Turkey! Fish!

I know that there’s a blanket in the car that needs to be brought in and washed. I know the dishwasher will go off soon and there will be another load that needs to go in. I know when the washing machine goes off in a bit and I throw all the wet stuff in the dryer, that there’s another dirty load needing to go right in for a wash. But Noah’s asleep, dinner’s been served and devoured, and so I’m sitting and writing this blog…

I’ve been a little scatter-brained this week. It’s possible that Sunday’s arm-smashing incident (which will never die) set off a chain of events, but it’s also possible that it’s the End-of-the-year-WTF-I-have-so-much-to-do Syndrome!!!!!!

As a result, and in addition to my selective OCD, I feel the need to share these scatter-brained updates:

Thanksgiving Eve

Besides one Thanksgiving I spent on vacation in Mexico there’s never been a night before Thanksgiving that I didn’t stay up most of the night preparing for, until tonight. I’m proud to say my Belgian husband is a huge fan of the American holiday after three of my Thanksgivings in his belly. I look forward to stuffing Noah with turkey every year and explaining to him when he’s older that Thanksgiving is more than just about eating turkey.

But I won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving this year the traditional way I like I do every year, with all the and fixings and food coma galore. Instead, I’ll be doing Thanksgiving for Christmas. My husband Davy and I are hosting dinner on Christmas Eve at our home next month, and we’re killing two turkeys with one holiday.

Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving in my heart but just another Thursday in reality. I know tomorrow will be different for everyone, American or not, and I’d loved to hear what your tomorrow looks like…

Pet for Noah

Davy and I have decided Noah will get an aquarium of fish. No cat. No dog. No rabbit. No way.

We’re starting with fish. After seeing Noah react to seeing fish this week, we realized we’d never seen him so drawn to anything so immediately.

He cried, “Fish! Fish!”



How can we NOT get Noah an aquarium when he’s this fascinated?


Always dishing,



  1. I will be working tomorrow.NOT FAIR. For the first time, I will miss my sister’s Thanksgiving Extravaganza . She cooks a turkey, pot roast, ham, 3 kinds of Dressing, (Merliton *, eggplant and crab and shrimp) *Merliton is also known as Chayote squash or aligator pear. Mashed potatos, peas, green beans, collard greens, mac and cheese, gumbo, and for dessert, Cheesecake and white chocolate bread pudding. I will get a pan with all of these, but I will not see my family. Sad pouty face. Hope your Thursday is wonderful!

  2. OkieChris

    As for Thanksgiving… When Rich’s Mom passed away last month while we were in different states. (I was in Wisconsin, Rich in Oklahoma, his Mom in a car accident in Utah) I decided that we needed a get away & we were going to do it over Thanksgiving. So as I’m Swyping this comment in we are pulling into a resort with the worlds biggest casino. I’m thankful!

    1. Look at those rosy cheeks! I love fish too. They mesmerize. My Thanksgiving will be our usual gathering of my very blended family, a makeup of four separate families. This year two chairs will be empty. My husband, and my son-in-law, who was killed in a motorcycle accident last week. While there will be sadness, I know we will all look around and still find something for which to be thankful. There is ALWAYS something for which to be thankful. Among many other things and blessings, I am thankful for you, Jun… for letting me into your life in a tiny way and usually making me smile. Have a wonderful ThanksChristmas!

  3. The Spadaro Thanksgiving consists of most of my family coming together at my parents’ house. Momz will be cooking turkey, stuffing, candied yams, and all the traditional Thanksgiving foods. My niece’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year so we’ll be celebrating her birthday in addition to Thanksgiving. She turns 3 tomorrow :). We usually play a board game after we have dinner and dessert. We’re going to play this game that I recently bought called Smart Ass. I think you would like that game. Check it out! Noah is going to love the aquarium. I think that’s a great idea! Happy Thanksgiving, Jun! <3 🙂

  4. Bobbi Carter

    This will be the first Thanksgiving I will celebrate since my Son passed away 3 and a half years ago. I’ve been invited to my friends home and I’m starting to look forward to it. My James was the social being in our family, but my friend knows how to bring me out of my shell with her wonderful kids, husband, and dogs. ( we met through her training my dog) She is Vegan so its a bit of a quandry for me with what to bring, but she says she eats dairy and would love some homemade Mac & cheese. So that will be my contribution along with a good bottle of wine!

  5. A small gathering of just us three this year. We lost FIL the day after Thanksgiving last year so it is kind of bittersweet. As you know we have been inundated with crackhead’s drama and his latest is that is he is hospitalized with MRSA infection and today had his left foot amputated and he states he is in renal failure. He is an insulin dependent diabetic and has taken horrible care of himself, so we are not sure if he will make it through this. So all in all a very stressful time, but we are thankful for our son and the rest of our lives. Just taking it a day at a time. Hope next year will be better.

  6. Beth

    This year for Thanksgiving I made a reservation. Due to family dysfunction and fickle friends, my husband found we had an opening in our social calendar. Rather than preparing a massive dinner for just the two of us (not to mention the massive clean up after) we decided to try out the Thanksgiving buffet at a nice restaurant in our area. The only downside? No leftovers!

  7. we go to Washington to the home of our daughter in laws family. Lovely people and good food. Im going so I can see my grand daughter who is 2.5. Then on Friday glenn and I will cook thanksgiving dinner for ourselves. anyone in the area that wants to come can but mostly its just us. he learned how to cook when I was so sick and loves it now. I have a memorial quilt to finish for a client and so will spend as much time as possible at the machine. I miss having the big family gatherings of my childhood. have a good day…

  8. Aileen

    My Husband & I live with my Sister now. She usually cooks for Thanksgiving, but is going to be with Friends this year.

    I will make my Husband’s favorite Lasagna, Garlic Bread & Salad. Pumpkin pie for dessert. My Sister will make the traditional meal on Saturday.

    I hope you have a great day Jun!

  9. debchr

    Have a wonderful regular ole Thursday! The aquarium sounds wonderful.

    We’re off to my stepdaughter’s home where we get together with her husband and precious teenaged son, her Mom-in-law, my hubby’s ex (whom I adore) and her hubby (whom my hubs adores).

    We all bring a few dishes (my daughter gives each of us a cooking assignment, and we all usually end up making something else, too) and spend the day together. We’re also celebrating our Grandson’s 15th birthday early this year with a surprise birthday party after dinner, so we’re happy and gay today!

    Off to finish preparing my Thanksgiving offerings…!

  10. I will be cooking for Heather and family and my niece, her boyfriend and nephew (Sis’s kids who lives in Germany)and Kaitlyn. Matt and family come by for dessert. Miss Mom terribly but thankful for what I do have.

  11. Della G.

    I had my Canadian thanksgiving in October. But, my mom is in PE, and my nieces in DE, and Chicago.
    So Happy Thanksgiving to my american family and friends! And to you too Jun….

  12. Small aquarium, a few colorful fish, a child’s wild imagination equals perfection!

    I am posting this the day after Thanksgiving.

    Family dinner at our oldest daughter and her husband’s. We counted our blessings because there were 17 of us present. Both sets of parents, all our children and five of the six grandchildren broke bread….and one wine glass lol

  13. I will be recreating Thanksgiving at Christmas as well…my son was unable to come this Thanksgiving and wants all the feast lol…As to fish – we also got him fish but I was the one stuck with cleaning out that tank every week…not fun 🙁 Hugs and happy Thanksgiving Jun 🙂


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