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Arm Drama Sunday

My husband Davy made dinner AND hung out with Noah in the kitchen tonight so that I could rest. Why? Because earlier today Davy accidentally slammed our car door on my arm.

We were getting in our to leave for Antwerp for a day of shopping and eating…

Davy was buckling Noah into his car seat. I opened my passenger door to get in but decided to give Noah what was left of my croissant for the car ride. I stuck my arm through the open door (from the from passenger side) just as Davy clicked Noah into his seat. Davy didn’t see my arm because he’d already turned to slam the door shut. My bicep, encased in the plush layers of down in my puffy coat, was crushed to the point I nearly peed myself but thankfully Davy heard me crying like a boiling lobster and swung open the door. The relief of pressure and newfound bloodflow to my arm was so painful, like deep and burning.

Davy asked me in shock,”Are you okay?!”

Nooooooooo I wailed like a siren.

Tears started pouring out of my eyes like lava. These were some seriously fat tears that I had no control over. Noah started crying as if on cue. He knew his mama was hurt!

And I never dropped the croissant the entire time.. Noah ate the whole thing on the drive to Antwerp. Despite my whimpering I still wanted a day out as planned.



It doesn’t matter whose “fault” the arm drama was as long as Davy made dinner.


Davy’s pizza really was delicious.

Oh, and here’s a photo of my arm, presently…



I thought it would look worse. I’m glad it doesn’t. We’ll see what it looks like tomorrow. Davy says he doesn’t think it will get much worse-looking because we all know I’m just a little dramatic.

Always dishing,


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  • Crying like a boiling lobster!! I just actually snorted like a pig laughing at that one! Hope ya not in too much pain!

    • Yes! Davy went through all these different scenarios in which my arm COULD have broken and I got nauseous thinking about it!

  • I am so glad you didn’t drop the croissant!
    That would’ve made the injury for nothing.

    I hope it’s better tomorrow.

  • Awww so sorry. Oh and sweet Noah crying because mommy was hurt..now how sweet is that. I sure hope it’s better by tomorrow.

    • I wasn’t even crying loudly just tears streaming down my face but Noah TOTALLY felt it. He’s such a sweetheart.

  • Jun – A little dramatic? No…… I don’t believe it. “wink”

    Wondering if icing it would have helped a bit to begin with? Probably too late now. Dim Sum, a compassionate baby & pizza home-made by a loving husband must account for a recipe of the ‘best-medicine-ever’ anyway.

    I’m sure you’ll be updating us as it turns from bruise colored to that nasty greenish-yellow. My only hope is your injury won’t impede you from sharing the next installment of the Linda Ketchup saga. I NEED MORE DESPERATELY!


    • I know…hear to believe…but sometimes I can be a little dramatic :)

      Minus the arm thing yesterday was a perfect day :)

    • I think because it happened to me it’s funny now although I’d never laugh at someone’s else’s crush arm like this! HAHA! Sigh. It’s pretty sore this morning but I’ll live :)

  • Dramatic? Do you come wrapped in any other adjective? Well, yes you do but that one is one of the most fitting and it’s what makes you you.

    It may look worse tomorrow but the down sleeve probably saved you from a real break or at least a worse initial bruise. Tell Davy we all know exactly where to find him if he tries to break you again… OR… get revenge and show us pics of what of his you slam in the car door.

    :-* Feel better quickly. Ice will help … then moist heat. You likely at least have a bit of muscle tear.

  • Anonymous on November 25, 2013 at 2:17 am said:


    Nope, looks hurt for sure, and probably will hurt more…that is a significant bruise …long. And may have shoulder pain from the wrench … Take care .

  • Ice, rest, elevate as much as possible and take ibuprofen. Those will all help with the swelling. I am pretty sure you won’t be able to do housework for at least a month, maybe longer.

    • Meghan @catmeghan on November 25, 2013 at 10:55 am said:


      I always read comments before I write, so I don’t repeat what’s already been said, and you almost always take the words right out of my head! Love you Sparky!

      Jun, I’d milk this as long as I could, but that’s just me……

  • That had to hurt like hell ’cause you had a puffy coat on and it’s black & blue already! Should be quite colorful within the next few days. Sorry…but, at least you had a Davy meal! In my house they’d be calling the pizza joint down the street.

    • Good point. I didn’t think of it that way hahha! That coat seriously saved my arm! :)

      I’d be happy calling the pizza place down our street but yes…Davy’s pizza was more delicious ha!

  • You are brave! I would have gone to the hospital. Not dropping the croissant, that made me laugh. Noah crying, omg, heartbreaking. I hope you feel better soon.

    • The croissant part was involuntary hahaha! I didn’t want to spend the day in the ER! Haha. Noah was so sweet and he calmed down as soon I stopped crying :)

      Thanks A!

  • “It doesn’t matter whose “fault” the arm drama was as long as Davy made dinner.”

    This line is DRIPPING with “read between the lines” …. but being recently divorced, I dont wanna say the wrong thing and upset anyone!! lol

    All I know is if it was MY ex’s arm …. id be like “WTF were you thinking putting your arm there when you had to have KNOWN I would be closing that door!!!!!!!!!!” lol

    but like I said …. “recently divorced” lol

    feel better Jun!!

    • Hilarious. I always love what you share. Real stuff :)

      Yeah…the whole “fault” thing is always debatable ’til death do us part! Haha~!

  • Anonymous on November 25, 2013 at 8:24 am said:


    I suspect it will feel worse tomorrow, unfortunately. The shock will have worn off and you’re probably going to be sore in places you’d never expect to.

    You should be able to find Arnica Montana there, in little pastilles that you put under your tongue. That will greatly speed up the healing time if you’d like to give it a shot.

    Hope I am wrong and you’re fine, but that looks like it’s going to be trouble for a few days. :( Sorry!

    • Oh my gosh yes! The back of neck is sooooo stiff and sore right now. Sigh.

      I’ll look out for the Arnica thing. Thanks so much!

      • Anonymous on November 25, 2013 at 4:42 pm said:

        I was afraid of that :( Arnica won’t help your neck, but a lovely hot bubble bath while Davy cooks dinner will do you a world of good!

        (Arnica for the bruising and soft tissue damage will help though!)

        Hope you get that bath and it helps! Feel better soon, Jun!

  • Purple is my favorite color. Please post a picture when your bruise reaches a nice shade of aubergine! Sweetie Pie, I broke my ankle two years ago and for six weeks the only thing I made for dinner was reservations. You probably can milk this for at least two weeks.

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