Feng Shui and Comedy: Book Recommendations

There are these two books I’ll never be finished with for a long time. One’s The Western Guide to Feng Shui and the other is The Comedy Bible. The Feng Shui book I bought myself and The Comedy Bible I received from Thessa, a very cool Belgian lady fan of Big Brother living not too far from me in Antwerp.

Yes! There exist Big Brother fans in Belgium other than me! I know of 4 in total including me.


BooksI’ve already read both book from front to back, but I’ll never be quite done with them. I refer back to my Feng Shui book several times over the course of a year (I’ve had the book 5 years). I’ve blogged a little about it before and how I apply principles in my own home. I believe it works. I believe it helps me keep catladies and bad juju out of my home.

Then there’s the comedy book. Because I think I’m pretty funny, and if they’re being honest it seems lots of other people think i’m funny. That doesn’t make me a comedian. Still, Thessa mailed me The Comedy Bible and I did faithfully followed the guidelines and assignments…and then stopped. I felt so unfunny at one point I just stopped. Reality check.

I’m not giving up. I just know I won’t wake up a comedian tomorrow or the next day. It shouldn’t be that easy anyway. But I don’t have to the time or energy to fantasize about standing with a microphone making a crowd of people laugh and until they cry right now. I wish I did. But later is fine because I do want to make it a goal to do some Improv night out somewhere one day.

For now I’ll make my husband Davy laugh and my little Noah laugh, and sometimes through my writing make you laugh.

Always dishing,



  1. vivi howe

    I’m funny and I don’t even know it. People laugh and I wonder what I said or did. Maybe because I never went to finishing school. Don’t know. Sigh.

  2. You do your stand-up while sitting down, and your microphone is your keyboard. You can do it in your jammies…….or in the nude for all we know. Every bit as awesome. Keep it up. We love you, and with us you don’t always have to be funny, but when you are, you are darned good at it. By the way, I started following you here after watching you on Evel Dick’s podcast years ago, so I know you can be funny at a microphone as well.


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