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Why Is There No Big Brother: South Korea?

With all the international formats of Big Brother all over the world, Korea stands among one of the countries without the show. I’d like to say I don’t know why Korea doesn’t have its own version of Big Brother but I actually have an educated guess as to why they don’t.

Obviously the Korea I refer to is South Korea. As a Korean I don’t walk around differentiating it myself. I’m Korean. Occasionally when I’m asked if I’m “from North or South,” I answer kindly that I was born in South Korea.

Historically, and through bloodlines still, Korea as a country is not keen on seeing what’s real and beneath the surface all laid out. I’m just an anomaly. Nobody needs to air their dirty laundry like that in Korea and mental health is still hush-hush to disastrous effects but contained, and hidden away, again. I cherish my upbringing built on respect and honor and meticulousness but I’m aware of all the veils of secrecy. Sometimes I just want to break secrets.

I’d rather see a Big Brother format in North Korea and not to exploit North Koreans more than they already have been, but to show the world just how fucked up it is over there.

If we ever had a Big Brother format in South Korea, which we never would (I’m jinxing myself purposely), then we’d see lots of what I’ve described growing up Korean to be. If I picture my mother in a Big Brother house with a bunch of other Koreans young and old I almost pee at the scenario. I could just picture her in there with a bunch of random Koreans, but not random to me. If I had a fantasy Big Brother: South Korea season in my head I’d put my mother in the Big Brother house.

I’d put her in there with:

– Jee’s mom or sister, but just one of them. After Jee ended up on Big Brother with me I did what I had to do to win, with or without his help, but I did use him. I did apologize. It was a game, right? I’d love to see how momz does with another Choe family twist.

– My old piano teacher Ms. Han because Ms. Han always had a way of putting my mother in her place with almost no words.

– Margaret Cho because she made me laugh a lot when I was younger and I thought it was cool as hell that she was Korean. Plus, my mother always said I looked like Margaret during my fat years.

– Sandra Oh because she makes me laugh now.

– Psy for obvious reasons like watching my mother’s diary room sessions about him.

– My one and only ever Korean lady neighbor growing up, who’d also happened to be married to an African-American GI from New York. She’d left Korea for a better life in America way before my parents ever dreamt of moving to New York, and a lot of people had judged my neighbor lady for that. Times of war sometimes called for extreme measures yet people will always judge. I’d always felt bad and I sometimes wonder how she’s doing now. I do remember her daughter’s name, Eunice. Eunice had a very beautiful soul and her smile held grace even when we were young girls growing up in Masaryk Towers. She was one of the naturally prettiest and kind-hearted Korean girls I’d ever know in my life.

– Maybe I’d put Eunice in the house instead of her mom…

You can add to the cast if you want.

Only Korean would be allowed to be spoken of course, since the show’s in Korea. My ex Jee and I weren’t allowed to speak in Korean to each other during our season of Big Brother. The good news is if a Big Brother: South Korea ever happened, you’d all have me to translate and watch along with.

This is my fantasy blog and that’s how it would work. And it would have to be calaled BIg Brother: South Korea because “brother” in Korean has multiple translations depending on whether a sibling is older or younger or sister or brother to the brother. Then there’s rank and age and seniority to consider. See? Complicated.


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  • This blog made me laugh. Every time we visit the “in laws”, I feel like I’m watching Big Brother: South Korea Edition in person. I couldn’t imagine a house full of strangers mixed with them, but I would love it! It would be Instant Classic TV! btw- In the name of “not confusing the non-Koreans (I’m saying Non-Koreans- they use other words :-) )” my “in laws” have decided on 1 word for brother, sister, uncles, aunts, etc and have ignored the birth order. WE call it Korenglish and it works for us. I think they are happy that we say any word in Korean.. even if it’s wrong :-)

  • For someone that slams big brother like you do, you sure do talk about it enough. Without you being on big brother you would be nothing. It made you. i am betting this comment does notmake it to your board either

    • I’ll ignore your other comments and say that I do not “hide” comments like yours here on my site when there’s so much to be learned from people like you. Thank you for your service.

  • ^What are you talking about? Clearly she loves Big Brother and cherishes her time on the show. BB has flaws, which she points out.

    Jun, did it bother you that you and Jee weren’t allowed to speak Korean in the house? On one hand it could give you guys an advantage but on another note America is a free country and English isn’t the official language.

      • I, too, stopped watching this season’s shows and feeds and I consider myself a crazy, from year one, fan. I believe I showed good taste in withdrawing my support for this season :)

        Who is Connie?

      • She didn’t appreciate the goings-on of Season 15, but I would imagine she’ll give BB-16 a chance. Very few have had the opportunity for such an experience as Big Brother, so I imagine the experience would be dear to anyone ‘enduring’ it.

        This young woman is courageous and opens herself to judgemental people such as yourself in order to express herself here. You should consider yourself privileged to read such an honest, entertaining blog.

        Are you speaking of Connie Chunn, but meaning Julie Chen? lol

    • Actually, I recall her and Jee speaking in Korean to each other on one episode. Perhaps I missed the part where they were asked not to speak in any other language but English.

      Some international versions allow only one language to be spoken in the house. The most notable is the Indian version, where only Hindi can be spoken (probably because of the vast number of languages spoken in that country).

      As BB: Korea, I imagine it would probably follow more suit to the only Asian version currently running: the Philippine version. It would last around 4 to 5 months (i.e. no longer than 150 days), and the public would decide who stays, who goes, and ultimately who wins. The finale would probably take place at a big stadium, and the winner would get a W100,000,000, a new car, and possibly a recording contract to be a big pop star or something, lol.

  • Interesting concept! I would add Daniel Dae Kim for eye candy. Yes, I am that shallow 😀

    If SOME people would actually read your blogs, they would discover an amazing, nurturing, caring, funny, sarcastic, wonderful woman. But no, they would rather spew their misplaced anger anonymously based on who knows what kind, and obviously incorrect, information.

    Really Jun, you should go on the show so you can render an informed opinion 😉

  • This sounds like a great show! I am a fan since day 1 of Big Brother, and did chose to keep watching this season. Now I’m just looking forward to BBCanada 2. I love reading your blog, and you have so much more to offer than just your season on Big Brother (which I thought was a blast)

    Keep up the Dish!

    Your biggest Canadian fan lol!!!

  • I just love when people are trying to be totally badass and then fall flat on their faces, illuminating their ignorance for all the world to see. BUT FIRST, go tell it to Vonnie because I don’t give a flying fuck about your opinion. <>

    • That’s how we found out we weren’t allowed to speak in Korean to each other! HA!

      We got called in separately into the DR and were told we couldn’t do it anymore.

  • I saw Margaret Cho in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago. She is very thin now! (or maybe that is just Wisconsin-thin standards) Anyways, her stand-up is a lot like your blog, a hodge-podge of topics and just chatting about life, love and momz. She would be real interesting as she identifies as bi-sexual now. Not sure BB has ever had a bi person on the show.

  • vivi howe on November 18, 2013 at 1:28 am said:


    Oh the comments cracked me up this time…mistaking connie for julie …oops. ;). Obviously ms. Whatsherface dies not read your daily blogs. Oy. Hence she will be called lurker.

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