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How Much Money Does a Body Rub Girl Make?

How the hell would I know?!

Just kidding…

Let’s say hypothetically that more than one person has asked me, “How much money does a body rub girl make?”

This would be my hypothetical answer:

The underground sex business in New York is run by men just like most things underground, and sex-related. Sure women also run sex businesses and we’ve seen them burned at judicial stake madam after madam. The men who run sex businesses never seem to get caught or if they are we never see it on the news.

Sure women pay for sex and sexual favor just like men do, but men spend exorbitantly more for sex. Whether the man is married or not or gay or not, they make a conscious decision to pay for sex or sexual favors. With sex clubs and peep show sex shops closing left and right, in just my lifetime in New York, it’s not like those patrons just disappeared. They just went underground. They pay and get their relief from temporary sources of pleasure and it doesn’t even have to involve actual sexual intercourse. Some people can separate sex from feelings and some can’t. I am not judging anyone here but simply being cut-and-dry.

I’ve been asked several times now how much a body rub girl can actually make, let’s say in one 8-hour shift, not including tips…

The short answer is a lot.

The long answer is it depends on a lot of things like what percentage she gets for each client, and:

– How attractive she is…

– How sincere she comes across…

– How many “regulars” she has…

I’ve known girls who barely had time to eat a meal during their shift, and others who struggled to bring in repeat clients. Body rubs are available in standard 15-30-60-minute sessions.

Without breaks or meals, the MAXIMUM amount of money a body rub girl in Manhattan could make in one shift, roughly, not counting tips in her take is: $1280.00.

Without tips!

But this never happens. It’s pretty much impossible. But a few have gotten close. And also there’s rarely a night a girl will go home with nothing, so…

Anywhere from $40.00 to $1280.00 would be “how much money a body rub girl makes” in one shift. Hypothetically.

What would you be willing to do for $1280.00? Hypothetically?

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