to create this montage.

    Odd but entertaining.

  • Jun, you are very beautiful in all the photos, and the one of you and Davey dancing is awesome. I don’t see a “fat chick” in any of the photos.

    The person who made the video is obviously enamoured of you, and that is the only creepy thing about the photo montage. If the photographer has not contacted you, I wouldn’t worry too much, as this would be more like a celebrity crush and less like a whacked-out stalker.

    Loving the dishing!

  • WTF was that? Who are the two chicks in shades? And what is UP with that dude in the lab? So WEIRD (and not in the good way)!

  • I don’t know what you and your fans are talking about. I think this video is brilliant. Sister-Licious.. to be exact HAHAHA!!!!! But who are the two random Asians girls in the beginning and the Asian scientist? He looks like he’s injecting some secret DNA into someone’s egg to fertilize a new Jun. You say creepy, I say entertaining. Well at least it makes for a fun post.

  • I can’t imagine what those people could accomplish if they put that amount of effort into something meaningful.

    They need something to do, as my mother would have said. I have no memory of you being significantly bigger during your season. It just wasn’t something i pay attention to.

  • Jun, I’m glad I didn’t see the video. I tapped on the link and a message explaining that the YouTube account has been closed. Live a good life and good things happen. Cheers.

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